Should autistic people get married?

Should autistic people get married is always a question asked by many parents whose children are suffering from this syndrome. With limited language, behavior, cognition and social skills, can the patient get married and build a home of his own?

Should Autistic People Get Married?
Should autistic people get married is always a question asked by many patients.


Brief information about autism

Autism is an early mental development disorder that often begins in children, especially between the ages of 3 and 10, and symptoms of autism can persist into adulthood. Children with this syndrome often tend to withdraw, isolating themselves from everyone around. Moreover, children will have deficits in social skills, poor language skills, combined with repetitive and stereotyped behaviors. These symptoms seriously affect the health and psychology of children, and it also greatly hinders the children’s social relationships in the future.

According to experts, most cases of autism have cognitive difficulties, but each person’s autism will have different effects and effects. Some cases of autism will face many obstacles in the learning process, some mental health problems or be impaired, weak in some social communication skills, etc. This is also the same. This means that each case of autism requires a unique set of interventions and supports. Families and society need to join hands in providing spiritual and material support so that children with autism can quickly recover their health and better integrate into life.

According to current statistics, the rate of children with autism is increasing and common in many countries. In the UK, up to 700,000 people have autism each year, accounting for 1 in 100 people. Accordingly, scientists say that each country, each culture, religion and society has the ability to face the risk of autism. In addition, in the results of the study also found that men will be 5 times more likely to have autism than women.

Usually, the manifestations of autism will develop early in children between 2 and 3 years old and will be diagnosed as early as 18 months with typical symptoms such as:

  • Poor language skills, impaired social communication quality.
  • Reduced social interaction
  • Tendency to repeat abnormal, stereotypical behaviors.
  • Children will slow down in cognitive and intellectual development. Accompanying this may be manifestations of sensory disturbances, mental disorders.

Until now, scientists still do not have any exact and specific information about the cause of the onset of autism. However, according to research, this syndrome is related and a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Certain genetic changes can put a child at increased risk of autism. At the same time, if during pregnancy, the pregnant mother suffers from mental diseases, having pregnancy complications will also increase the likelihood of autism in many young children.

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Should autistic people get married?

Due to the typical manifestations of autism, many parents also wonder, “Should autistic people get married?”. According to experts, there are many children and adults with autism, but they have the ability to cope well with the characteristics and characteristics of this syndrome. Many cases are able to live in harmony with the community, find a stable job, maintain good relationships and take personal responsibility, and can start a family of their own.

In this regard, Dr. Lam Hieu Minh, Department of Mental Health – Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation also once shared: “Autistic people still develop normally in terms of reproduction and birth. sex. However, they are affected by emotional interaction and communication, so when they grow up, it is often difficult to find a lover. In fact, there are people who find “objects” but the rate of getting married is very low.”

In fact, if early signs of autism are detected and intervention and education measures are taken at an early age, it will help children recover well the necessary skills, and improve significantly in cognition and behavior. language, communication and social behavior. As shared, there are many cases of autism but still adapting well to life, can express it normally.

Should Autistic People Get Married?
Before deciding to start a family, people with autism should visit a doctor for specific examination and advice.

However, the results of many studies are also concerned about genetic and environmental factors that can trigger and increase the risk of autism syndrome. Genetically, there are several genes that increase the odds of autism in children. However, until now it has not been possible to find out which genes or combinations of genes are likely to affect autism. This is also considered as one of the major risks for people with autism to get married and intend to have children.

Therefore, if a person with autism wants to get married, it is necessary to first conduct a direct examination and consultation with a specialist, a psychiatrist to assess the risk. You should learn and choose reputable facilities and hospitals to be clearly analyzed by experienced doctors on the pros and cons, carefully considered before making a decision to get married or have a baby. child.

The information of the above article has helped readers answer the question “Should people with autism get married?”. To ensure safety and have an accurate conclusion for each case, you should directly see a specialist for a specific examination and advice, thereby making a more suitable decision for yourself.

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