The method to lose weight without too much abstinence

Weight loss method is always the hot keyword you search for on the Google toolbar. There are countless articles on how to lose weight, what to eat, what to drink to lose weight, etc. The content of the article below will give you a few methods to lose weight that are very close but not everyone know to apply. You will not need to buy yourself a diet menu that is too strict but still have the desired physique.

What can I do to lose weight without dieting?

Drink a glass of water before a meal – weight loss method

Water has the effect of reducing your appetite very well, thereby helping to reduce the meal volume significantly. The habit of drinking a glass of water before each meal helps to clean the stomach and make the intestinal tract work stronger. However, you should choose to drink before eating instead of eating and drinking because these two activities will lead to different results.

A glass of water before a meal is a good habit to lose weight - weight loss method
A glass of water before a meal is a good habit to lose weight.

Focus on eating to avoid distractions

Give up the habit of eating while watching TV or phone for entertainment because it will significantly increase calories and your desire to lose weight will never come true, You should not prolong the meal time. Eating because it is dominated by other activities because it can help you feel happy, but the body will become sluggish and heavier after each meal.

Do not sit, lie down right after a meal

This is a habit of many girls because “tight skin on the abdomen will slacken the skin of the eyes”. However, this habit is the number 1 enemy that makes your weight impossible to lose, especially the size of the second bust will increase uncontrollably. Instead of lying or sitting on the phone, you should exercise lightly by washing dishes, cleaning, etc., so that the calories of the meal are significantly reduced.

Burning more calories than you take in is the best way to lose weight.

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Do gentle exercise after a meal, not lying down or sitting still - the method of weight loss.
Do gentle exercise after a meal, not lying down or sitting in one place.

Use the same bowl or plate for every meal

It may sound like it has nothing to do with weight loss, but this habit will change the amount of food you put into your body. Specifically, if you are using large bowls and plates in each meal, change to those with a smaller area. This allows you to control the amount of food and tells you to only eat all the food in the bowl.

Do gentle exercise after a meal, not lying down or sitting still - the method of weight loss.
Do gentle exercise after a meal, not lying down or sitting in one place.

You have to think about exercising right away

Exercise has always been the most effective weight loss method ever. You may not need to go to modern gyms to achieve your dream weight. Regularly spending time doing simple exercises at home such as walking, crunches, jumping rope, etc. is a great thing.

Every day a little, gentle exercise intensity will also make you burn a lot of calories in the body.

3 ways to lose weight successfully control hunger

Hold the hunger after 30 minutes, this feeling will disappear

In order to quench their hunger, many people often seek food at that moment to ease an upset stomach. However, if you keep pampering your body, your weight loss will never be successful. Hunger signals when blood sugar levels drop. Then you are forced to increase blood sugar through the addition of food leading to cravings.

However, if you focus on doing something or ignore the feeling of “calling” from the inside of your stomach, about 30 minutes later the sugar level will automatically increase without needing any food at all.

Try to keep hunger after 30 minutes will make you no longer have cravings
Trying to keep hunger at bay after 30 minutes will make you less hungry.

Light pat on the forehead

It sounds absurd at first, but this action has been studied based on the workings of the body. The frontal lobe of the brain, located in the frontal part, controls judgment and suppresses impulses. Therefore, when you start to have cravings, pat your forehead to stimulate the left lobe, thereby inhibiting appetite.

Eating foods high in protein is a method of weight loss

Eggs, milk, salmon, chicken breast, etc. are foods that provide very good protein for the body. Besides, they also have the ability to make you feel full for 3-4 hours longer than usual. Protein-containing foods both provide energy for the body and help lose weight effectively, so there is no reason for you to give up the habit of eating protein foods.

However, if to suppress appetite by eating too much protein, it will make the body “drug resistant” and lose the effect of suppressing appetite.

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Hopefully with the above sharing on tips to help lose weight effectively without too much abstinence will make her weight loss journey no longer an obsession.

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