Signs to recognize children need calcium supplements

The following signs will help parents know when to supplement calcium for children to help them stay healthy…

Calcium is one of the important nutrients that greatly affects the development of bones and growth of children. When children lack calcium, it will lead to rickets and malnutrition, but when they have too much calcium, they also cause problems for children such as constipation, kidney stones, etc. However, many parents do not know how to supplement with calcium. How and when is the best time for your child Refer to the following signs to help parents know when to increase calcium for their children to grow tall and healthy!

Signs to recognize children need calcium supplements
Adequate calcium supplements to help children grow up smart

Supplement calcium for children depending on the age of the child

It can be easily seen with children under 6 months of age, the most noticeable sign when a child is calcium deficient is that the child is fussy and sweats a lot (especially in the head and nape area). In particular, children also have signs of hair loss in the form of anhydrous ring and may be flattened like a catfish.

With children over 6 months old, mothers can observe their children more easily, usually when children with calcium deficiency often sweat, cry at night, grow slower than normal children. The ability to develop motor skills (slowly crawling, standing, walking…) is very slow. In particular, it is more dangerous when the calcium deficiency is prolonged, the baby may have bow legs, scoliosis …

Signs to recognize children need calcium supplements
Supplement calcium for children depending on the age of the child

However, there are a number of other signs in children when children need calcium supplements that parents must pay attention to: children appear red or purple in the face, body stiffness, shortness of breath, vomiting … In severe cases, children often show signs of breathing and a sharp increase in heart rate, which can lead to heart failure.

How much calcium is enough?

When supplementing calcium for children, neither too much nor too little is the best. Parents should base on each child’s age that supplement the most reasonable way for the child to be tall and healthy.

In addition, for the best effect in height development, you can also use supplements to help increase height faster.

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