Things to remember when taking your first yoga class

On the first day of joining a yoga class, you will surely have a lot of surprises. To avoid confusion, learn some information about this subject and equip yourself with some necessary tools.

If this is your first time practicing yoga, there will be a lot of questions in your mind when you first come to class. What to wear, what to bring and what to prepare before going to class, yoga poses in the first practice session? If you know in advance what will happen, you will certainly feel a lot more comfortable.

Understanding your concerns, has compiled a few things to remember before going to a yoga class. Let’s take a look in the comments below. Should I join a yoga class or practice at home with a private tutor?

At the beginning of yoga, you should practice under the guidance of a teacher. Based on your health situation and wishes, the teacher will guide you to make the right movements, the right way and correct the postures that you do not practice correctly.

Joining yoga classes at clubs and centers will be the right choice if you have a certain free time in the day and don’t mind practicing in crowded places.

If you are busy, can’t find the time or simply want to practice alone to increase efficiency, you can choose to practice at home with a LEEP private tutor. In addition to the do’s and don’ts before going to a yoga class, you should still learn some of the following information to be better prepared for the session.

What should I wear to the first day of yoga class?

You don’t have to dress too fancy, choose simple yoga clothes by following a few tips:

  • Shoes: No preparation is required as yoga is mainly practiced with bare feet. If you feel uncomfortable, you can wear socks but need to choose pairs with anti-slip features.
  • Trousers: Choose pants that can stretch comfortably, such as gym pants, sports shorts, leggings… After a few sessions, you’ll know what kind of pants you should wear to match the yoga class you’re taking. .
  • Shirt: A shirt that has good stretch, hugs the body, is not baggy, because it will make you uncomfortable every time you bend down.
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If you do hot yoga, don’t choose long yoga clothes as this will make you feel extremely hot. It is best to choose shorts, underarm t-shirts made from materials that absorb sweat well for comfortable exercise.

What should I bring to the first day of yoga class?

The only thing you need to bring to your first day of yoga class is a positive attitude and an open mind. In terms of tools, you can equip them after you get used to them, but for the first day, you won’t need too much:

  • Yoga carpet: If not, you don’t need to worry too much. Most yoga classes are equipped with a yoga mat. However, in the future, you should still equip your own carpet to ensure hygiene. If you practice with a private yoga teacher, bring one.
  • Water bottle: If doing hot yoga, don’t forget to bring water. With other types of yoga, you can bring it but leave it outside of class and drink it after class.
  • Towel: If you are a person who sweats a lot, bring a towel to class.
  • Tool: There is no need to prepare because most yoga classes are equipped with exercise blocks, exercise bands, etc.

Yoga mat is an indispensable accessory when going to class

Yoga mat is an indispensable accessory when going to class

In addition, each yoga class may also have other requirements. You can ask the teacher for additional preparation.

What do I need to know before going to a yoga class?

Practicing yoga does not require you to care too much about beauty. On the first day of class, you just need to go a little earlier to get to know and introduce yourself to the teacher. In addition, you should also keep a few tips in mind:

  • Learn simple poses in advance: Acquiring too many poses on the first day can be confusing. To avoid this, you can go online to research popular poses in advance to easily absorb when the teacher instructs. You don’t have to work out first, but you should take a quick look to remember the name and know what to do with your body.
  • Avoid eating too much before class: Eating too much before training will make your stomach feel uncomfortable during exercise. If you are hungry, you can snack on fruit, biscuits…
  • Talk to your teacher first about your medical condition. If you are new, the teacher will observe more closely to avoid you making mistakes. Also, if you’re traumatized or pregnant, be frank. All this information will help the teacher come up with a suitable lesson plan for you to feel most comfortable with.
  • Warm up before yoga if you arrive early: If you’re going to class early, try these simple warm-up poses to warm up.
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Notes when practicing yoga on the first day

The first day of yoga, you may feel overwhelmed. This is not unusual because you are practicing new poses, hearing new terminology and being in a new environment. Therefore, you need to focus a lot on yourself and avoid being distracted by those around you. Keep the following tips in mind:

See and hear

The first time you come to a yoga class, you may enjoy watching other people see what they do, however, you should not be distracted too much, but focus on observing the teacher. Listen and watch as they describe how to perform basic yoga poses to be able to do them correctly.

Stay positive

Don’t get frustrated if your teacher corrects your posture because no one can get it right the first time. Try not to judge yourself harshly and avoid comparing yourself to others.

Yoga is an individual practice and everyone’s goals are different. Be optimistic and relaxed, if you do something wrong, smile and forget it.

Trust your own judgment

Remember that only you understand your body, so judge what you can and cannot do.

Over time, you will learn the difference between a fear and something that could be dangerous to your body. Don’t rush into any pose. Listen to your body and respect what it wants to tell you.

Ask questions when you don’t understand something

If your questions are related to class issues, long-term students are always happy to share with you. As for posture questions, you can ask the teacher after class.

Some things to remember when taking a yoga class

Maintain common courtesy when attending a yoga class. In addition, keeping respect for those around you, you can smile to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Here are some rules to remember.

  • Put your phone on silent: Ringing your phone can be a distraction, so take special care. If your phone accidentally rings, turn it off immediately, and avoid answering or texting in class.
  • Arrive on time: Arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you have time to choose a corner to practice, carpet, and go to the bathroom. If you’re more than 10 minutes late, don’t go in.
  • Respect other people’s space: Avoid stepping on other people’s carpets as this can be uncomfortable. If the class is too crowded, spread the massacre with the person next to you to make room for other students.
  • Respect the teacher: When you come to class, greet the teacher. During practice, listen to their instructions.
  • Avoid going out in the middle of the day: Only go out when absolutely necessary, because it will greatly affect other practitioners.
  • Going to the bathroom during breaks: If you want to go to the bathroom, leave quietly without asking the teacher’s permission. The best time to go is when doing child or down dog pose.
  • If you’re still feeling a little scared, focus on letting go of your self-judgment and entering with an open mind.
  • You may experience some soreness after the first class.
  • Yoga during menstruation: You should avoid inversions
  • In particular, if you are pregnant, you should report to the coach to adjust your posture and monitor your health.
  • Do not skip corpse pose: Relaxing corpse pose at the end of each class is very important. Do not leave too early, if you have urgent work, tell the teacher in advance but do not make this a habit.
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Practitioners should not ignore corpse pose

Practitioners should not ignore corpse pose

In addition to the above things to keep in mind, you may have difficult questions to answer in your yoga class. See also the article Answering 6 difficult questions to answer in yoga class for more ways to handle some difficult situations.

Besides going to a yoga class, you can also invite a yoga teacher to guide you, especially for beginners. Because this type of exercise seems simple, but if not done correctly, injury can still occur. Therefore, please download the application right away.

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