Review of the best sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin 2021

Using sunscreen is the most basic step to protect your skin from the effects of the natural environment. But do you know your skin well? Do you know which product line is suitable for your skin? Today, this article will tell you how to choose a sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin. Let’s find out together!

Do you know what is acne prone skin?

Oily skin is the cause of enlarged pores
Oily skin is the cause of enlarged pores.

Oily skin is actually dehydrated skin. Therefore, the skin must secrete oil to balance moisture. However, the amount of oil secreted through the pores is too much, making the skin surface shiny, dull or feeling rough and thicker.

Another feature of oily skin is large pores, which causes women a lot of trouble. Because the pores are large, it is difficult to apply makeup, and it is easy to catch dust, if not thoroughly washed, it will leave dirt and clog pores – a cause of acne. Therefore, oily skin is the most prone to acne

Oily acne skin - skin type that is difficult to take care of
Oily, acne-prone skin is a very difficult skin type to take care of.

As mentioned above, oily skin is the most prone to acne. The sebum secreted from the pores, encountering dirt accumulation will create an ideal environment for acne spots to reside on your skin.

The main cause of acne is due to hormonal changes in the body, in addition, there can be causes such as genetics, allergies to drug ingredients, cosmetic allergies, or staying up late, stress, etc. … So you need to choose a sunscreen for oily skin to take care of your skin in the best way.

What sunscreen should I use for acne-prone skin?

The nature of oily skin has a layer of greasy oil on the skin, so if you apply a thick layer of cream on the skin, it will feel greasy and sticky quite uncomfortable. Therefore, if you have oily skin, you should choose sunscreen products that are labeled “No Sebum” (non-greasy) or “Oil Free” (oil-free) on the label.

In addition, you can choose water, gel or spray products to avoid clogging the skin.

Oily acne skin is said to be difficult and difficult to care for. You need to minimize the inflammation of the acne spots and the blockage of pores, to avoid more serious acne.

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Therefore, you should choose to buy creams that are labeled “Non Comedogenic”, and should also stay away from creams that contain derivatives, fragrances, alcohol, oxybenzone and alcohol. PABA (chemical sunscreen)

In addition, do not use liquid, glossy or gel creams, but instead choose creams with a light texture and without oil. Physical sunscreen (contains Zinc oxide and titanium oxide) is a good choice for acne-prone skin and easily clogged pores.

Suggest some sunscreens for acne-prone skin

Understanding the “suffering” of acne-prone oily skin girls, many lines of creams “overcome” this worry were born. However, in front of too many products, you wonder which cream is suitable for your current skin, this article will suggest you.

1. Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream for oily skin

Sunscreen from the land of kimchi - Innisfree
Sunscreen from the land of kimchi – Innisfree.

Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream is highly appreciated by users for its quality and safety for the skin. In addition to the basic ingredients to help prevent UV rays, the cream also has extracts of purslane and centella asiatica to help provide adequate nutrients to make your skin soft and smooth without being greasy. This cream is suitable for sensitive oily skin


  • It is a line of sunscreen with good oil control, can be used every day.
  • The cream is milky, milky in color, quickly absorbed into the skin, so you can use it as a foundation when applying makeup.
  • The cream has oil-control properties, helping your skin not become greasy, in addition, it does not contain ingredients that cause skin irritation such as alcohol or parabens…


  • Some users report that Innisfree cream causes dry skin.

2. Neutrogena Clear Face Cream SPF 55

Neutrogena Clear Face Cream SPF55
Neutrogena Clear Face Cream SPF55

As a long-standing American cosmetic brand, Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 55 is suitable for people with acne and oily skin.


  • Although it is a chemical sunscreen, the ingredients in the cream when combined do not irritate the skin and cause acne. In addition, the product is free of colorants and fragrances.
  • Broad spectrum SPF 55 protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Waterproof up to 80 minutes.
  • The cream is thin, light, easily absorbed quickly into the skin, does not cause white streaks on the skin, and controls oil very well.


  • Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going out in the sun
  • Can make your skin dry

3. Sunscreen for oily skin Oribe SPF 50+, PA++++

No need to be too cumbersome and complicated in skin care steps, Oribe sunscreen Being born will help you shorten your time and focus on other jobs. Here are some of the plus points that make Oribe “beat” a series of other products on the market:

  • The cream contains new generation sunscreen active ingredients Suncat MTA (with dual micro-coating, against UVA and UVB rays) this is the perfect combination of organic physical sunscreen suitable for oily skin. . Oribe cream helps your skin not to catch the sun, does not cause dryness, does not cause irritation and gives you a soft, comfortable feeling.
  • With the SPF 50+ and PA++++ indexes for face and body skin, you can be assured of even more sun protection and also provide the ingredients in moisturizer for oily skin helps skin become white, anti-aging, reduces pigmentation and fades dark spots.
  • Oribe’s products have a thin, fast-absorbing cream with high coverage, leaving no trace of cream when applied.
  • And yet, understanding the essential needs of women, the price of Oribe products is very reasonable. This helps most women to access and use the product without worrying about “out of pocket”.
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Thus, choosing the right sunscreen for your skin is one of them The best ways to take care of oily skin. Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin or a “difficult” skin type such as oily acne-prone skin, there are products that understand and best meet your needs, Oribe is one of them.

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