The secret to practicing yoga poses to grow bananas for beginners

Banana yoga pose is a difficult pose. Therefore, before practicing banana yoga, you need to know some basic information about this pose to perform correctly and limit injuries.

Banana yoga is a type of rocket yoga, which is a pose that can give your muscles a lot of energy. However, mastering this pose is not an easy task. Even if you do not practice correctly, you are at risk of facing serious injuries.

In addition to strong hamstrings, this yoga pose also requires a flexible spine and shoulders and a solid body. The most important thing is to focus on doing the right technique. This is one of the yoga exercises to help increase hearing and yoga to help cure dizziness. Let’s continue with to see the shares below to get some more useful information on how to practice yoga poses to grow bananas.

How to practice yoga poses to grow bananas for beginners

To practice yoga growing bananas, you can refer to the instructions below:

  • Sit on your heels in child’s pose. The left hand is on the right elbow, the right hand holds the left elbow to measure the distance, then release the hand.
  • Bring your arms toward the floor, below your shoulders
  • Without moving elbows, hands clasped together and brought forward to form a “3-legged” position.
  • Slowly place the top of the head on the floor, the back of the head resting on the hands that are interlaced
  • Without moving your head and elbows, straighten your knees and raise your hips. Body weight is on the elbow, the elbow does not move.
  • Breathe evenly, tighten your stomach, step forward, try to keep your knees straight
  • Keep walking until you feel your hips just above your head
  • Lift your feet off the floor, bend your knees, toward your chest
  • Keeping your knees bent and together, slowly straighten your hips until your knees are facing the ceiling
  • Slowly straighten knees, bring feet up, weight on elbows
  • Breathe deeply, hold the posture according to your ability
  • At the end of the pose, do the opposite, starting by bending your knees, flexing your hips, and bringing your feet to the floor.

banana plantation 1

Movements need to be done slowly and without haste

In addition to this method, you can also get into the banana position by:

  • After placing your hands on the floor, lifting your hips, and straightening your knees, inhale and lift your right leg straight up toward the ceiling.
  • When you feel stable, inhale again, use your full body strength to lift the left leg and place it next to the right leg.
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At the beginning, you can hold the pose for about 10 seconds. After that, the practitioner can gradually increase. It’s important that you listen to your body and act when you feel most comfortable. In addition, it should be remembered that when performing, the movements need to be done slowly and without haste.

Some common mistakes

Usually, those who are new to banana yoga will make the following basic mistakes:

  • Elbows set too wide
  • Do not keep the spine straight naturally
  • Perform directly on the floor without using a yoga mat
  • Uncontrollable movements make it easy to kick your feet in the head
  • Use less shoulder and arm force. Your arms will also bear some of your body’s weight. If you can’t distribute the weight evenly, try placing a towel under your arm for stability.
  • Moving too fast, taking steps too hastily can cause you to practice wrong and have a bad effect. Therefore, practice slowing down, focusing, breathing, and paying attention to your body.
  • Breathing too shallow and irregular

The secret to help you practice yoga growing bananas easily

Banana yoga pose is difficult, even for those who have practiced yoga for many years. If you are still not confident to practice this pose, try some of the tips below:

  • Lean back against a wall to create a sense of security and can assist you with breathing techniques while holding the pose.
  • Ask the teacher for help: During the first sessions, you can ask the teacher to help you get into the pose. Not only will this help avoid injury, but the teacher will encourage and remind you to breathe properly.
  • Use yoga equipment: You might consider using yoga bricks for support.

Practice yoga to grow bananas safely

Practicing yoga with bananas improperly will cause the body’s weight to be put on the neck, which will cause serious neck injuries. Because the bones in the neck are not designed to bear the weight of the entire body.

Banana yoga is really a very difficult pose, the safest way to do it is to build the posture from the bottom up, check it carefully to ensure accuracy and need to be very focused when practicing.

To be on the safe side, check with your doctor before exercising, especially if you’ve ever had a neck or spine injury. You should avoid this pose if:

  • Pregnant
  • Have high blood pressure or glaucoma
  • Having neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain due to injury, accident
  • Have an acute headache or migraine
  • Have heart problems
  • Osteoporosis
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In addition, children under 8 years old should not practice and perform this pose. Because their skulls are almost not fully developed.

Above are some tips to practice yoga to grow bananas properly. As mentioned above, banana yoga is a difficult pose. To perform correctly and avoid injury, you should practice under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.

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