The main cause of calcium deficiency in children and how to supplement

My nephew is 15 years old but only 1m50 tall. I have asked questions on forums, experts there said, it is possible that my grandchildren are suffering from calcium deficiency or poor absorption of calcium. By the way, hope experts can explain more about this issue, thanks! 

Causes of calcium deficiency in children

Calcium deficiency or poor absorption of calcium are considered to be the two leading causes of stunting in children. Specifically, when entering adulthood, the height of children will often be 10 cm shorter than their peers. Therefore, it is likely that your grandchild is having one of the two problems above. Accordingly, this undesirable situation stems from two main reasons:

Children with calcium deficiency lead to stunting

One of the main causes of stunting and growth retardation in children is due to a lack of calcium in the diet. Accordingly, calcium is one of the minerals that plays an extremely important role in the process of forming, nourishing bones and developing height in each child. Therefore, at any stage, when the child’s body does not receive enough of this micronutrient, they will often anorexia, malnourished, have trouble sleeping, or harass, the most dangerous is causing developmental delay. brain and stunting.

In addition, changing eating habits is the simplest way to supplement the amount of calcium that is lacking in the body. Specifically, Calcium can be loaded into the child’s body by daily meals through a number of foods such as: Seafood including shrimp, crab, oysters, fish…; vegetables including lettuce, cabbage, kale, celery, legumes… Besides, to stimulate bone development, children need to be supplemented with calcium from milk and dairy products such as, Yogurt, butter, cheese… In addition, vitamin K in green vegetables is also considered a factor in the formation of osteocalcin, which helps to accumulate calcium in bones.

Seafood is a real source of abundant calcium

Seafood is a real source of abundant calcium

Children are stunted due to poor absorption of calcium by the body

Research shows that calcium absorption syndrome comes from the main causes: Unscientific diet; The child’s body lacks enzymes or shows signs of illness…

Unscientific diet:

Habits for children to eat salty foods, eat a lot of fast food, fruits with acrid, bitter taste, drink carbonated soft drinks… of Many parents are the reason why calcium absorption is hindered. At the same time, letting children “release the gas” to load a lot of foods containing folic acid, cellulose, phosphorus, protein … also causes calcium from the digestive tract not to be absorbed into the blood, and at the same time increases the excretion of calcium out.​

Unscientific eating can easily cause calcium malabsorption syndrome

Unscientific eating can easily cause calcium malabsorption syndrome

The child’s body lacks enzymes:

Enzymes are an extremely important catalyst to help the digestion and absorption of nutrients take place easier and faster. Therefore, lack of enzymes is also considered as one of the reasons why children cannot fully absorb nutrients from food into the body, including calcium.


The fact that the child is suffering from kidney and gastrointestinal diseases, such as: food allergy, enteritis, intestinal viral infection… will also more or less hinder the absorption of Calcium, leading to deficiency of this micronutrient. Besides, there are many other reasons causing calcium malabsorption syndrome in children such as vitamin D deficiency, intestinal parasite infection (worms, flukes), polluted environment…

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Nano Calcium – the optimal solution for people with poor calcium absorption

Until now, many parents are still wondering what Nano Calcium is? Is Nano Calcium good? In fact, Nano Calcium is a completely new form of Calcium, prepared by advanced nanotechnology, with many outstanding advantages, which can overcome the limitations of ordinary Calcium. According to many experts, Nano Calcium is the most optimal choice for those who do not absorb calcium. Accordingly, to avoid this micronutrient deficiency, adults or children can use Nano Calcium.

Nano Calcium has 200 times more absorption effect than normal Calcium

Nano Calcium has 200 times more absorption effect than normal Calcium

Due to its super small size (only a few tens of nanometers), Nano Calcium has extremely good solubility. This micronutrient has the ability to quickly penetrate the intestinal membrane and absorb maximum from the intestine into the blood. Besides, Nano Calcium has 200 times more absorption effect than normal Calcium. Therefore, when there is a calcium deficiency, each person only needs to provide about ¼ of the usual amount of micronutrients.

In addition, for parents who do not have much time to “tolerate” calcium for their children’s bodies with daily meals, you can completely replace them with dietary supplements containing Nano Calcium.

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