The secret to successful yoga practice of experts

Yoga is not a competition but a journey of self-discovery and self-discovery. However, if you want to get the fastest results from your practice, you should still learn some of the secrets of successful yoga practice from experts.

You have only been practicing yoga for a few weeks but are gradually feeling discouraged and want to give up the practice? Have you been practicing yoga for a while but feel that your results are not as desired? If you are in these situations, let’s continue with to see the sharing below to know how yoga experts can successfully practice this subject.

Yoga is a body-training and health-promoting sport that originated in India. This is a method of training that combines mind and body at the same time.

Therefore, this practice requires the practitioner to have perseverance in each exercise. According to experts, regular and regular yoga practice also helps you improve your body’s flexibility, improve intelligence, health and find true happiness.

Work hard every day – The secret to successful yoga practice you should know

Only when you practice yoga regularly and regularly, you can feel all the benefits that yoga brings. You don’t have to schedule your workouts for a single time of day.

However, try to make exercise an indispensable habit. Because yoga is a gentle, quiet subject, even if you practice at the time, it is also very good for health.

Morning is a great time to practice because yoga poses will help wake up the body and energize for a new day. Studies also show that doing yoga in the morning is easier to form a habit than at other times of the day.

Every morning, doing yoga for 5-10 minutes will help you calm down. From there, the way you feel and interact with others is also more positive.


Work hard every day – the secret to successful yoga practice you should know

If you do not have time to practice in the morning, you can practice in the evening. After a busy working day with a lot of stress and pressure, yoga will help you relax and energize.

If you do not have much time in the day to practice, you can take advantage of free time such as lunch break, after work… No matter how you arrange it, the most important thing is that you try to make exercise. Exercise becomes an integral part of your life.

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Listen to your body

The body is a miracle machine because it has the ability to warn about dangerous things. So let your body be the “light” to guide you in your practice.

Listen to the messages that your body sends to you to be able to make the smartest decisions. For example, how long you should hold a position, what is appropriate and inappropriate for the body. Therefore, when exercising, pay attention to your body’s expressions to adjust accordingly.

In addition, you should also pay attention to what is going on with your body before and after exercise. Do you feel tired today? Is there any pain?

After the exercise, observe after a few hours, after two or three days to see how your body reacts to the poses you have practiced. If needed, you can adjust by cutting back or adding a few poses to suit.

Don’t compete or try to make an impression

Yoga is not a competition so there is no competition. Don’t try to show off or be competitive with others when you practice. Because this not only makes you more prone to injury, but also “breaks” the purpose of training that you are aiming for.

Besides, if the focus is not on the body but on competing with others or trying to practice extremely impressive poses, you will easily push your body to exceed its limits. This has the potential to lead to muscle and joint injuries, and possibly even damage to tendons and ligaments, which take a long time to heal.

One of the main benefits of yoga is that it helps reduce stress and increase inner harmony. However, if you compete with others, the tension will double and destroy the purpose of training. Therefore, during practice, try to focus on yourself and ignore others.

Pay attention to breath control

If you only focus on performing yoga movements and neglect breathing exercises, your practice will not achieve the desired effect. Proper breathing can enhance the benefits of yoga exercises, help the practitioner relax and improve the function of internal organs.

Each yoga pose will have different breathing patterns. So, if you breathe the wrong way, you may feel tense or uncomfortable. Steady, controlled breathing will help increase strength and endurance in your body and help you hold a pose for longer.


Pay attention to breath control when practicing yoga

End the session with meditation

To maximize the benefits of yoga, it’s a good idea to spend some time meditating at the end of each session. Meditation not only melts away stress and anxiety but also brings you happiness and profound experiences in life.

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Change your lifestyle

Stress, stress is one of the causes of loss of energy in the body, fatigue and lack of alertness, leading to unsatisfactory results from exercise. When practicing yoga, you need to completely remove all calculations and questions in your head and let your brain rest until the exercise is over. Relaxing mind and body is what yoga is all about.

In addition, building a healthy diet is also one of the secrets of successful yoga that is recommended by the trainers for students. Not eating too much fat, focusing on adding essential nutrients, eating lots of green vegetables and fruits are some of the things you always have to remember.

Above are the secrets of successful yoga practice from LEEP experts. Besides the above tips, the role of yoga training is also very important because a good teacher will provide you with motivation and useful knowledge during the practice. If you haven’t found a yoga teacher you like, don’t hesitate to download and choose a suitable teacher for yourself.

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