Should you drink milk when hungry? – Expert advice

Milk is a delicious and nutritious drink that is often present in the menu of every family. They contain high levels of nutrients necessary for the human body. There are many opinions for and against Should you drink milk when hungry? or not? Let’s go with Ocany to find the answer to the above question from the perspective of a nutritionist.

Should you drink milk when hungry?  - Expert advice

Should you drink milk when hungry? – Expert advice

Should you drink milk on an empty stomach?

According to experts, milk is a nutritious drink with high levels of vitamins and minerals, but at the same time, they also contain a number of active ingredients that are not beneficial to health, which easily make the body tired and calm the mind. So, the wrong habit of drinking milk can cause lack of energy and drowsiness.

When hungry, the stomach contracts harder, so milk will be easily pushed into the intestine because it has not been fully digested, leading to digestive disorders. In particular, for people with lactose intolerance, drinking milk on an empty stomach will cause symptoms such as diarrhea and flatulence because of the production of lactase.

To avoid these symptoms, experts recommend supplementing milk with foods such as bread, dumplings, etc. to keep milk in the digestive tract longer to help improve the absorption and metabolism of nutrients. in milk.

However, if you don’t have a reaction to the lactose in milk, it shouldn’t be a problem to drink milk on an empty stomach. It also helps you make full use of the nutrients provided to your body.

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Effects of drinking milk on an empty stomach

Job Should you drink milk when hungry? or not depends on the location and lactose tolerance of each person. Although milk is considered an abundant source of nutrients for the body, if you drink milk in the wrong way, it still affects health, such as:

Should you drink milk on an empty stomach?  The answer is no for 4 reasons

Should you drink milk on an empty stomach? The answer is no for 4 reasons

  • Low energy, sleepy: Drinking milk on an empty stomach will make you feel sleepy and tired because gastric juice will quickly excrete calcium into the intestines and push them out.
  • Digestive disorders: When hungry, the stomach will secrete more acid when it encounters casein in milk, which will cause precipitation and lead to digestive disorders.
  • Virtual fullness: Drinking a lot of milk will create a false feeling of fullness in the stomach, making you not want to eat more food, or eat less.
  • Abdominal pain: In cases of lactose intolerance, drinking milk on an empty stomach will cause diarrhea and bloating.
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In short, Should you drink milk if you are hungry? or not? Milk is a nutritious and healthy drink that you can consume every day. However, you need to avoid drinking milk when hungry and use them in the right way, at the right time to ensure health.

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What is the wrong way to drink milk?

While it is a great source of nutrients for health, you need to supplement milk in the right way to ensure maximum benefits and avoid their side effects. Many people are still unknowingly making mistakes when drinking milk, causing bad effects on health. Such as:

Drink milk with medicine

According to experts, the protein and calcium in milk when combined with metal ions in the drug will affect the effect of the drug, even causing the release of toxins.

Drinking milk with the drug will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment

Drinking milk with the drug will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment

The milk that covers the medicine creates a thin film, so the minerals in the milk will react chemically with the drug, forming substances that are insoluble in water. This reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of the drug. Therefore, you should not drink milk before or after taking the medicine for about 1 hour.

Drink milk with orange or fruit juice

Beside Should you drink milk when hungry?Many people still maintain the habit of drinking milk with oranges. This is not supported by experts, because the protein in cow’s milk when combined with the acids in orange can lead to a precipitation reaction, causing an imbalance in the intestinal microflora. As a result, the drinker will experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, allergies, etc.

If you want to enjoy milk in fruit, choose sweet fruits such as bananas, apples, papayas, pears, etc. instead of sour ones.

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Hot milk with added sugar

This is quite unknown, but you should not add sugar to milk, especially hot milk. Because this combination easily leads to a reaction between lysine and fructose in milk, creating toxins that are not good for the body. The best way is to separate the sugar from milk and eat it one hour before or after drinking milk.

Adding sugar to hot milk can create toxic substances for the body

Adding sugar to hot milk can create toxic substances for the body

Use milk after eating seafood

Same with the question Should you drink milk when hungry? or not? Drinking milk right after eating seafood is not recommended. Because milk is a sweet drink, while seafood has a fishy smell, after eating seafood and drinking milk, it can cause nausea and loss of appetite, worse, you can have digestive and digestive disorders. run.

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In addition, these two foods contain a lot of calcium, if taken together, will interfere with absorption, leading to the formation of kidney stones.

Eat chocolate right after drinking milk

Many people have a hobby of eating a chocolate bar after drinking milk, to balance the taste. However, milk is high in protein and calcium, while chocolate is rich in oxalic acid. When these substances combine, they form insoluble calcium oxalate, which interferes with the body’s absorption of calcium, causing diarrhea, slow growth, and dry hair. So you should not eat chocolate immediately after drinking milk.

Boil milk

A cup of warm milk will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, but to prevent the milk from losing nutrients, you should not boil it before use. High temperature will cause protein in milk to change state and reduce nutritional value. If you want to use warm milk, you should only heat it to 60-80 degrees Celsius to ensure that the nutrients in the milk are not lost.

Drinking warm milk is a hobby of many people on cold days

Drinking warm milk is a hobby of many people on cold days

Drink milk instead of water

Milk contains many healthy nutrients, helps supplement calcium, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of cerebrovascular diseases, etc. However, too much milk will put pressure on the excretory system because it has to increase excrete calcium through the urine, leading to calcium loss. So do not drink milk instead of filtered water every day.

3 golden times to drink healthy milk

If the job Should you drink milk when hungry? is not recommended, so when is the best time to drink milk for the body, ensuring that the nutritional content is absorbed effectively. According to nutrition experts, there are 3 certain times when you should not skip milk.

After breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, the energy of breakfast can determine your work efficiency and mood that day. Therefore, experts often advise you not to skip breakfast.

Drinking a cup of milk after breakfast is an effective way to complete the meal, replenishing energy and nutrients for a more productive day.

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At dinner

A snack is considered a snack, you can eat some cookies, cereals with a glass of milk to replenish energy for the evening without making you feel tired and sleepy. Especially at this time, the body will absorb nutrients effectively, balance the amount of starch and protein.

Milk and cereals for an energetic snack

Milk and cereals for an energetic snack

Before go to bed

According to experts, a cup of warm milk before going to bed will help you fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply. From there, it helps to improve metabolism and promote health, without experiencing hunger pangs while sleeping. The recommended time to drink milk at night is 2 hours before bed.

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Hope this article has helped you answer the question Should you drink milk when hungry? Are not? Milk contains many nutrients and provides energy efficiently. However, you should know how to use them and the best time to supplement them to avoid unwanted side effects.

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