The benefits of controlling emotions – Sharing from experts

As we all know, controlling emotions is an important and necessary skill for life in general and work in particular. To better understand the importance of this skill, let’s listen to the sharing of psychotherapist, Master Coach Tran Thi Huong below!

Emotions are simply human reactions to external and endogenous factors (pain, discomfort). Each element will bring different emotions such as joy, happiness, pessimism, sadness, melancholy, etc.

In life, we have to learn to control our emotions – even positive emotions in some situations because emotions are the dominant factor in thinking and behavior. The importance of emotional control is evident in the following benefits:

1. Minimize conflicts and contradictions

Unexpected events can cause you to have strong and negative emotions such as indignation, anger, jealousy, envy, etc. In particular, emotions can increase in arguments, causing You have difficulty controlling your words and behavior. If you can’t control your emotions, you can make unbiased decisions, show your ego too much, or even hurt others.

Therefore, in life you also need to learn how to control your emotions. Good control of emotions helps to avoid making decisions and opinions that are personal and one-sided. At the same time, it is also especially important to keep a reasonable attitude, to objectively assess problems and make informed decisions.

2. Expand and maintain relationships

Good management of your emotions will help you avoid conflicts in life. This is important in building and maintaining relationships. People who manage their emotions well will have proper words and actions, thereby easily expanding relationships in work as well as in life.

In relationships, arguments are inevitable. But if you know how to control your own angry and angry emotions, you can control the situation to avoid letting things go too far.

On the contrary, people who let their emotions overwhelm often have words and behaviors that hurt or offend others. As a result, the relationship is broken, not of good quality. The most obvious example is parents who often scold their children, compare their children to hurt them, feel unheard, share and become more and more distant from their parents.

Therefore, the biggest benefit of emotional control is maintaining relationships. In addition, when you manage your emotions well and behave appropriately, you also have the opportunity to make many friends. This is especially important in today’s society.

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3. Make a good impression in work as well as in life

Another benefit of controlling your emotions is making a good impression on your colleagues, friends, and people around you. When an undesirable situation occurs, your feelings, words and behavior are the basic factors for others to judge you. If you know how to control your emotions and stay calm, you will make a good impression and become more professional in the eyes of everyone around you.

On the contrary, people who show all their emotions, anger or sadness will be judged as unprofessional and emotional. Moreover, anger, resentment and jealousy will also cause you to have hostile and unobjective words and behaviors. At work, most people with this personality are less appreciated and do not have more opportunities for advancement in work.

In addition, expressing emotions freely in situations can also cause you to face many problems. In the eyes of people, you will be judged as immature and immature. Therefore, even if you have good abilities, your superiors will find it difficult to put their trust in you.

4. Reduce the risk of psychological and physical problems

Scientific studies have proven that emotions are closely related to psychological and physical health. When you feel positive, your body releases the hormones endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones create feelings of joy, happiness, euphoria, nervousness, excitement, etc.

The appearance of the above hormones also has the effect of relaxing muscles, reducing joint pain and regulating the activities of organs in the body. Therefore, people with an optimistic mindset and a positive attitude to life are less likely to experience health problems and have a long life expectancy.

On the contrary, if you don’t know how to control your emotions, you will have to face anger, temper, sadness, pessimism, despair, suffering, etc. for a long time. These negative emotions increase the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. This condition has been identified to be associated with a number of diseases such as high blood pressure, headaches, stomach pain or heart rhythm disturbances, etc.

Thus, in addition to the above benefits, good emotional control also helps you reduce the risk of physical and psychological diseases. However, it should be noted that people with psychological conditions such as depression, emotional disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, stress, etc. can hardly control their emotions – even when their thoughts Be aware that you are having inappropriate emotions. These cases need intervention and support from a psychotherapist to be able to control emotions and thoughts.

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In summary, controlling emotions brings many benefits in work as well as in life. In addition to professional competence or basic knowledge, you should practice this important skill to have more advantages in life, live a happier and more peaceful life.

These sharing were made by psychologist, Master coach Tran Thi Huong during group therapy session in Hanoi No. 13 of NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center taking place on October 15, 2022 with the theme ” The key to life balance & happiness”. During the program, expert Tran Thi Huong also offered prizes to help the members better regulate their emotions.

The program is held regularly on every Saturday afternoon with a variety of topics to help participants get some value, some solution for them to solve their own problems and Peace of Mind to Live Healthy every day. .

Hopefully, through this useful information, readers will better understand the power of the ability to control emotions, help improve relationships as well as improve work efficiency and quality of life.

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