Take a look at 7 extremely effective yoga exercises to increase concentration

Practicing yoga exercises to increase concentration regularly is the perfect solution to help you improve your work productivity, thereby easily succeeding in work and life.

Are you often distracted at work? Do you keep working on a job that doesn’t finish even if it’s just a simple job? If your answer is “yes” to the above questions, you most likely have a problem with concentration. Are you looking for a solution to this problem?

easyhealthylive.com tells you to come to yoga. Just do the following 7 yoga movements of LEEP, your concentration will definitely improve significantly.

How does yoga increase concentration?

Yoga is an ancient discipline that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Many studies have recognized that yoga brings many benefits to human health, both physical and mental. When you practice regularly, yoga calms the mind and senses.

When your mind is still, your ability to focus increases. Simply put, yoga helps to eliminate thoughts and pressures in life to bring a state of serenity to the soul. Practicing yoga is a great way to get rid of chaotic thoughts and achieve intense focus.

7 simple yoga poses to improve concentration very effectively

Here are some simple concentration-boosting yoga poses that can help you increase your productivity and efficiency quickly.

1. Tree Pose

Tree pose is a basic yoga pose, suitable for beginners. This pose stretches the entire body, calms the nervous system, and increases stamina. In particular, this is a great pose to improve stability and balance. The best time to practice tree pose is in the morning, when you have not eaten anything.

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  • Stand up straight, hands down on the body
  • Slowly place your left foot on your right inner thigh, paying attention to balance.
  • Raise your hands above your head and clasp them together
  • Look straight at a point, keep your back straight, relax your body
  • Gently bring your hands down, drop your left foot down
  • Return to the original position and switch sides

Note: The foot should be placed above or below the knee joint when performing the exercise to avoid putting pressure on the knee. If you have high blood pressure, you should not raise your arms for too long, instead you can clasp your hands in front of your chest.

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2. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is a basic yoga pose that strengthens the legs and improves the strength of the body. Not only that, it also helps the spine become more flexible and tones the gluteal muscles.

Yoga increases concentration 7

The implementation

  • Stand up straight, feet a few centimeters apart, arms down to the side of the body
  • Taking a deep breath, slowly raise your arms above your head and clasp your fingers together.
  • Lift your heels slightly and stand on your toes
  • Shift your weight onto your toes, straightening your shoulders, arms, and chest.
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds and return to the original position

Note: If you suffer from insomnia, headaches or low blood pressure, don’t try this yoga pose.

3. Dancer Pose

Practicing the dancer pose regularly is a great way to improve concentration. For best results, do this pose early in the morning on an empty stomach. This is an intermediate level yoga pose, so it’s best to do it under the guidance of a teacher.

The dancer pose is very beneficial in improving blood circulation and increasing endurance. This is a great pose to release stress and anxiety. In addition, it also helps increase body flexibility, strengthens ankles, chest, thighs, promotes metabolism, improves digestion and controls weight.

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  • Standing in the mountain pose
  • Inhale deeply, bend the left leg, so that the foot touches the buttocks. All body weight is on the right leg. Use your left hand to hold your left foot
  • Arms should be brought forward, parallel to the floor.
  • Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds and then switch sides

Note: Avoid doing this yoga pose if you have low blood pressure.

4. Eagle Pose

This is a basic level yoga pose that should be done in the morning and should be held for at least 30 to 40 seconds.

Eagle Pose balances the body and strengthens the calf muscles. In addition, it also helps to correct posture and make the body more agile. In particular, this pose also helps to calm the mind and prevent asthma.

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  • Stand up straight, gently bend your right knee, and wrap your left leg around your right leg so that your legs overlap. The tip of the left foot touches the right heel
  • Raise your arm overhead, wrap your right hand around your left hand so that your elbows overlap and bend at a 90 degree angle
  • Hold your balance for 30-40 seconds. Knees should be kept straight, not to the left or right
  • Breathe deeply and slowly, gently releasing and switching sides.
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Note: Pregnant women, people with knee, ankle or elbow injuries should avoid performing this pose.

5. Sitting forward bend posture

This is a basic yoga pose, helping to increase concentration extremely effectively. Sitting forward bends help relieve stress, calm the mind, energize the body, and activate the spinal nerves. If you suffer from digestive problems, this pose can help by stimulating the gallbladder and intestines.

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  • Sit up straight, legs straight forward, toes relaxed and hands down by the body.
  • Inhale, raise your arms above your head, stretch your arms
  • Exhale, bend forward, chin trying to touch legs, stretch arms as far as possible
  • Hold the position for 1 minute and then return to the starting position.

Note: If you are pregnant, have back pain, diarrhea or asthma, avoid doing this pose.

6. Camel Pose

Camel pose has been shown to be very good at improving concentration. In addition, this pose also helps to stimulate endocrine glands, activate nerves and reduce discomfort during “red lights”.

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  • Sit on your heels, hands on hips. Knees shoulder width apart, instep touching the floor
  • Inhale, bend your back, stretch your abs
  • Grab your leg with your hand and keep it straight
  • Neck facing up, not tilted left or right
  • Hold the pose for 30 to 40 seconds.

Note: If you have blood pressure problems, practice this pose under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. If you have a neck or back injury, avoid doing it.

7. Crow Pose

Crow pose is a difficult pose for beginners, so you should only practice it under the guidance of a yoga teacher. This pose works to eliminate anxiety and stress by improving body-mind coordination.

This is a very effective yoga pose for increasing mental strength. In addition, the crow pose also helps to increase the strength of the forearms, toning the abdominal muscles.

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  • Start the pose with a mountain pose. 2 feet close together. Slowly bend over, place your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart.
  • Slowly raise your hips up, raising your heels so that your feet are hip-width apart, knees wider than shoulders.
  • Looking forward, gently lift your feet off the floor. Shift your body weight onto your arms. Slowly straighten your arms.
  • Hold the pose for about 1 minute. Then slowly lower your legs and stand up.

Note: People with wrist problems, pregnant women should avoid doing this pose.

Above are 7 effective yoga poses to increase focus that you should practice every day to improve work performance. However, among these 7 poses there are still difficult poses.

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Therefore, it is best for you to practice under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher from easyhealthylive.com to ensure safety and quickly achieve results. Let’s download this smart exercise app!

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