The truth about weight loss gel not everyone knows

Does weight loss gel really help you increase fat burning? Let’s find the answer with through this article.

Weight loss gel is being interested by many gymers because of its very versatile and outstanding use in the market of support products for gym. In fact, weight loss gels can slow down bodybuilders’ progress.

What is weight loss gel?

Weight loss gel is a product invented by fitness expert Jeff Pedersen in 1977 and commercialized in 1980, after his colleagues and friends described the gel as “useful and effective.” immediately”. Then, additives are added to increase the effectiveness of heating certain body areas such as thighs, hips, and biceps.

According to the manufacturers, the reason weight loss gels achieve such an effect is because they stimulate blood circulation, making the subcutaneous area warm, thereby improving training efficiency and muscle recovery time. .

weight loss gel to support exercise

Weight loss gel is said to be a support product to enhance training efficiency

For example, when biceps are stimulated to generate more heat during exercise, it will create an additional fat-burning effect, thereby making the muscle gain effect more pronounced.

Similar to thigh muscles, weight loss gel not only has the effect of generating heat and burning extra fat, but also helps to reduce pain and reduce the possibility of thigh muscle injury.

What are the ingredients and uses of weight loss gel?

Weight loss gels are made from organic waxes and essential oils with vitamin E. For example, a very popular weight loss gel today has ingredients made from carnauba wax, acai berry oil, coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil. , olive oil and aloe extract.

There is quite a bit of controversy among experts about the composition of the gels, revolving around whether they have the same fat-burning effect as the manufacturers claim.

Grayson Wickham, founder of Movement Vault, a company that specializes in improving bodybuilding performance, said: “Looking at these ingredients, I don’t see any that have the ability to generate heat and burn fat. The gel you see is like a mixture of oil and wax.”

Elsie Koh, a doctor and expert advisor at Azura Cardiovascular Center (New Jersey, USA) has a more positive thought, weight loss gel will help create an extra thin layer around the body. Although there is no thermogenic effect, it will cause the body temperature to rise faster, through which the user will sweat more in the areas where the weight loss gel is applied.

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Users sweat more when applying weight loss gel does not come with fat loss, but only loss of water in the body. Losing weight due to dehydration is easy to mistake for weight loss. With such ingredients, weight loss gel can be useful in maintaining skin moisture during exercise, quite similar to other skin creams on the market.

Gel cannot be substituted for warm-up exercises

Many people mistakenly believe that when applying weight loss gel, they do not need to warm up too much or even do not need to warm up. This is a completely wrong concept because gels only work to increase body temperature when there is a proper warm-up to start your training session.

warm-up exercise

Even if you put on weight loss gel, you still have to warm up seriously

Usually, the practitioner is encouraged to use an attachment belt to increase efficiency, ie increase body temperature. Professor Gary Hunter, Institute of Nutrition, University of Alabama-Birmingham, USA, said that when body temperature is too high, bodybuilders will perform below normal strength, thus reducing training efficiency. This is also one of the reasons why weight loss gels and belts lose points in the eyes of people who want to lose weight.

Gels can’t reduce the risk of injury either

According to the manufacturers, weight loss gel has the effect of reducing pain and limiting injury. This is completely baseless and is only intended to increase sales for manufacturers.

Weight loss gel users in particular and gym goers in general need to remember that the possibility of injury is reduced only when the muscles are exercised with a moderate and reasonable intensity and range of motion to activate before coming to the gym. main exercises. Moreover, injuries occur when the practitioner performs improper posture, leading to bad impact on the ligaments and joints. Therefore, topical application of gels that have no effect on muscles, bones and ligaments cannot reduce injury.

In fact, the gel can also cause the practitioner to lose water and have to constantly replenish to compensate for the loss of water in the areas of the body exposed to the gel.

Weight loss gel does not reduce injury

There is no evidence that gels cannot reduce the risk of injury

In general, weight loss gel will have the effect of keeping the body warm when you have to exercise on cold days, but not as effective as burning fat or improving efficiency, reducing injury as announced by the manufacturer. . A complete workout that includes a warm-up, core exercises, and end-of-session stretches to reduce stress and speed up recovery.

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