The principle of drinking water when practicing Yoga must be memorized by everyone

The trend of practicing Yoga has become popular for many years now. Yoga is considered as a method to help the human body be healthy, supple and help to balance “body – mind – mind”. But when practicing Yoga, we need to have some suitable regimes to support the practice process to be highly effective.

One of the modes that Ocany mentioning today is the thing Drink water while doing yoga. So how does drinking water affect exercise? Let’s Ocany Find the answer to this question!

The role of water for yoga practitioners

Most of the human body is water. In adults, water makes up about 60 – 70% body weight, 50% bone weight and 50% fat weight. Water performs many important functions in the human body, such as:

  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Helps promote metabolism.
  • Helps to eliminate toxins and wastes accumulated in the body.
  • Helps gut bacteria and enzymes work better.

Drink water while practicing Yoga

Water plays an important role in the human body

Therefore, water is very important for the human body. Without water, the cells in the body will have many problems and lead to serious disease symptoms. Special, If you are a sports person or practice Yoga. Each training session lasts from 1-2 hours, the body can lose from 1,500ml to 2,000ml through the excretory system. Sports are good for your health, but dehydration is not good at all. And training efficiency will decrease by 30% if you do not know how to replenish water before, during and after exercise.

Drink water when practicing Yoga accordingly

Before starting the training session

Every morning, a cup of warm water will help wake up the organs in the body, help you feel refreshed, blood circulation prepares for a new day. In Yoga, too, before practicing about 30 minutes to 1 hour, you should drink a glass of water about 250ml to prepare the body for the upcoming workout. One noteyou should not drink too much water near the time of exercise because you may experience hip shock while exercising.

In the process of training, there will certainly be some exercises that require the body to adapt. This is not easy, at such times there will be two situations, the need for water and air. There are cases that cause temporary thirst, you need to check your body through deep breaths, if after such times you still feel thirsty, drink a little more water.

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During practice

  • During exercise, you should not drink too much water because that easily causes the body to swell, uncomfortable when exercising.
  • You can split the time to drink water, about 20-25 minutes / time.
  • Note, should only drink filtered water or electrolyte water should not drink sugary drinks will affect the results of exercise.

Drink water while doing yoga

How to drink water when practicing yoga?

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After practice

At the end of the workout, let your body rest for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then add about 500 – 600ml Water to stimulate the body’s metabolism, eliminate toxins and increase training efficiency better.

  • For those of you who play sports regularly, drink more 2 liters Water every day to replace lost water and help with better muscle recovery.
  • Do not drink water too quickly after exercise, it is easy to choke and choke on water. You should drink each sip, feel the sweetness of the water, feel the cool fresh water running to every cell in your body, feel the body is gradually recovering and the refreshment is spreading inside you.
  • Prepare water such as alkaline ionized water, electrolyte water to quickly replace the lost water to avoid dehydration that makes the face pale.

What kind of water to drink when practicing Yoga?

Fruit juice

In addition to the usual purified water, a fruit smoothie before exercise will bring a lot of energy. Specifically, bananas and grapes are fruits that contain many vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. You just need to peel and puree add a little sugar to make it easy to drink. It will be better if you add some chia seeds to the above mixture, the digestion will be much better at this time.


Beetroot, carrot juice will be a serious omission if not used before exercise. These vegetables bring a lot of good vitamins for the body, an overflowing energy to help you maintain activities all day without feeling tired.

Alkaline ionized water

For those who practice Yoga in particular and those who play sports in general. Alkaline ionized water as an effective assistant to help the practitioner maximize training efficiency. Three uses of alkaline ionized water for sports people.

What do you drink when you go to the gym?

Ocany alkaline ionized water brand

  • Firstly, alkaline ionized water contains micro-minerals Nature is good for the body. These micro-minerals help keep energy stable, not sudden like you drink soft drinks.
  • Second, alkaline ionized water has a structure Super small water molecules only 0.5 nanometers. This helps water molecules “run” faster, providing rehydration faster than conventional water with a size of 2.5 nanometers.
  • Third, alkaline ionized water is highly alkaline neutralize excess acid in the body. Besides, alkaline ionized water also stimulates the elimination of toxins, you will feel the pain in the muscles will quickly be soothed, reducing fatigue after exercise more effectively.
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Yoga bring a lot of value to the human body if you do it properly and regularly. Drinking water too, drinking water properly will help increase exercise efficiency, support cells in the body to work smoothly and improve health every day. Through the content that Ocany I have shared above, hope you all have a good understanding of it How to drink water while practicing Yoga. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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