The consequences of family pressure are more dangerous than you think

With today’s modern life, people enjoy many benefits, live in a civilization and progress. However, at the same time, there is a lot of fatigue and pressure from many different aspects. In particular, the consequences of family pressure are always serious and dangerous, it can disrupt marital happiness and hinder the future of children.

Consequences of family pressure
Family pressure can be triggered by the couple’s lack of understanding and listening


The consequences of family pressure are extremely dangerous

With the fast pace of life and modern things today, people must always face pressures from work, study, relationships and the whole family. Family pressure can come from many different reasons. However, regardless of the cause, it also makes the members feel extremely stressed, tired, stuck and worried.

Depending on the family situation, personality and many other factors, family pressures can stem from lack of understanding, differences between generations, pressure from finances, child care, spouse. unfaithfulness, high expectations from parents, etc. It can be seen that family pressures can arise for any reason and cause extremely serious consequences.

In fact, there have been many cases of falling into psychological crisis because of persistent family pressures. If this condition is not detected and cleared soon, it will cause the following serious consequences:

1. Depression due to family pressure

Depression due to family pressure is one of the most common and dangerous consequences. Based on statistics from a study in our country, the rate of adolescents suffering from depression currently accounts for 26.3%. In which, about 6.3% of children have thoughts of death, the rate of children with behaviors and plans to commit suicide accounts for 4.6% and there are about 5.85 children who try to commit suicide. . Surprisingly, the biggest cause of this condition comes from family pressures.

Also because family is the biggest fulcrum of every human being, especially children. When there are conflicting problems in the family, the pressure is on each member, making them gradually hurt psychologically and in the long run give rise to mental illnesses, most typically depression.

Consequences of family pressure
Family pressure, if not relieved in time, will increase the risk of depression in many people

Depression is considered a dangerous disease that greatly affects human health, life and even life. People with depression often feel sad, depressed, hopeless, no longer interested in any activities happening around. If the condition becomes more serious, it can cause the patient to form negative thoughts, think about death and want to free himself from suicidal behavior.

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2. Sleep disturbance

Prolonged stress and pressure will greatly affect the quality of sleep. According to statistics, sleep loss is one of the most common consequences of family pressure and it can have more serious consequences. If the state of insomnia, not sleeping deeply continuously for a long time will make the body gradually exhausted, the health of the nervous system is significantly reduced, the spirit is no longer clear and alert.

When thoughts and worries keep swirling around in your mind, your brain will become tense and it will be difficult to fall asleep. You will not be able to sleep, when you fall asleep, you will often have nightmares, wake up many times during the night and have difficulty falling back to sleep. This condition can reduce the resistance, make the body weak and create conditions for the development of other dangerous diseases.

3. Affect relationships

Family pressure, regardless of the cause, will more or less affect relationships in the family. For example, economic pressure, parenting can cause husband and wife to become discordant, constantly arguing and contradicting each other. There are many cases of marriage breakdown due to family pressures and unable to find a way out.

Consequences of family pressure
The relationship between husband and wife can be broken by family pressures

Because in fact, when a person has to face the pressures around life, they will become stressed, tired and irritable. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid quarrels, conflicts or even cold wars between family members. Especially if family pressures come from discord between husband and wife and children, the influence of relationships increases significantly.

4. The risk of committing acts of violence

This consequence is common if family pressure occurs between husband and wife or parents and children. When the two sides are at odds, without empathy and understanding for each other, it is easy to lead to endless quarrels. If there is a constant conflict, it will easily lead to shouting, using offensive words, hurting each other or even resorting to violent acts.

In some cases, young children face pressure from their parents. Parents who constantly force their children to study excessively or do things that young children do not like will easily make children develop a rebellious mentality, easy to act negatively. Many children in puberty and adolescence, if they are subjected to too much pressure from their families, will easily form rebellious, rebellious, and uncontrollable behaviors.

5. Increased levels of stress, anxiety

When receiving too high expectations from the family, especially the parents, the children must constantly try and make great efforts to not let everyone down. However, this is also a great pressure for many children today. Children are prone to stress and anxiety.

Stress is considered one of the common consequences of family pressure that you should not take for granted. In cases where children are under pressure to learn from their parents’ great expectations, it is easy for children to experience nervous tension, which adversely affects brain activity.

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Consequences of family pressure
Stress levels increase when you have to deal with constant family pressures

Many children, due to being forced to study too much, will gradually develop negative feelings towards learning. Some children become depressed, learning results are not guaranteed because there is too much pressure that makes children lose focus and worry. Young children who do not have the ability and experience to cope with pressure will easily become exhausted, affecting their psychological and physical health.

6. More likely to let go of themselves because of too much pressure

When family pressure persists for too long and exceeds a person’s tolerance, they will have a tendency to let go, showing a careless attitude towards everything around them. Up to this point, it seems that all pressure becomes an invisible weapon that gradually kills people’s lives.

Many people begin to see life and family relationships as something extremely boring. They withdraw and create a cover for themselves to avoid outside pressure even the smallest things. At this point they no longer care about everything around them, are not passionate about taking care of themselves and become lethargic, ignoring fate.

7. Risk of alcohol abuse

When the pressure is not relieved, many people will tend to find alcohol and tobacco to relieve their worries. However, these types of stimulants only temporarily help the mood become comfortable and relaxing, not an effective remedy. In many cases, due to excessive alcohol abuse, the body gradually becomes exhausted, the mind becomes out of control and easily causes more serious consequences.

What to do when under family pressure?

Family is always a solid spiritual support that everyone wants to have. Therefore, unlike other types of pressure, the consequences of family pressure are extremely serious and can greatly affect the health, life and future of each person. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly overcome and solve problems that cause pressure to avoid dangerous consequences.

Consequences of family pressure
Family pressure needs to be dealt with quickly to limit potentially serious consequences.

Here are some effective solutions that can help you reduce family pressure and avoid its consequences:

1. Feel free to share problems with loved ones

Frankly sharing with each other is the best way for family members to solve problems and conflicts with each other. Also because, in your family life, it is hard to avoid times of disagreement, when there are conflicting opinions, especially when living in a family with many generations.

You should understand that, if you stay silent or fight with each other, neither side will receive any benefits, even it will cause a lot of unnecessary hurt. Therefore, after you both calm down, let’s sit down and share frankly about the problem that is happening.

If there is a conflict or any disagreement, it should be resolved together and respect each other’s opinions. Being able to share and speak your mind will help both of you understand and sympathize with each other more. From there, the problems will also be satisfactorily resolved based on the interests of both parties.

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2. Learn to listen and understand

One of the essential and extremely important factors for all relationships is understanding and listening. When there are any conflicts or problems related to family life, members should know how to listen and empathize so that they can understand each other.

Understanding is considered a universal key to help you keep a happy family. The members have different personalities, genders, and opinions, but when we know how to listen, care and empathize with each other, all contradictions and conflicts can be easily resolved.

3. Know how to take care of yourself

Family pressure is inevitable in life because when living together in the same house, you will inevitably have times of quarrels and disagreements. Therefore, in order to minimize the serious consequences of family pressure, each of us needs to have a sense of self-care.

No matter how busy the work is, you yourself need to pay attention to your diet, ensure the quality of sleep and practice more exercise habits every day. In fact, there have been many cases of physical weakness, insomnia, stress, depression caused by family pressure. Therefore, you need to be more conscious of your own health, effectively balance your life to prevent dangerous diseases that can enter when under pressure.

4. Control emotions, reduce stress

In today’s modern life, it is certain that you will always face many pressures and stress from many different aspects. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with emotional control skills, know how to balance your psychological state, and reduce stress effectively.

If you feel too pressured, you can try some relaxation measures such as sitting, walking, practicing yoga, listening to music, reading, playing with pets, cooking favorite foods,… This will help the mind to relax, stimulate the production of the hormone serotonin to create a feeling of happiness, joy and dispel the pressure and stress from the family.

5. Psychotherapy

If the pressure from the family is not well relieved, it will cause many serious consequences. Therefore, if you have applied the above support measures but you still feel extremely anxious and stressed, the best way is to see a psychologist for specific and effective support. than.

After conversations with experts will help you feel more comfortable and at ease. At the same time, experts also support you to clearly see the cause of the pressure, help relieve and overcome the problem to prevent recurrence. Often, for better results, psychologists will prioritize individual therapy and family therapy.

The above article has helped readers know some unpredictable consequences of family pressure. Hopefully each of us will always know how to balance and share more with close members to limit conflicts and disagreements in family life.

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