Take a look at the fruits and seeds that improve your baby’s height

Humans have 3 stages of height development, which are: in the fetus, 1-3 years old, puberty from…

In the above 4 groups, magnesium is abundant in nuts, which is the best source of nutrients to help children develop the best height. According to information provided by the Daily Mail, a study in Houston has proven that consuming magnesium-rich foods will have the same beneficial effects on bones as milk. Therefore, parents, in addition to focusing on calcium-rich groups, should also add other groups of substances that also have a good effect on height, including magnesium.

Below is a group of fruits and seeds that we can include in the baby’s menu, to help him grow tall from an early age.

Pumpkin seeds

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Sunflower seed

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In order to have strong bones and improve height, the diet must be full of nutrients. Unbalanced eating will make children malnourished or obese, which will also adversely affect the child’s ability to increase height. Make sure to give your baby the best menu for brain and physical development from today because the chance to increase your baby’s height will level off as puberty passes.

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