The importance of sex education in schools

Sex education in schools plays an extremely important role for school-age children. This activity needs to be carried out from preschool to general education so that children have a solid foundation before entering life.

sex education in school
Sex education in schools should be carried out as soon as possible to equip them with a solid foundation of knowledge

What is sex education?

Sex education is an activity that provides knowledge about the body, reproductive health, sex and sexuality to school-age children. Through increased understanding, children can be more proactive in taking care of and protecting themselves.

In the context of continuous sexual problems in school-age children, both families and schools need to take appropriate educational measures to improve their knowledge. The reality is that most parents shy away from talking to their children about sex and gender. Moreover, parents themselves sometimes do not know how to convey and select information appropriate to their children’s age.

For these reasons, sex education in schools needs more attention and should be done as soon as possible. According to psychologists, sex education should be implemented as soon as children begin to be aware of body parts.

Providing knowledge about sex early will help children be aware of protecting their bodies and not letting anyone invade their bodies. Sex education needs to be carried out continuously until the age of 18 to help children have enough knowledge to protect themselves and know how to build a safe and healthy sex life.

The importance of sex education in schools

Sex education in schools plays an extremely important role in children’s awareness and future. It is not difficult to find articles with the content of school-age children being abused, sexually abused or underage pregnancy. In this context, the school’s timely and proper attention to sex education is an urgent matter.

Sex education in schools has the following important roles:

1. Know more about your body

In fact, the curriculum does not provide them with too much knowledge about health and body. Moreover, the knowledge provided in the textbook is not really detailed. Therefore, sex education should be carried out so that children can better understand their own bodies.

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At preschool and primary school age, knowledge about gender will help children avoid abusive behavior, know how to protect and take care of themselves. This is also the foundation for children to be more aware of gender when entering puberty.

During puberty, the body will undergo many physiological changes. Equipping with the necessary knowledge will help students avoid being surprised and worried about changes in the body. At this time, women have started menstruating and men have nightmares and erections. Without knowledge, children will inevitably have concerns and worries – especially in cases where the family does not pay attention to sex education for their children.

2. Know how to take care of reproductive health

Right from the time they enter puberty, they need sex education to know how to take care of their reproductive health. At this age, children need to understand the natural physiological phenomena of the body, women need to know how to calculate menstrual cycles, predict menstrual periods, men know how to control themselves and understand problems that can occur during puberty.

Students need to be educated on how to eat, live and keep a good mind to protect their health in general and reproductive health in particular. For girls, measures should be taken to control premenstrual and menstrual symptoms. This will help them more comfortable in life and learning.

3. Help them avoid annoying situations

When entering puberty, the sexual organs of both men and women will have marked changes. At this time, women begin to menstruate, men develop penises, have erections and dream sperm. Without knowledge, it will be difficult for them to avoid panic when encountering these situations.

sex education in school
Understanding gender will help them know how to limit embarrassing and embarrassing situations

Equipping with useful knowledge about sex and sexuality will help them better control their own physiological phenomena. For women, equipping them with knowledge will also help them prepare well before menstruation and limit unexpected situations.

Sex education will also help them skillfully prepare the necessary items to use for menstrual days. In addition, children also need to be equipped with knowledge about how to keep personal hygiene, eating and living to minimize menstrual pain and accompanying symptoms.

4. Know how to protect yourself

In recent years, many cases of sexual abuse and abuse of children and adolescents have been discovered. This shows the limitations in sex education of families and schools. Because they do not have enough knowledge, they are not aware of the extent of the abuses and often choose to remain silent about these reprehensible acts.

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Sex education will help students be more aware of body protection and recognize acts of harassment and abuse. Schools also need to emphasize the seriousness of these behaviors. At the same time, they must clearly show their protection and protection when they are victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

In fact, most of the children are afraid to talk to their families about issues related to sex. Even many children, when they told their families, were immediately dismissed because they thought they made up stories. Therefore, the school needs to clearly show its interest so that students can actively look for it when they encounter problems.

5. Help children build a healthy emotional life

From puberty, children will begin to develop special feelings for others. When having feelings, children will have close behavior and always want to be with the person they have feelings for. However, because children themselves are inexperienced, sometimes they do not know how to master themselves.

Timely sex education will help children become more aware of their emotions and know how to control themselves. This is the foundation for students to build a healthy, pure and age-appropriate emotional life. Pure affection during this period not only helps children build good memories of their childhood, but also serves as the foundation for a long-term relationship in the future.

sex education in school
Sex education in schools will help them know how to keep their love relationship pure

Moreover, children who receive sex education from an early age will know how to build a healthy sex life after the age of 18. On the contrary, children who are not equipped with knowledge about this issue will find it difficult to avoid problems arising and this inadvertently increases social evils.

6. Help students stay away from social evils

Sex education in schools also helps students stay away from social evils such as prostitution, deformed coffee / discos, beer hugs, etc. Useful knowledge will help them to be aware of the level seriousness of these behaviors, thereby knowing how to stay away from evils and build a healthy life for themselves.

In addition, knowledge from sex education will also help them promptly detect the wrong behavior of their peers, thereby informing their families and schools for appropriate handling measures. Many studies show that children who receive sex education often have assertive, sober personalities and are aware of having to stay away from evils such as prostitution, alcohol, drugs and other violations. other laws.

7. Increase confidence and bravery

Besides helping them stay away from social evils, sex education in schools also helps students become more confident and brave. Useful knowledge will help them see life’s problems objectively, multidimensionally, and be aware of themselves and those around them. Knowledge will give them confidence and bravery when entering life and knowing how to protect themselves against temptations.

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sex education in school
Sex education directs children to a healthy lifestyle and increases their confidence and bravery

Sex education is not only limited to gender or sexuality, but also includes reproduction. Knowledge of reproduction, population, and the heavy responsibility of raising a child will also help students become more aware of sexual behavior.

Besides, being aware of this will also limit the situation of getting married and having children early when you are not ready mentally and financially. This is the basis for building a happy married life and contributing to the building of a powerful and civilized society.

8. Help children develop comprehensive personality

Sex education in schools also helps students develop comprehensive personality. During puberty, children begin to be interested in physiological and sexual issues and have a desire to be close to the opposite sex. However, behaviors that are not appropriate for their age will affect their psychology and this significantly affects the process of personality development.

Many studies show that children who engage in sexual acts before the age of 18 are more likely to participate in social evils, have indecisive personalities, are easily manipulated, do not have a deep sense of self and lasting values. steady in life. On the contrary, children who are knowledgeable about sex and gender always know how to protect their own health and those around them.

Children have strong character, bravery, know how to cope with difficulties in life and be alert to temptations. Early sex education is the standard that helps children comply with ethical standards and uphold the law. Also know how to keep purity in emotional relationships.

Sex education in schools plays an extremely important role for school-age children. In addition to the responsibility of the school, the family itself also needs to have reasonable educational measures to improve children’s knowledge about sex, sexuality and reproduction. However, it is necessary to select age-appropriate content and choose a clear and scientific way of communication.

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