Tips for feeding babies to help them eat well and grow quickly

When to eat weaning? And note how to feed the baby to ensure the comprehensive development of the baby? This is a common concern of most parents when their children reach the age of weaning. The following article provides useful information to help parents be more proactive in the process of feeding their children weaning.

1. What are the benefits of eating solids for children?

The age of weaning is the time when mothers need to supplement nutrients from foods other than breast milk. This helps the baby’s body have more energy for activities, while ensuring adequate nutrients for the baby to develop well. At the same time, the baby’s need for solid foods increases as the child grows older, so mothers need to increase the amount of food and variety of foods according to the age of the baby.

On the contrary, if the baby is not provided with adequate nutrients during the period of development, the baby will grow slower for his age and compared to other children.

 Provides essential nutrients when feeding babies

Provides essential nutrients when feeding babies

Besides, when the baby reaches about 6 months old, the baby’s body needs a lot of iron not only in breast milk but also in other foods. Iron deficiency in children will lead to anemia.

When feeding babies. Mothers need to pay attention to create a daily menu with the following 4 food groups: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber and vitamins. However, families should not completely wean, but should combine weaning and breastfeeding for the best development of the baby.

2. When should baby eat solids?

Most babies usually start solids at 6 months of age, some babies can eat earlier or later. This depends on the situation of each baby, here are some criteria to determine the best time to introduce solid foods for your baby.

  • Children look stronger, have control over their head and neck, and when parents help, they can sit firmly at the table without tilting back and forth.

When the baby looks stronger, it is necessary to give the baby solid foods to provide more nutrients

When the baby looks stronger, it is necessary to give the baby solid foods to provide more nutrients

  • The baby gets hungry quickly even though the mother has given him milk, he feels like and interested in food.

  • When the baby is up at night a lot, mothers need to pay attention to feeding the baby solid foods, because there is a high chance that the child is hungry when not being provided with enough necessary nutrients. Therefore, mothers should make sure to introduce solid foods to their children at the right time so that they do not feel hungry and sleep better.

  • The baby has a state of sucking, putting his hands in his mouth or putting toys in his mouth. When parents bring food near, the baby does not avoid it, but even opens its mouth to eat.

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Above are a few notes for babies to eat solids in accordance with their baby’s development stage, please observe your children to apply properly.

3. What happens when your baby starts solids too early or too late?

Introducing solids too early or too late is not good for the overall development of the child. Weaning too early causes the digestive system of children to be affected, and weaning is too late, children develop retardation for their age. Specific effects on children when weaning at the wrong time are:

Weaning too early, when the internal organs of the body, especially the digestion, are not yet complete, will have a significant impact on the health of the child. Specifically, foreign foods are not absorbed by the child’s body, in some cases can cause food allergies. Besides, eating solids early, at this time the children do not want to eat, so feeding the baby is also difficult, especially when the ability to chew and swallow is not good. This also makes children afraid to eat and leads to anorexia in the future.

Weaning too early is one of the causes of anorexia in children

Weaning too early is one of the causes of anorexia in children

In the case of children eating solid foods too late compared to the body’s development process, this leads to a lack of nutrition for the children. And so, it can increase the risk of iron deficiency, anemia, rickets, and growth retardation.

4. Notes for feeding babies and instructions for feeding them according to age

Here are some notes for children to eat solids and some guidelines for weaning by age to help them both eat well and absorb all the nutrients from outside foods.

  • When starting solids, prepare foods in a thin, soft form such as porridge, soup or puree baby food.

  • Ignore indigestible foods in the diet of children who are weaning.

  • In the first days when the baby eats solid foods, the family should give the child 1 meal a day, then observe whether the child likes to eat or not, if the child likes it, increase the number of meals, and if the child has not adapted, it is advisable to give it to the child. time to practice eating. Since the number of weaning meals a day depends on each child, avoid applying the experience of other children.

  • Develop a weaning menu with a variety of foods to provide all the necessary nutrients. Note when changing new dishes for children, parents need to feed their children little by little, avoid forcing them to eat a lot at first, because the baby may not be able to adapt to the new food.

  • Supplementing with more nutrients than usual when the baby is sick, losing weight to ensure the baby’s normal development.

  • Feed your baby lots of green vegetables and fruits with vitamins.

Fruit contains many vitamins and nutrients that are good for children's immune system

Fruit contains many vitamins and nutrients that are good for children’s immune system

  • Food for children to eat needs to be clean and safe.

  • Clean utensils as well as spoons, bowls, drinking glasses of children.

  • In the process of cooking for children, when seasoning, the mother does not add salt because the child’s kidneys are not well developed, so it is easy to cause kidney diseases.

  • Families avoid giving their children snacks with foods that are high in sugar and have little nutritional value, because these foods increase the risk of metabolic disorders in children.

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Above are useful information to note for children to eat solids at the right time, in the right way to help them eat well and grow up quickly.

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