The 18-year-old girl confidently conquers her dreams after successfully treating depression

The age of 18 is a beautiful youth, looking forward with enthusiasm and passion. But for Lan Anh, grade 12 was a time when she had to face depression. After the storm, now, I have become an active first-year architecture student.

However, the story of an 18-year-old girl confidently conquering her dreams and being herself after successful treatment for depression is still a great source of motivation for precarious young people.

18 years old with “low notes” surrounded in life

Before coming to NHC Vietnam, Lan Anh was in grade 12 – the time to rush to complete her final exams and university entrance exams. But I can’t focus on knowledge, can’t interact with teachers, can’t communicate with friends, get lost in my own family, don’t see the meaning of life. Just like that, Lan Anh became more and more immersed in negative emotions, confined herself to deadlocked thoughts, her studies also stagnated terribly, and especially lost connection with her family and the world. around.

The little student lost her way and did not know what the meaning of life was. (Photos taken by customers with permission to use).

Although I tried to overcome it myself, gradually the problem was out of control when I no longer knew what to believe in life. The 18th birthday was supposed to be a “hinging” to walk freely and experience life, but I thought that I would donate organs, without parental consent, and end my life at there.

According to psychotherapist Bui Thi Hai Yen – Director of NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center, every problem from psychology always has a root cause. Regarding the formation of each person’s thinking system, family is the foundation, school is complementary and society is complementary. Adolescents have their own opinions, need to assert themselves, and desire to be respected. However, their psychology is still heavily influenced by all three of these environments.

In terms of family, children’s first need is to be loved, cared for, guided, accompanied and taught. But there are young people who have been hurt since childhood. Unknowingly or intentionally when parents are so busy with life and work that they forget that their child is a blank page in need of nourishment. Parents’ distractions cause children to grow up on their own and build up their IQs to overcome difficulties too soon, leading to confusion. And somewhere there are experiences and events in which you get caught up in negative emotions, thoughts, limiting beliefs and bad habits that don’t fit with the human being.

Besides the family, the school also contributes to the belief and thinking system of the child. If both sides educate and impart different information, the child will fall into an inner conflict. When children go to school, it is also the time when the weight of expectations from family and teachers is placed on their shoulders, so they inadvertently form more confusion and fear. In addition, friendship relationships cannot avoid conflicts, broken connections, due to different lifestyles and ideologies in each family. Moreover, living in a flat world, information is too multi-dimensional and rich, so even though there are positive aspects, if they can’t handle it in time, it still confuses them more.

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The situation of Lan Anh and many other young people is the result of the accumulation of negative experiences during growing up. But the darkest place always has a door waiting for you! Perhaps, the choice to continue living, although hidden deep, still silently emits “signals” to help Lan Anh realize the seriousness of the problem. And I decided to share it with my father – who is willing to listen and empathize with my confidants.

3 months journey with a lot of efforts to surpass myself

After listening to his daughter’s story and realizing that he did not have enough skills and expertise to help his son quickly get out of the problem, Lan Anh’s father was very wise and decided to seek experts. Wishing that her daughter could be treated for depression without drugs, after many efforts to find out, in January 2021, the father and daughter chose NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center with the companion of a psychotherapist. whether Bui Thi Hai Yen. And in March of the same year, I completed the course of therapy at NHC Vietnam, confidently taking the next step in my life journey.

A therapeutic course designed specifically for Lan Anh performed by non-drug psychotherapy with many advantages such as:

  • Psychotherapy methods do not need to use drugs, do not interfere with the body, have no side effects, do not leave complications later.
  • Heal the mind through face-to-face speech therapy sessions, intensive therapy procedures at the Center and daily therapy procedures performed by expert instructors at home.
  • The therapeutic route is designed based on the root cause of depression, resolves depression completely, restores health naturally, effective is clearly committed.
  • Provide customers with mental health care, methods and skills to overcome difficulties in life, minimizing recurrence.
  • Connect and bond, be more in harmony with important relationships, especially family members.
  • Helping customers have a more positive perspective, thinking and belief about themselves and life.

According to NHC Vietnam’s drug-free treatment for depression with the above advantages, Lan Anh began to heal by observing and understanding her own needs and problems through the counseling questions of Experts.

When I realized that my garden of mind was full of garbage, Master Coach Bui Thi Hai Yen helped me find a solution to “pick up trash”. By finding peace, loving yourself and knowing how to balance emotions when there are difficult and unsatisfactory situations that make you turn on negative emotions, Lan Anh’s mind garden has been “cleaned”, “green” again.

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A stronger mind is when I also know how to love the people around me properly, transforming my own inappropriate beliefs that are installed deep in my mind into positive beliefs and thoughts. And finally, it is to wake up your dreams and desires to really live a purposeful, meaningful life. You are the best version of yourself.

During the healing process, Lan Anh was taught how to share to reconnect with her family. And with a lot of my own efforts, I see myself progressing quite quickly. Because after only a few sessions, I was able to talk to my relatives, more stable in studying. Accompanying Lan Anh in the administrative process beyond himself is not only NHC Vietnam but also wholehearted support from family members.

Lan Anh has a wonderful father who is ready and devoted to his children. During the time of picking up the child during the healing days, while waiting for the child, Lan Anh’s father also often chats with experts and participates in group therapy programs with him, so he learns knowledge about mind, body, mind, Learn the healing process. Since then, not only Lan Anh but also her father’s problems have been healed. Besides love, now my father has more knowledge and skills to communicate positively with other members of the family.

Psychologist Bui Thi Hai Yen also said: “When we solve the problem, the loved one is also healed something, the connection in the family is more positive. The family environment is the foundation for every human being. So, in the long run, people with sensitive psychological and emotional states will have great and eternal support because no one has followed their children for as long and devotedly as their parents.”.

Caring and loving yourself is the key to opening closed doors

A tailor-made treatment has healed her body, mind and mind. Recalling the early days when she and her father went to NHC Vietnam, Lan Anh was shy, lacking in confidence, and didn’t even dare to look directly at the person she was talking to. After 3 months of accompanying Master Coach Bui Thi Hai Yen, positive changes appear more and more in words and actions with family, friends and people around.

Finding life purpose and long-term future goals is because I believe in myself. (Photos taken by customers with permission to use).

I share that: “Until today, at the end of therapy, what I like most is that I respect my feelings. During the crisis period, most of the time I live without emotions, do not allow me to be sad, I am happy. After the healing sessions at NHC Vietnam, those joys and sorrows gradually returned. I respect and know how to manage them, not only for myself but also I also understand that everyone is like that, everyone has positive and negative moments. The important thing is that we don’t let ourselves be dragged into the feelings of others. My interactions with everyone in the family have changed positively, there are no more disagreements because Lan Anh understands that each person will have their own views and thoughts and I respect everyone’s views. Since then, the surrounding relationships have also become better.

To this day, I am still getting better and understand that the negative and the positive will always coexist in our lives. If I have a negative problem, I just need to find a solution and a way to solve it. And rest assured that there is always someone beside you to listen, as long as you accept them. Those are friends, family, NHC Vietnam – Master Coach Hai Yen. The problem always comes from yourself, the first person to see is also yourself. The best way to solve it is to find a way to express it to people around.”.

Even better, in the rush of the last days of 12th grade, I have chosen a goal that matches my passion – architecture. Although this is a decision that has changed 180 degrees from the previous path I was on.

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The power of the mind makes the body naturally healthy. I used to go to NHC Vietnam with a natural long black hair and a big problem of scalp allergies. I used to go to the hospital often. When I went to class, I was very sleepy, but when I got home, I couldn’t sleep and kept having nightmares. However, now Lan Anh confidently bleaches / dyes her hair without having to use western medicine and topical drugs like in the past. My life becomes lighter, sleep better and deeper. The beautiful flower vases arranged by me also often appear in the family nest.

“Now, I choose to care more about myself, love myself more.” (Photos taken by customers with permission to use).

Certainly, regardless of age, there is pressure and anxiety to hold us back in fragile and fragile emotions. Let’s confidently overcome as Lan Anh’s message: “Hopefully those who are having trouble with their negativity will trust themselves more, not give up on themselves. Because there is always a way to solve problems.”.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a similar situation and needs help, immediately contact a Psychologist for timely support. For more information about the depression treatment program at NHC Vietnam, readers, please contact.

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