Simple Home Remedies for Anxiety Disorders without Medication

Changing to a healthy lifestyle, practicing yoga, staying away from stimulants, and actively seeking help are some of the ways to treat anxiety disorders at home that you can apply. The path to treating anxiety is not easy, but as long as the patient perseveres and aims for a brighter future, eliminating the condition will no longer be difficult. Nevertheless, patients should still consult with doctors and therapists for the best support.

Simple non-medical ways to treat anxiety at home

There are many causes of anxiety disorders for a person. Initially, it may just be normal worries, but not finding a way to relieve them can make anxiety gradually accumulate, enveloping the patient’s entire life. Those with this condition often feel restless and constantly feel like danger is about to strike. Daily activities such as drinking and resting may also be difficult to perfect.

Anxiety disorder is a psychological illness that cannot be self-healed without treatment. The two main methods currently applied are medication and psychological counseling. In addition, patients need to combine with home treatment and care to speed up the treatment process and prevent the risk of other dangerous complications. Refer to the following simple but effective ways to treat anxiety disorders at home that have been summarized:

Actively share personal issues

One of the reasons why many people have mental health problems is because they always hide their own problems. Sharing, talking is the need of everyone, everyone wants to have someone who accepts and listens to their joys and sorrows. When tensions, stress, and sadness are not shared, they will gradually accumulate, causing the mind to lean towards negative things and cause anxiety disorders.

Psychological experts always encourage patients to actively speak, actively share their thoughts and emotions with those around them. Because only when the patient accepts to speak out, the spirit can be comfortable, relaxed, and treatment can bring many good results. If the patient still conceals their condition, even if they take many types of medication and meet many doctors, they still cannot make good progress.

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To be better, you should seek out people with positive personalities, people who can listen and give you useful advice. That person can be a friend, an older sibling, or even a parent – someone who is always by your side no matter what difficulties you encounter. Choosing to receive psychological counseling to treat anxiety disorders at home via phone is also a suitable suggestion if you do not feel confident enough to meet face to face.

Treating anxiety disorders at home through meditation

Many studies have shown the benefits of practicing meditation with people experiencing psychological problems such as anxiety disorders. This method can help you relax your mind, lean towards positive things, learn to control your breath, control your emotions, and find balance in life. Practicing meditation for a period of time will help you reduce anxiety, excessive agitation when faced with stressful events.

anxiety disorder at home

Meditation brings a lot of benefits to the mind of people with anxiety disorders

Meditation is indeed a home remedy for anxiety that you should practice regularly, as doctors and mental health experts often recommend patients to incorporate this technique into their daily routine. Especially for those who frequently suffer from insomnia, nightmares, or wake up in the middle of the night due to anxiety, meditation can significantly improve their condition. Practicing meditation for 15-30 minutes before bedtime can help you sleep more deeply and continuously.

In addition, meditation has been proven to bring many health benefits such as improving blood pressure, heart health, digestion, and boosting immunity. This is also a significant issue that many patients with anxiety disorders encounter, so it is even more essential for them to practice meditation daily to improve their condition.

A small note when treating anxiety disorders at home through meditation is that you should seek advice or guidance on how to practice from trainers to ensure correct posture and bring better results.

Learning how to control breathing to manage anxiety

Breathing therapy is also an effective method for patients with anxiety disorders. When facing stressful situations, patients often tend to breathe rapidly, shallowly, have difficulty breathing, chest tightness, trembling limbs, and unstable standing, making their anxiety even worse. If you know how to control your breathing correctly, the ability to remain calm in anxious situations will be better, and symptoms will gradually be reduced.

You can learn breathing exercises through meditation, yoga, or qigong. Basically, try to breathe deeply and exhale slowly when preparing for or facing stressful situations. When you regain your composure and emotions do not change, the fear seems to disappear. This is truly a home remedy for anxiety that you should consider.

Herbal tea to improve anxiety symptoms

Drinking a cup of herbal tea every morning can make your day more enjoyable, and drinking it before going to bed can regulate the nervous system to help you sleep better. When feeling agitated, anxious, or overly scared, you can also drink a cup of tea to quickly regain your composure. Using herbal tea to treat anxiety disorders at home is effective and does not cause any side effects like medication.

anxiety disorder at home

Drinking herbal tea can help you regain your composure

Anxiety disorder is a common mental health issue that affects many people. There are several ways to manage and treat anxiety disorder at home. One of them is through mindfulness meditation, which involves focusing on the present moment and being aware of one’s thoughts and emotions without judgment. This technique can help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Another way to manage anxiety disorder at home is by using herbal teas. Some types of herbal teas such as chamomile, green tea, peppermint, and passionflower are known to have calming effects on the mind and body. They can also help boost the immune system and alleviate digestive issues such as acid reflux and bloating. However, it is not advisable to drink green tea in the evening as it may cause insomnia.

Treating anxiety disorders at home through sports training

Regular exercise is another effective way to manage anxiety disorder at home. Exercise not only helps to boost physical health but also promotes mental well-being. It stimulates the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which can help improve mood and reduce anxiety levels. A daily exercise routine of at least 30 minutes, such as jogging or playing team sports like badminton or basketball, can help manage anxiety symptoms.

Lastly, it is important to learn how to look at problems from different perspectives. People with anxiety disorder tend to have a negative outlook on life, which can worsen their symptoms. By learning to change negative thought patterns and look at things more positively, individuals can improve their mental health and reduce the likelihood of a relapse.

Even when you are busy, feeling down or tired, it’s important to take at least 30 minutes every day to go for a run or do some exercise. When your mind is cluttered and your spirits are low, physical activity can help clear your mind and give you a more positive outlook. You can also choose team sports like badminton or basketball to increase your interaction with others.

Learning to approach problems from multiple perspectives

Learning to view problems from multiple perspectives is also crucial for people with anxiety disorders, as they tend to have a negative bias in their thoughts and behaviors. Changing to a positive mindset is necessary, as if they cannot adjust their own thoughts and perceptions, the treatment may not work effectively, and they may experience a relapse later.

anxiety disorder at home

Learning to look at problems more positively will help improve anxiety symptoms quickly

Learning how to evaluate problems from multiple perspectives and seeing positive aspects of issues is not an easy task for those suffering from anxiety disorders. There are certainly times when they try to look at issues differently but are unable to do so, which only adds to their exhaustion and suffering.

However, if the patient remains stagnant and refuses to change, it is difficult to completely eliminate the disease. Some methods to learn how to think more positively that you can refer to include:

  • Slowing down your thinking, taking deep breaths before speaking or engaging in any behavior. Deep breathing will help you calm down and make more rational decisions.
  • Encouraging yourself to believe in yourself, to love your own emotions.
  • Looking at problems from different angles and always acting in the most positive direction.
  • Starting to set goals in life, starting with small goals that you can reach, and then moving on to bigger goals. If you set goals too high from the beginning, not achieving them will make you feel more disappointed and bored. Therefore, set yourself achievable goals before moving on to more ambitious ones.
  • Recording encouraging words, motivating you to keep trying and moving forward.

Treating anxiety disorders at home through a proper diet

A healthy diet plays an extremely important role in improving symptoms of anxiety disorders. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet, and increasing intake of essential vitamins and minerals, can not only improve physical health but also nourish the brain for better cognitive function. Mental fatigue and exhaustion due to lack of nutrients can increase the risk or exacerbate symptoms of anxiety disorders, so it’s important to pay attention to this aspect.

Some dietary tips that can help alleviate anxiety disorders at home include:

  • Increasing intake of Lysine, which can inhibit stress-related receptors and regulate cortisol levels to reduce stress. Foods high in lysine include lentils, kidney beans, beef, and more.
  • Supplementing with whole grains and nuts, such as oatmeal and almonds.
  • Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables daily to supplement necessary vitamins.
  • Using anti-inflammatory foods like mint, garlic, and ginger can also be very beneficial for those with anxiety disorders.
  • Prioritizing low-fat or plant-based milk over regular milk.
  • Limiting consumption of high-fat, spicy, or fast foods.
  • Some people tend to eat sweets when stressed or anxious, but it’s important not to overdo it.
  • Limiting strong tea, coffee, alcohol, or other stimulants.
  • Using aromatherapy to relax, such as using essential oils in a diffuser or scented candles.

Using fragrance to relax the mind

Aromatherapy, such as using scented candles or essential oil diffusers, can also provide numerous benefits for those with anxiety disorders. The scent can help relax and calm the mind, stimulate the release of sleep hormones, and soothe the mind for a more peaceful state.

anxiety disorder at home

Lemongrass essential oil will help you relax and release the spirit

Several fragrances can effectively help you treat anxiety disorders at home, such as lemongrass essential oil, chamomile essential oil, and lavender scent. You can also use essential oils mixed with bathwater for daily relaxation throughout your body.

Understand that you are not alone

People with anxiety disorders often feel extremely lonely, worrying that if they open up to someone, that person may ridicule them. However, believe that you are not alone. Try taking deep breaths and calming down, and your mind will reveal someone who is always ready to be by your side, listen, and help you with any problem.

Who could that be? It could be your close friends, siblings, your significant other, or even someone who has secretly loved you for a long time. Or it could be your parents. Parents may nag and may not fully understand what anxiety disorder is, but if you speak up, they are undoubtedly the first people to be by your side and help you to the fullest.

There are over 7 billion people in this universe, and among them, there is surely someone for you, so you are not alone. Each person has their own way of sharing, caring for you, and just one glance back, you can understand how much this person cares and loves you. So be proactive, share more instead of holding onto your pain alone.

If you are not confident in sharing with your loved ones, you can also seek anonymous help from support groups. A timely encouragement can completely help you get through this difficult period without fear of being recognized. So challenge yourself to take at least one step forward!

Consult with experts when necessary

Many people wonder whether anxiety disorders can be self-healed, and the answer is almost always no. For mild cases, if patients apply the above measures early and actively seek help, symptoms can gradually decrease. But if patients do nothing and leave this condition untreated, the disease is unlikely to heal itself and will only worsen.

The measures to treat anxiety disorders at home can only support to a certain extent, the most important thing is the patient’s own efforts. If the patient cannot understand their condition, they cannot eliminate the disease completely. Therefore, it is essential to see a psychiatrist or a mental health professional.

Most patients are prescribed medication along with psychotherapy. For mild cases, patients may only need psychological counseling without medication. Meeting with a doctor is necessary to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

Above are some simple measures to treat anxiety disorders at home without medication that you can refer to. Each person can start by making changes towards a healthier lifestyle, aiming for more positive things, and practicing daily relaxation to eliminate negative aspects of life.

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