Simple eye yoga exercises to improve eyesight

Practicing eye yoga is a simple method to protect and promote eye health. Only 3 minutes a day, you will have healthy bright eyes and avoid the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts, dry eyes …

Are you having eye problems? Do you rub your eyes often? Modern life with the development of digital devices has made people spend more and more time “gluing” their eyes to computer screens, phones, televisions… to work, study and entertain.

The longer the screen time, the more stress the eye muscles experience, which leads to eye strain, eye pain and other eye diseases. However, from today, you can say goodbye to these problems if you take the time to spend 3 minutes to practice the yoga exercises for the eyes below of

Yoga for the eyes: What do you need to prepare?

Before doing yoga exercises for the eyes, you need:

  • Step 1: Use cold water to splash water in your eyes
  • Second step: Sit in a good posture and keep your spine straight

Yoga exercises for healthy eyes

Did you know that nearly 35% of the world’s population is nearsighted and farsighted? Ophthalmologists recommend that you use glasses for treatment. Besides this method, you can also try the following yoga eye exercises to improve eyesight:

Relax your eyes with the palm of your hand

The palm eye relaxation method was invented by Tibetan yogis. This movement has the effect of soothing the optic nerve that is stimulated by overwork, and at the same time relieves stress very effectively.


  • Sit up straight and close your eyes. Relax your muscles and let your body relax
  • Rub your palms for about 10-15 seconds to warm them up.
  • Place your palm over your eyes so that your eyes are in the center of your palm, and your fingertips are on your forehead
  • Maintain this position until the warmth from your hands is completely absorbed.
  • Breathe deeply and relax
  • Lower your arms while keeping your eyes closed.
  • Repeat 3 times.


Blinking is a yoga exercise for the eyes

When trying to strain the eyes to see a distant object, the eyes will have to work a lot. This leads to eye fatigue. Blinking exercises will help retain moisture and increase blood circulation in the eyes. At the same time, it helps to soothe the body and help sleep better.

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  • Sit in a meditation position, eyes open
  • Blink quickly about 10 times
  • Close your eyes for about 20 seconds and focus on your breath
  • Then try to open your eyes as wide as you can
  • Repeat this movement 5 times.

Note: Breathe normally when blinking, breathe deeply when eyes are closed

Stretch the eye muscles in 4 directions

Movement 1

Stretching the eye muscles to 4 sides is a yoga exercise for the eyes

  • Sit back and relax, spread your arms out to the sides parallel to the ground
  • Grasp the palm lightly, the thumb is raised up to the sky, the head is kept straight
  • Glance at the right thumb then slowly move to the left thumb
  • Repeat 10 times and then close your eyes and relax for 30 seconds

Movement 2

Stretch the eye muscles to 4 sides, movement 2

  • Just like the movement to the side, just change the position of the thumb. Instead of spreading your arms to the sides, raise your arms staggered in front of you, hands above your bottom.
  • Keep the head straight, eyes on the upper thumb and the lower thumb
  • Repeat the movement 10 times and then close your eyes and relax for 30 seconds.

Turn your eyes

Turn your eyes

  • Action 1: Place a finger parallel to the bridge of the nose, focus your eyes towards the finger, bring the finger slowly to the right, eyes follow and then switch sides.
  • Movement 2: Move your eyes up between your eyebrows and then down to the tip of your nose. Repeat the movement and rotate the eyeball in the same and anti-clockwise direction.

To perform these 2 eye movements, you should choose a relatively dark space, sit in a meditative posture and close your eyes. Completely relax the muscles, including the eye muscles. Do this exercise for 15 minutes a day to keep your eyes healthy.

Look close – far

Look close - far

This is a very popular yoga exercise for office workers. You can do it at work when looking at the computer for too long.


  • Sit up straight or stand up straight looking out a window towards the horizon and look for 5-10 seconds.
  • Then, look towards the tip of your nose for 5-10 seconds.
  • Do this exercise 10-15 times.

Note: Inhale when you look away and exhale when you look at the tip of your nose.

Some notes when practicing yoga for eyes

If done regularly and properly, the above exercises can relax and prevent eye diseases. You should practice these exercises several times a day, usually in the early morning, at noon after work and at night before going to bed.

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During exercise, you should also build a diet when practicing yoga with foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene… to keep your eyes healthy and reduce the risk of eye diseases.

Yoga exercises for the eyes are simple, right? If you want to know more about these exercises or still do not understand how to do them correctly, take the initiative to ask the yoga teacher who is guiding you for specific answers.

My advice to you is to immediately download the smart practice app to talk to our experienced and enthusiastic yoga teachers.

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Yoga for Eyes – Easy Exercises for Good Eye Health Accessed date: 18/ March 2020

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