The Deja Reve Phenomenon: When Dreams Come True

Deja Reve is considered an extremely mysterious phenomenon and it is also one of the great challenges for researchers today. One person who has experienced this phenomenon shared that their prophetic dreams appeared and came to them many years ago.

The Deja Revere Phenomenon

Deja Reve is a mysterious phenomenon that is still being researched and deeply explored by the scientific community.

What is the Deja Reve phenomenon?

While Déjà Vu is one of the mysterious phenomena that has not been specifically explained by the scientific community, recently, they have discovered a new mysterious phenomenon called Deja Reve. Déjà Vu is interpreted as an experience of seeing the future from the past. To put it more simply, it is a sudden phenomenon in a certain conversation, conversation, communication with relatives, friends, and you suddenly have the feeling that this scene has happened in the past. . Or even if it’s the first time you meet someone, go to a place you’ve never been before, you still have a strange sense of familiarity. It sounds quite absurd, but in reality, more than 50% of the world’s population has experienced this feeling at least once in their life.

Normally, the Déjà Vu phenomenon will last from 10 to 30 seconds, but it is a problem that causes researchers to “rub their hair”. Up to now, there have been thousands of hypotheses about this phenomenon, but only at the level of assumptions and no final conclusions have been made yet. While Déjà Vu remains an inexplicable mystery, scientists face a new challenge with Deja Reve syndrome.

If Déjà Vu means “already seen”, Deja Reve is understood as “already dreamed”. Basically, this is the feeling that a person is in a situation that occurs in the real world that makes them feel that they dream they will be there or in some way that they have seen. see their own situation. Some people who have experienced Deja Reve say that their prophetic dreams came to them many years ago.

Deja Reve Phenomenon – Dreams come true

Accordingly, scientists have also found a way to activate the Deja Vu phenomenon in the laboratory and prove that feeling unreal will give you any kind of cognitive ability. Likewise, for the Deja Reve phenomenon, it doesn’t mean that you actually dream what you think you dreamed of.

Based on new research conducted in medical reports of patients with epilepsy from 1958 to 2015, the Deja Reve experience will often occur in patients who have just been conducted. EBS electrical brain stimulation. This is a potentially effective treatment that helps control the symptoms of epilepsy. Accordingly, Dr. Jonathan Curot of Toulouse University Hospital (France), he is also the correct author in the study on Deja Reve syndrome, shared that: “Isolated study Deja Reve is the way to science separate the feeling of Deja Vu from the feeling of Deja Reve and learn more about the mystery of the human dream.”

The results of a study, published directly in the journal Brain Stimulation, show that the Deja Reve phenomenon occurs when someone has frequent recurring dreams or they have a feeling that I have experienced that dream in reality. That is, in a particular situation or situation, people seem to have the ability to “predict” things in a strange way.

This is a phenomenon that makes people immersed in a dream state, they can hardly get out of their dreams even after waking up. Or it can be understood in another way, that is, after waking up, the sounds, images, feelings of joy, sadness, despair, and suffering still appear in reality. And the special thing is that the dreams appearing by Deja Reve are said to be completely natural dreams that no scientific research can copy or create.

According to research, Deja Reve dreams will often appear in stage 4 of sleep, which is the time when you fall into the deepest sleep in the REM sleep system. At this time, the body will completely relax, people will gradually fall into a state of oblivion, the brain will start working harder and dreams will gradually be formed. However, after a series of scientific studies and surveys, there is still no basis to prove the correctness of this phenomenon. This means that people don’t really experience what they dreamed of.

Most of the research done around this mysterious Deja Reve phenomenon has focused on exploiting REM sleep duration. During REM sleep, people will experience many extremely vivid, fictional dreams. According to Dr. Philip Gehrman – Associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), people who have experienced investigations and studies on this phenomenon have expressed it mainly in 3 unrelated ways. related to each other. Specifically like:

Deja Reve has a sense of familiarity: One patient once said they had a nightmare they had a few years ago.
Deja Reve Stages, Episodes: Some people are able to pinpoint the exact time or date when they have certain dreams.
Deja Reve is in a dream: That is, right after waking up, their body and mind are still caught up in the dream. If they dream a sad dream and in the dream they cry bitterly, then after waking up they still have the feeling of them or may continue to cry, unable to stop immediately.

Thus, it can be seen that Deja Reve is a mysterious phenomenon that still requires a lot of time to study and understand deeply. Hopefully through the information of this article, readers will also somewhat understand and name their strange dreams and feelings in life.

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