Testosterone Supplement Therapy for Muscle Gain – Gymers Beware!

Testosterone therapy is well received by many gymers, but is it safe to do so? Please join easyhealthylive.com to learn about this issue.

Testosterone therapy is an option for many gymers to increase muscle size and improve performance. However, the abuse of this method can cause consequences, typically too much testosterone in the blood. For that reason, you should be careful with this therapy.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, is produced mainly by the testicles. Testosterone is used to maintain male body shape and characteristics such as bone density, fat distribution, increase in muscle size and strength, development of hair and beard glands, and stimulation of red blood cell production. , maintain fertility and spermatogenesis.


What are the signs of a decrease in testosterone levels in the male body?

Decreased sexual ability: Signs such as decreased libido, decreased duration and quality of sex or infertility are evidence that testosterone levels in the male body are in trouble.

Change appearance: A lack of testosterone causes problems such as increased body fat, decreased muscle strength and size, and osteoporosis. Breasts are less firm and hair loss and hair loss may also occur. Another sign is that men will be less active and look more sedentary than usual.

lack of testosterone

Low testosterone will make the male body untidy

Personality changes: Low blood testosterone can decrease a man’s confidence and motivation. Anxiety, decreased concentration and memory will also appear.

These signs can also be symptoms of diseases such as insomnia, obesity, diabetes and depression. So, to determine if the testosterone level in the blood is reduced, you can go to the hospital to check and find the right solutions.

testosterone test

How does testosterone change with age?

Testosterone levels in the blood are most abundant during adolescence. As you age, testosterone levels decrease, but at a very slow rate, usually 1% a year when you start turning 30. For middle-aged people, it’s important to find out what causes the drop in testosterone in your body. Whether the blood is natural or due to disease is also important.

For example, hypogonadism causes the body to produce less testosterone than usual due to a problem with the testicles or pituitary gland. Testosterone supplements such as injections, tablets, or gels can improve testosterone levels in the body.

testosterone gel

Testosterone gel is being used quite popularly

What are the possible consequences of testosterone therapy?

  • Blood clotting disorder
  • Sleep disturbances (sudden addition of large amounts of testosterone can cause shortness of breath, leading to difficulty falling asleep)
  • Causes breakouts or skin irritation
  • Stimulate growth of benign tumors or cancerous cells
  • Increase breast size
  • Restriction of spermatogenesis or testicular atrophy
  • While many studies have shown that testosterone supplementation can cause cardiovascular disease, more research is needed to draw definitive conclusions.
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Using testosterone therapy can cause blood clots

Adding a large amount of testosterone will cause blood clots to form in the user’s own blood vessels. One of the side effects of testosterone therapy is polycythemia, which increases the concentration and volume of red blood cells in the blood, which can increase blood pressure and thicken the blood if testosterone therapy is maintained for a long time. .

High testosterone can also change cholesterol metabolism, causing plaque in the arteries and veins. When blood is blocked by plaque, blood clots are formed. In some cases, plaques can fall off the surface of blood vessels and, along with blood clots, follow the bloodstream to other organs. If blood clots reach the brain, it can cause many serious consequences such as stroke, heart attack and limited brain function.

a couple

Before complications of blood clots occur, men can still lead normal activities

Most blood clots will form in the trunk and lower extremities, also known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). When those blood clots travel and block blood vessels elsewhere, a venous thromboembolism (VTE) occurs. According to statistics, about 0.1% of the population suffers from these syndromes.

A 2013 US study found that testosterone therapy is associated with DVT. Specifically, in the first 6 months of testosterone supplementation, the possibility of blood clots will be quite high. However, the rate will stabilize around 60%.

A lot of people use testosterone therapy without consulting the experts and doing the necessary tests. If testosterone levels are normal, but additional supplements will cause unpredictable consequences.

test before adding testosterone

It is necessary to check the testosterone level in the blood before supplementing with testosterone

In general, testosterone therapy is effective for muscle gain for gymers, but it comes with possible risks. Therefore, only when absolutely necessary and consulted with a doctor, then this therapy is safe and effective. Natural muscle gain is still the recommended method, download now easyhealthylive.com for more nutrition and exercise information so that you can have the body you want in the most convenient and safest way. You just:

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