Tell you how to choose the right yoga mat right away and always

The yoga mat is a very important tool for any person practicing this subject. However, not everyone knows how to choose this companion that is right for them.

What is a yoga mat?

Yoga mat is a very good support tool when you practice this subject. This tool will help you complete the exercises well, protect the practitioner from injuries when the skin and joints come into contact with the floor…

You can refer to the suggestions on today’s popular yoga mat sizes below to choose for yourself a suitable companion.

1. For women

  • Yoga mat size: 175 x 61cm with a thickness of 5mm.
  • Yoga mat size: 175 x 61cm with a thickness of 6mm.
  • Yoga mat size: 175 x 61cm with a thickness of 8mm.

2. For Men

Men’s yoga mats are usually designed with dimensions of 183 x 61cm or 185 x 80cm, the same thickness for women.

Understand the effect of exercise mats to easily choose

1. Avoid injury during exercise

For those who are new to yoga, mats can help you avoid the risk of injury. Yoga poses need to be practiced on a flat, stable surface, if there is no mat, the body will have to be in direct contact with the floor, from which parts such as knees, elbows, hands and feet will be. easily hurt.

In addition, in yoga, there are up to 30% of push-ups on the wrist, ankle and knee joints. Practicing yoga on a mat is a way to protect these joint areas from impact.

Yoga mats help prevent injury

Yoga mats help prevent injury

2. Improve balance

One of the benefits of yoga mats is to help the body maintain balance. For beginners, balancing the body is relatively difficult, so the exercise mat will support you a lot.

As for the veteran yogis for many years, the use of the mat is also strongly promoted because the movements are often difficult and require aesthetics in the posture. Using an exercise mat when exercising will help you have a grip point in your legs to balance your body.

3. Keep your body warm

Whether it’s summer or winter, floors are often cooler than room temperature. Meanwhile, yoga is a subject with many lying and sitting positions, causing the body to contact the cold floor. In the long run, this is very unhealthy for the practitioner.

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The mat helps maintain body temperature while exercising

The mat helps maintain body temperature while exercising

Performing yoga poses on the mat also helps maintain body temperature, reducing heat loss through contact with the floor during exercise. From there, you can comfortably practice without worrying about your body getting cold from the floor.

4. Ensure hygiene

On the floor often hides a lot of bacteria and other harmful agents, practicing yoga on the carpet will help you avoid direct contact with the floor and prevent harmful bacteria from contacting the body.

In addition, if you practice yoga in classes or clubs, sharing the mat will also make the mat unsanitary and have an unpleasant odor. Therefore, to keep hygiene and help yourself feel the most comfortable, you should invest in a good yoga mat for long-term practice.

The secret to buying a yoga mat is both good and economical

1. Comfort, stability and smoothness

For most hatha yoga exercises, if you don’t sweat a lot then a traditional hatha yoga mat is best for you. The material and thickness of the mat will determine your optimal comfort and support.

Thickness and material also determine the smoothness of the carpet. The friction of the mat will help you keep your balance when practicing hatha yoga.

Thickness is important if you want enough cushioning to comfortably exercise while still being able to keep your balance. The standard thickness carpet will be about 6mm thick.

Extra padded mats can be up to 12mm thick. A thin and easy-to-carry mat can be as thin as 1.5 mm. If you plan to bring your mat to class, you can tie it up with a string or put it in a backpack.

The size of the mat shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re too tall. A standard rug that fits most people is 60cm x 172cm.

The thickness of the mat affects comfort, stability and smoothness when you exercise

The thickness of the mat affects comfort, stability and smoothness when you exercise

2. Non-slip when wet

If your workout involves a lot of sweat, you need a hatha yoga mat that won’t slip when wet. Some exercise mats are designed with a special grip to help improve wetness. A recent popular type is the built-in carpet.

Integrated rugs consist of a non-slip surface combined with a traditional carpet padding underneath. This is a great combination to create a non-slip hatha yoga mat.

All the built-in mats we tried make it easier to work out when wet. Built-in rugs are decorated with interesting designs and unique materials.

Besides the positive sides, this type of carpet is usually more expensive than regular carpet. One way to get such a built-in mat is to place a yoga mat on top of an affordable mat.

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Like a built-in mat, this method gives you a cushioned mat and has a friction surface that makes it easier to work out when the mat is wet.

Anti-slip integrated mat

Anti-slip integrated mat

3. Material, stickiness and texture

The material of a yoga mat determines its stickiness, texture, porosity (responsiveness to pressure), eco-friendliness and durability. Stickiness is important because it keeps you from slipping while performing certain movements.

Texture can be due to design such as ribbed design, or it can be a property of the material such as rough jute rug. Texture also affects comfort to the touch and affects the friction of the rug.

PVC is the most popular carpet material because it is affordable and relatively durable. In general, PVC carpets are the most sticky and porous. Rubber, jute, and cotton mats are generally not as sticky as PVC mats, but have a non-slip surface.

Integrated carpets or carpets with cork tend to be sticky when wet. Therefore, you can control the stickiness of the carpet by lightly spraying a little water before use.

Material of carpet

Depending on your needs and economic conditions, choose the right material

4. Environmentally friendly

Carpets that are made from polyfoam or are not explicitly made from what material they are most likely made from PVC. In general, carpets are not made of PVC material, which you can easily recognize.

Not all PVC mats are created equal. Some carpets are made without phthalates and other harmful substances. However, none of the PVC mats are biodegradable.

There are eco-friendly options such as recycled and natural rubber, organic or natural cotton, jute, etc. You can refer to the materials below.

  • Latex mats are the most eco-friendly option, but you should avoid them if you are allergic to latex.
  • Cotton is the most absorbent material. This material will be the perfect choice if you sweat a lot.
  • Cotton rugs tend to be a bit more expensive but there are affordable designer rugs as well.
  • Jute rugs have an organic surface texture that helps prevent natural falls.

Jute rugs

Carpet with jute material

5. Clean and store carefully

Once you have found a suitable hatha yoga mat, you should wash it before using it. This will help remove the original smell of the product. Besides, some new carpets are slippery and need to be washed.

Proper carpet cleaning after each use is also important. Since sweat and body oils can degrade carpets, carpet cleaning is essential.

Clean exercise mats

Cleaning the exercise mat is something you should pay attention to

Above are some useful effects of equipping a yoga mat. If you intend to pursue this subject for a long time, do not hesitate to buy yourself a good mat to ensure you get the best benefits from practicing yoga. Besides, to improve the efficiency of your practice, download the app right away and search for yoga instructors to guide you to practice more effectively or join yoga classes in rooms located within the gym. network affiliated with

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