Sayings that men always want to hear from their wives when talking

Like women, men still long to hear words from their partners. The article has compiled the sayings men always want to hear from their wives so that women always know how to keep the marriage fire.

Sayings that men always want to hear from their wives when talking

Men always wish to hear from their wives sweet and caring words

Sayings that men always want to hear from their wives

In any relationship, communication also plays an important role. Skillful and subtle communication will help you make a good impression on the other person, and at the same time help build a stronger and closer relationship.

In married life, both of them not only need love but also need a lot of things to build a true happy home. In addition to caring actions, you should also give your partner sweet words. Just like women, men always want to hear words of love and understanding from their other half.

Words of encouragement and consolation at the right time will help both of them become more understanding and love each other. Many people believe that love will be felt through the act of caring. However, sometimes a man still wishes to have sweet words from his partner. Lack of ingenuity in communication is sometimes the reason why the couple separates or, more seriously, creates conditions for a third person to enter the relationship of two people.

Here are the sayings men always want to hear from your wife should refer to “warm up” married life:

“I know”

In fact, the sayings men always want to hear from their wives are not overly romantic ones, but just simple sentences like “I understand”. In married life, both will face many difficulties and pressures. Instead of making the atmosphere tense with words of reproach, listen to your partner and show understanding through words.

In addition to love, understanding is essential to building a happy marriage. When he shares the difficulties in life, a simple “I understand” from you will give the other person the motivation to try to overcome. Sometimes you don’t need to say or explain too much, a short sentence accompanied by a handshake is enough for the other person to feel the sincerity and love.

“You will do it”

“You can do it” is one of the sayings men always want to hear from their wives. Men often want to create a career to take care of their wives and children and their families. He can share with you his intentions, future plans and wishes to receive support from you.

Instead of saying negative words, give the other person motivation with words of encouragement. In addition, these words will also help your husband feel your trust in him. Before your skillful handling, the other person will always feel comfortable sharing his intentions at work and you will always be the first person he thinks of when having success or facing failure. .

Women often have a worry-free personality, so many people draw negative scenarios when their husbands share their future plans. However, this inadvertently makes him uncomfortable sharing his work problems with you. Gradually, the scope of the conversation between husband and wife revolved only around children and family.

If you feel that your husband’s project or plan has a lot of problems, choose your words so he can think more clearly. Don’t forget to say encouraging words to let your partner know that you will always be there to support and trust.

“You are a wonderful man”

Like women, men also want to be complimented by their partner. Women sometimes just want to be said by the other side, but forget that men also have the same needs. You should compliment your husband when he has a change in outfit, hairstyle, physique, etc. to let the other party know that, in your eyes, he is always attractive.

In addition, you should also be kind when he helps you with some household chores or actively cooks. Compliments are also a way for you to acknowledge your partner’s efforts and let your partner know that you are very satisfied with this marriage.

Sayings that men always want to hear from their wives when talking

Complimenting your partner when he has a good expression will help the two’s feelings become more passionate

Winged compliments will help the two’s feelings become more passionate. Meanwhile, without compliments, he won’t know what in himself makes you feel good. For example, when you praise him for his good cooking, your partner will try to maintain that habit so that you always feel happy.

“I love you”

When they were still dating, the two often gave each other loving words to express their longing and affection. However, many couples no longer say these things when entering married life. Partly because the marriage has many problems to face, the two forget to give sweet words. Partly because some people think that words like “I love you”, “I miss you” are sometimes no longer appropriate.

However, sayings of love are always the words men want to hear from their wives. Although he can feel love from sacrifices and caring actions, when he hears sweet words, he will feel happy to have you by his side.

Sayings that men always want to hear from their wives when talking

Even after entering married life, you should still say love to your partner

Words of love will help keep the two’s feelings close. The nostalgia and love expressed in words will make the other person always remember the family and be more brave when facing the pitfalls in life.

Without sweet words, married life can become boring. At this time, he can be moved when he hears words of love from another figure. So, don’t hesitate to say you love your husband so that your partner can always feel your love.

“I’m sorry”

In arguments, most men will take the initiative to apologize and make peace. However, women should also change their behavior so that both of them are more harmonious and the other side also feels the effort from you. “I’m sorry” is one of the words men always want to hear from their wives.

Women are often stubborn and obstinate, so sometimes they don’t admit their fault even though they know it’s their fault. Women often try to keep the tension at bay until the other side gives in. However, marriage requires efforts from both sides. Just by saying “I’m sorry”, he will feel goodwill from you and know that you always think about their feelings.

“Are you feeling tired?”

After a stressful day at work, his comfort may just be a caring statement from you. Knowing that both of you face stress from work, however, you should ask your husband instead of blaming and criticizing.

Many women have a habit of complaining when he seems sluggish when he comes home. However, you have absolutely no idea what he was up against during a stressful day at work. More than anyone else, family is a solid fulcrum and a place that brings peace. So, show concern instead of blaming the other person.

With just one sentence “Are you tired?”, the other party will feel comforted and always feel peace when returning home. Many people mistakenly believe that marriage is built from big things without realizing that care from the little things is what connects two people in a lasting marriage.

“Your parents are amazing”

Conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a problem that no one wants to encounter when entering married life. Therefore, you should try to harmonize so that the family atmosphere is always warm. In addition to your compliments for him, your husband also wants to hear your compliments for his family.

The harmony between the wife and the family makes the husband feel comfortable, not having to worry about the conflicts between the mother and the wife. He will feel lucky to have found a wife who is skillful, delicate in the way he treats people.

“Without you, everything is messed up”

Words that show his importance like “Without you, everything is messed up” is also a statement that men always want to hear from their wives. Men always want to be a solid support for their wives and children. Therefore, he always wants to accompany his wife to solve problems from small to big.

Sayings that show the importance of the other person will help the husband feel his role in the family. His wife’s recognition will make him feel valued and more aware of his responsibility.

Sayings that men always want to hear from their wives when talking

Men always want to hear sayings that show how important he is in his married life

In fact, women who are too independent, do not need the support of their husbands, can hardly keep the passion in marriage. Because your husband will always feel like he doesn’t have any role in your life. So don’t forget to show his importance with sweet words.

“What do you think I should do?”

To build a long-term marriage needs a lot of factors, in which sharing is required. Once you’re married, you can still make important decisions on your own. However, it will be better if you share your concerns and problems with him.

When you have a problem, instead of facing it alone, share it with your partner and ask for his opinion. With just a simple sentence “In your opinion, what should I do?”, the other party will feel the respect you have for them, and at the same time know that you always hold an important position for you.

His advice may not be the optimal solution. However, you should show goodwill when he listens and gives advice. If he’s a great husband, he’ll know how to respect your decision.

Moreover, through sharing and consulting with your husband, you will also make him a habit of sharing with your wife the problems faced in life. Sharing will bring two people together, helping them both learn to trust and understand each other. In the long run, both will always think of each other first when facing difficulties, failures or when having achievements and joys in life.

“My parents/friends love you very much”

My parents/friends love you very much is one of the sayings men want to hear from their wives. In addition to the recognition of your partner, a man also wants to receive affection from your parents and friends. So don’t hesitate to tell your husband that friends and family love him very much.

The common psychology of people when being praised is a feeling of happiness and joy. Therefore, do not hesitate to compliment him even when he is married. These compliments will encourage him to continue to develop his strengths and work on improving his weaknesses.

Above are the sayings men always want to hear from their wives when talking. When you understand the psychology of the other person, you will know how to warm up your feelings and increase the closeness of the two with sweet words. No matter how long you’ve been married, don’t forget to send your partner good words to keep the marriage happy and passionate.

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