Tell you how to supplement vitamin C for the body most effectively

Vitamin C is an important compound for the life of the body. Therefore, vitamin C supplementation in case of deficiency is a necessity. However, how effective is the supplement? To get the most scientific answer, please read the article below.

1. What is the role of vitamin C in the body?

vitamin C is a chemical compound called ascorbic acid, which is soluble in water, insoluble in grease and organic solvents. This is a very important vitamin for the living organism. According to many studies, vitamin C is necessary for the functioning of muscles, joints, connective tissues, heart and blood vessels. Here are some of the roles of vitamin C in the body:

  • Iron absorption: Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron in the body, increasing the amount of iron absorbed in both adults and children.

  • Regulate the heart rhythm: Before surgery, patients can use vitamin C as directed by the doctor to prevent arrhythmias.

  • Gastrointestinal cleansing: Before performing gastrointestinal endoscopy, the gastrointestinal tract should be emptied. A vitamin C solution can be used for this.

  • Prevent sunburn: To prevent sunburn and sun tan, you can take or apply vitamin E in combination with vitamin C.

  • Prevention of respiratory infections: Subjects who regularly exercise vigorously such as athletes and farmers can use vitamin C to prevent respiratory infections.

  • Anti-aging: Vitamins C and E are considered an important nutrient that helps slow down the aging process of the skin. Therefore, cosmetics containing vitamins C and E are very trusted by women.

  • Increase muscle strength: Vitamin C is necessary for muscle function. Therefore, adding vitamin C to the diet is an important way to increase physical performance and increase muscle strength.

Vitamin C has the role of preventing aging, helping to beautify the skin

Vitamin C has the role of preventing aging, helping to beautify the skin

In addition to the above functions, vitamin C has also been shown to help improve the body’s immune system, thereby supporting the treatment of a number of diseases such as:

– Tyrosinemia: Too much tyrosine in the blood is one of the causes of this syndrome. Proper vitamin C intake can significantly improve tyrosine blood levels.

Vision loss in old age: Macular degeneration is often very closely related to age. It is possible to add a combination of vitamins C, E, beta – carotene, zinc to prevent disease.

– Blood diseases: Vitamin C helps to strengthen the vessel walls, prevent bleeding, especially good in the treatment of hemolytic anemia.

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Vitamin C supplementation helps prevent macular degeneration in the elderly

Vitamin C helps prevent macular degeneration in the elderly

As can be seen, vitamin C plays many important roles in the body. If this vitamin is lacking, the body will have signs of fatigue, lethargy, the appearance of hemorrhagic spots under the skin, which can lead to bleeding in the blood vessels.

2. How to properly supplement vitamin C

Supplementing vitamin C into the body is extremely necessary. However, how to do it right, when to supplement vitamin C? You can refer to the following tips:

Additional sugar:

Vitamin C can be supplemented through many different ways: oral, oral, and parenteral routes. However, according to the doctor’s recommendation, normal people should provide vitamin C from food daily to meet the body’s vitamin C needs. Severe cases of disease or vitamin C deficiency can be supplemented in the form of oral or injectable supplements.

  • Foods rich in vitamin C: citrus fruits, lemons, papaya, broccoli, strawberries, etc.

  • Some vitamin C preparations: tablets, capsules, syrups, injectable preparations, etc.

 Some foods rich in vitamin C

Some foods rich in vitamin C

Recommended supplement dose:

For vitamins in food, there is no need to pay too much attention to the daily intake. For vitamin C preparations, the dosage is specified on the instructions for use. Depending on the health status and the body’s ability to respond, the doctor will give the appropriate dose for each patient.

Recommended daily and maximum daily doses of vitamin C supplements:


Recommended dose/day

Maximum dose/day

0 – 6 months old

40 mg

No quota yet

7 – 12 months old

50 mg

No quota yet

13 years old

15 mg

400 mg

4 – 8 years old

25 mg

650 mg

9 – 13 years old

45 mg

1200 mg

14 – 18 years old

65- 75 mg

1800 mg

Over 19 years old

75 – 90 mg

2000 mg

3. Notes when supplementing vitamin C for the body

For the most effective vitamin C supplement, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Drink plenty of water when taking vitamin C supplements. As is known, vitamin C dissolves well in water. Therefore, drinking lots of water will help the process of absorption and excretion of vitamin C better.

Drink plenty of water to increase the effectiveness of vitamin C supplementation

Drink plenty of water to increase the effectiveness of vitamin C supplementation

  • When using vitamin C preparations, it is necessary to supplement according to the instructions: If using chewable tablets, you need to chew them all before swallowing, if using tablets or capsules, do not crush or chew the medicine, etc.

  • Supplements must be in the correct dosage. Vitamins play an important role in the body, but if taken in excess, excess vitamin C can cause many bad effects such as nausea, diarrhea, increased risk of kidney stones, etc.

  • The best time to absorb vitamin C is on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement in the morning before eating, not to supplement vitamin C at night because it can lead to insomnia.

  • If you are taking high doses due to significant vitamin C deficiency, do not stop using it suddenly, it will lead to bleeding on the skin, bleeding gums, body fatigue, etc.

  • If there is an abnormal condition after using vitamin C, you need to immediately go to the nearest medical facility for timely examination and treatment.

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Vitamin C plays an important role in the body. Proper vitamin C supplementation is a daily necessity. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the right supplement, to both bring efficiency without harming health.

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