The truth about the concept “Slowly go hungry, slow to speak, rich”

“Slowly go, you will be hungry, slow to speak, you will be rich” is one of the folk beliefs handed down and believed by many people. Many children have delayed speech due to autism but the family does not want treatment to miss the “golden time”, interventions that affect children more slowly. Therefore, as soon as a child is detected with signs of speech delay, it is necessary to quickly take him to the doctor and have the most appropriate treatment.

Is the concept “slow to go hungry, slow to speak, rich” is correct?

Folk conceptions often refer to the content revolving around life drawn by the ancients in the form of short and easy-to-remember sentences, proverbs, and poems. Characteristic of these views is that they are oral, passed on from generation to generation without any fixed form.

“Slowly go, slow to speak” is one of the folk beliefs handed down and believed by many people. The meaning of this point of view is very simple, that children who are slow to walk will often be poor and miserable, and children who can speak slowly will have a rich and prosperous life later.

If you are slow, you will be hungry, if you are slow to speak, you will be rich.
“Slowly go, you will be hungry, slow to speak, you will be rich” is a folk belief that has not been confirmed for accuracy

It can be explained that, in the past, when life was still difficult, children often had to work early, so if they were slow to walk or slow, they would not be able to work, so they would be poor. On the other hand, in the old days when they were still hungry, children often had to fight for food. If they couldn’t run fast, they would definitely be hungry.

The opinion that “slowly go, slow to speak, rich” has made many people think that children who are slow to walk are worrisome while children who are slow to speak are completely normal, slow even lucky. Of course, this view has never been recognized as correct by science, and is even considered an erroneous view.

In fact, children with delayed speech can be caused by many reasons, including two main factors that are simply slow speech (factors such as environment, lack of parental interaction, psychological instability or also may be caused by diseases such as tongue-tie, deafness) or speech delay due to autism. In which, speech delay due to autism is a dangerous pervasive developmental disorder requiring early intervention and treatment.

Children with speech delay, if not properly treated early on, can have a lot of problems in terms of social communication, interaction and easily not integrating with the surroundings. When children cannot speak, their awareness is also very limited, they do not understand words, do not understand what others say, which will limit their overall development. Or children with autism also have cognitive impairments with strange repetitive behaviors.

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However, a small number of autistic children with speech delay are geniuses with extremely high IQs, which can even reach 170. These people often have extremely good memories, have a natural talent for painting. , music or invention. Typically, a series of scientists such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton.

For example, Albert Einstein didn’t speak until the age of 4, and his great inventions for mankind have made him a great fortune. So, is the concept “Slow to go, hungry, slow to speak, rich” will be correct in this case?

However, even with these cases, it is not possible to confirm that Slow down, slow down, say rich is an accurate concept. Even if he is a genius, if he does not know how to use his mind to the right position, to the right advantage, and if he does not know how to use it, he certainly cannot get rich.

In general, the concept “slowly go, hungry, slow to speak, rich” is a misconception that needs to be changed soon. Children, whether slow or slow, also reflect abnormalities in their comprehensive development, so it is necessary to quickly take them to a doctor and get treatment as soon as possible.

Children slow to speak, what to do?

Each child has different developmental milestones, but they all have to go through stages of rolling, crawling, walking, talking, cognitive development and understanding in each stage. The fact that children have any delay compared to normal developmental milestones and other children are very unusual issues that parents absolutely must not be subjective.

If you are slow, you will be hungry, if you are slow to speak, you will be rich.
When seeing the child showing signs of slowing down, the family needs to take the child to the doctor to find out the exact cause

The opinion that “slowly go, slow to speak, rich” is not accurate, but it is extremely trusted by the ancients, especially the old people today. Therefore, when seeing that their children have speech delay, many people decide not to send their children to treatment but also apply folk tips to treat children with speech delay. This makes the child’s speech delay even more serious and misses the right time for treatment.

So if the child has a delay in speech, what should the family do?

  • Quickly take your child to see a specialist to examine and find the exact cause. You can’t diagnose your baby’s problem by yourself just through the external signs, but you need to have a full examination and testing measures.
  • Discuss in detail with the doctor about your child’s condition to have the best care and support for your child
  • Increase interaction and companionship with children every day. Some children slow down or slow to speak due to lack of interaction and guidance from parents, so family interaction in the process of comprehensive development in all aspects is extremely necessary.
  • Refer to therapeutic measures when necessary. For example, if a child has a speech delay due to autism, it is necessary to perform speech therapy, ABA method or some other therapy to quickly supplement language, cognition, enhance
  • Building a scientific, healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition for children according to the needs of the right age
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“Slower is hungry, slow to speak, rich” is still controversial, but there is no scientific basis to prove the accuracy of this concept. When families see their children showing signs of speech delay, they need to take their children to see a doctor as soon as possible, absolutely do not self-treat at home, which can cause many other unwanted negative effects.

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