Revealing yoga moves to help sublimation

Yoga not only helps strengthen muscles, improve health, but also “awakens” the emotions of the body, thereby increasing pleasure in sex life.

A 2009 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that yoga can help improve libido, stimulate orgasm, and enhance pleasure. If practiced properly, these movements help increase blood circulation to the pelvic area, increase muscle strength, and improve concentration. has collected some good yoga poses for sex, please follow along through the sharing below. Do you feel shy when it comes to “sex”? But in reality, sex is a very enjoyable thing, it can bring you softness, sensuality, playfulness and deep connection.

Yoga is a great method to help you sublimate in sex. In addition to helping increase flexibility, confidence, it also helps increase desire for sex. If you are having trouble with love, don’t hesitate to try the following yoga moves:

1. Cat-cow pose

The cat-cow pose not only gives more flexibility to the spine, but it also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which play a key role in achieving orgasm. Practicing this position regularly will help you achieve orgasm during sex and have more intense experiences.

Not only that, this position also helps to reduce stress and create emotional balance, which is very important in a couple’s life.


  • Make a pose 4 like a table, looking forward
  • Inhale, lower your head, arch your back as far as you can toward the ceiling, squeeze your hips
  • Exhale, push your butt up, back down as far as possible, head up high towards the ceiling
  • Repeat the pose about 5-6 times.

cat-cow pose

2. Happy Child Pose

The Happy Child Pose is a very sensual pose that opens up the hip muscles and feels a strong connection in this sensitive area. Not only that, this pose also helps to improve flexibility and calm the nerves, stretch the inner thighs, help you feel comfortable and relax to create a feeling of excitement.


  • Lie on your back on an exercise mat, with your knees bent toward your chest.
  • Grab your feet with both hands and pull your knees closer to your chest
  • Keep your shins perpendicular to the floor.

happy baby pose

3. Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose has the effect of toning the thigh muscles, expanding the hips and promoting the flexibility of this muscle area during sex. Not only that, practicing this yoga movement regularly also helps to increase blood circulation to the cervical area, making this area more sensitive and you will easily sublimate when “in love”.

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  • To do this, stand on one leg, and wrap the other foot around the pivot leg. Raise your arms in front of you and parallel to the floor.
  • Hands crossed, right hand over left hand, crossed near the biceps, then elbows up so that the elbow to hand is perpendicular to the floor.
  • Twist your arms, back together. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then return to the starting position.

eagle pose

4. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is considered the most effective yoga posture to enhance sex. The bridge pose helps stretch the pelvic floor muscles, making the muscles in this area stronger to be ready for “hot” love. In addition, the bridge pose also reduces the feeling of fatigue, stimulates the adrenal glands to create explosive energy to sublimate in “love”.


  • Lie on your back on the floor, bend your knees, and spread your legs hip-width apart for support.
  • 2 hands on the floor, use 2 hands to hold the ankles.
  • Inhale and push your hips up until your thighs are parallel to the floor and form a bridge
  • Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Bridge pose

5. Downward-facing dog pose

Downward-facing dog pose has the effect of calming the mind, invigorating the body to improve sex life. During the procedure, the spine will be stretched, which improves blood circulation and reduces stress on the whole body.


  • Stand on all fours, so that your whole body forms the shape of a table
  • Inhale, lift hips, straighten arms and legs to form an inverted V
  • Hands shoulder-width apart, feet hip-width apart. The whole foot touches the floor
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds, then return to the starting position.

Downward-facing dog pose

6. Goddess Pose

Goddess pose helps to increase desire, arouse strength from deep within the body. Not only that, this move also helps to open up the whole soul, expand the chest and thighs, increase the strength of the whole body to create confidence and stimulate excitement when “in battle”.


  • To do this, stand up straight, extend your legs, bend your knees and lower your thighs.
  • Spread your arms out to the sides, shoulder height or you can put your hands on the pillow.

goddess pose

7. Baby Pose

Baby Pose relaxes the entire body and mind, helping to remove stress and fatigue so that you can only think of “that person”. Besides, when you practice regularly, you also know how to enjoy more deeply and free your body with the room experience.

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  • Starting in a kneeling position, sit on your heels and bend forward.
  • Extend your arms out in front of you along the floor, breathing deeply.

Baby Pose

8. Lotus Pose

In Indian culture, the lotus pose can help destroy disease and awaken the energy at the bottom of the spine. In particular, this position also helps create a space to stretch the sexual strings in the body. Not only that, this position also increases blood flow to the genital area, thereby increasing the sensitivity of this organ.


  • Sit with your back straight, bend your knees, and extend your legs.
  • Then bring the soles of your feet together and hold this position.

Lotus pose

Above are the yoga poses that help improve your sex life that LEEP wants to share with you. Be patient and practice regularly, surely your sex life will be much more sublimated. If you still have questions or don’t quite understand how to practice, don’t hesitate to download and connect with our professional yoga teachers.

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10 Yoga Poses That Increase Your Sex Drive and Why Access date: 9/4/2020

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