Take a look at 7 great benefits of hatha yoga

What are the benefits of hatha yoga? Let’s find the answer with easyhealthylive.com in the article below.

Instead, the meaning of “hatha” is dedicated and focused when practicing. The practice of hatha yoga is very beneficial for your health and helps you to take control of your mind, spirit and body. Below, let’s share with easyhealthylive.com in detail each benefit of practicing hatha yoga.

What is Hatha yoga?

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga. In Sanskrit, hatha means strong or stubborn. However, in reality, hatha yoga doesn’t have to be done forcefully or when you’re not ready to do it.

The explanation given by industry experts is as follows: In Sanskrit, the moon is called “Ha” and the sun is “Tha” – thus forming Hatha. The energy source “shushumna” is the element that holds all together, hence the word Yoga – a variation of the root word “Yog” which means “to bind”.

Hatha yoga also implies the idea of ​​a balance between will and intellect. For each individual, as soon as the practice reaches balance and absolute control between will and mind, consciousness will be awakened. Sound confusing? Simplicity here implies the discovery of inner peace, contentment, and clarity of mind.

What are the benefits of Hatha yoga?

1. Internal force

Hatha yoga is considered a great way to improve core strength or inner strength. The core is the center of the body, including the spine, hips, and waist. Strong muscles play an important role in everyday activities, from getting out of bed, bending over to tie shoelaces to lifting things.

If you are an athlete, the health of your muscles is even more important. It affects your endurance as well as the flexibility of the body. Even worse, when something goes wrong in the muscles, this can lead to back pain or muscle injury.

In hatha yoga, there are a number of poses that help you control and improve your inner strength very effectively. For example, Boat Pose, Plank Pose, and Downward Dog Pose will target the abdominal muscles. Chair Pose and Warrior I Pose will work the glutes.

Meanwhile, the half-stand and chair pose strengthens your spine while improving its twisting ability and spine.

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Plank pose is one of the hatha yoga exercises to help strengthen internal strength

Plank pose is one of the hatha yoga exercises to help strengthen internal strength

2. Increase bone mineral density

If following a reasonable diet helps to strengthen bones, the benefit of hatha yoga is to support the treatment of bone mineral loss. Low bone mineral density or osteoporosis can cause fractures or injuries. This condition sometimes leads to osteoporosis, weak and fragile bones.

According to research, yoga can improve balance and flexibility of the body, thereby preventing falls. Meanwhile, easily falling is the main cause of osteoporosis in the elderly.

A study with the theme of rehabilitation for older adults concluded that yoga can reverse bone mineral loss. These studies are not surprising as certain hatha yoga poses such as warrior, triangle, and tree can effectively promote bone mineral density.

Such poses when performed will require the practitioner to use opposing muscle groups such as the quadriceps against the hamstrings or the glutes against the shoulder muscles. This creates a physical impact that activates the bone cells.

These cells will then begin to coalesce in your bones and gradually grow into new bone.

Tree Pose improves the body's bone mineral density

Tree Pose improves the body’s bone mineral density

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3. Healthy Heart

Certain hatha yoga poses have the potential to improve cardiovascular health, increase lung capacity, and enhance respiratory function. It also helps you feel calm and relieved.

As a result, hatha yoga will help you limit high blood pressure – the leading cause of heart problems. Besides, this type of yoga also helps to improve blood sugar circulation in the body, while minimizing inflammation.

What’s more, the benefit of hatha yoga is that it helps stretch the muscles, making them more sensitive to insulin to control blood sugar. In addition, poses that include deep breathing will help lower your blood pressure.

Mind-calming meditation is also an important part of yoga that helps to reduce stress and calm the nervous system. All of these activities can help prevent disease.

Some of the best hatha yoga poses for the heart include mountain pose, big toe pose, downward facing dog, and breathing lion pose.

Downward Dog Pose

Downward-Facing Dog Pose is a Hatha yoga movement that helps keep your heart healthy

4. Healthy, shiny skin

Here’s how hatha yoga helps keep your skin healthy and glowing.

  • Stress is responsible for the formation of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and a tired appearance. Hatha yoga exercises help you relieve stress, keep your skin taut, even look a lot younger.
  • It helps you to tone your skin because the exercise increases blood flow to the nerves under the face. The improved blood circulation will help get rid of dull and tired looking skin.
  • The practice of hatha yoga also prevents pimples and acne while the skin is in the process of detoxification.
  • It helps to tighten facial muscles and promotes blood circulation under the skin, thereby slowing down the aging process of the skin a lot.
  • Finally, hatha yoga exercises also help skin look brighter because when blood circulates under the skin, it also provides necessary nutrients to your skin.
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Hatha yoga keeps skin healthy and shiny

Hatha yoga keeps skin healthy and shiny

5. High resistance

Poor diet, lack of sleep, high stress, toxins, and certain medications can take a toll on the immune system. When your immune system is weakened, you are more susceptible to infections and diseases.

Hatha yoga helps the body of the practitioner to strengthen the immune system. This type of exercise helps strengthen the lymphatic system – the system that protects us from disease and infection.

In addition, the practice of hatha yoga reduces stress – a factor that negatively affects the immune system. At the same time, this type of exercise has the ability to keep inflammation levels under control to prevent immune system disorders.

Some suitable hatha yoga poses for you to strengthen your body’s immune system include the wide-legged bend, the banana tree, the shoulder stand, and the bow pose.

The banana tree pose helps you to increase your resistance

The banana tree pose helps you to increase your resistance

6. Lose weight

Hatha yoga exercises also help you burn calories. Thereby, you will get toned muscles and improve the flexibility of the body. According to a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, the average person can burn 3 to 6 calories in 1 minute of yoga practice. Calculated during 1 hour of class, the body can burn up to 180 calories.

At the same time, some yoga moves make you tense. This leads to the muscles being stretched. However, this is a good situation when you practice yoga. When muscles are stretched, they need energy to rebuild themselves. At that time, these muscle groups will use a lot of energy from the stored fat in your body.

A person weighing about 84kg can burn 400 calories in just 1 hour of hatha yoga, while a person around 70kg can lose up to 300 calories.

In addition, exercise promotes a clear awareness of eating habits and feelings of fullness. This can help prevent you from overeating and gaining weight.

Some of the best hatha yoga poses for weight loss are sitting forward bend, shoulder stand, warrior pose, and half moon pose.

Shoulder standing pose

Shoulder standing posture helps you lose weight effectively

7. Relax and relax your mind

Like yoga, when you focus with the exercises of hatha yoga, your mind is completely relaxed and unaffected by anything from the outside world. You become more aware of your habits of thinking or of reacting to situations, judging them as right or wrong.

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