Revealing basic and advanced sitting yoga poses

Yoga is a discipline that includes many types with many different types of exercises and postures, in which sitting postures are the most popular with many movements from basic to advanced. Practitioners can choose for themselves the most suitable posture depending on their level and ability.

Looking for yoga poses to add to your daily workout list? will present you with a list of yoga poses from basic to advanced. In all of these poses, you can feel free to use yoga tools for support.

Easy sitting posture – Sukhasana

Sitting yoga exercises: Easy sitting posture - Sukhasana

As the name suggests, the way to perform this sitting posture is also extremely simple with the goal of giving you the most comfortable sitting position. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can put a folded blanket underneath to raise the hips.

Thunder Pose – Vajrasana

Sitting yoga exercises: Thunder pose - Vajrasana

This is a basic kneeling position with the buttocks resting on the heels. If you feel uncomfortable doing an easy sitting position, you can switch to this pose instead.

Staff Pose – Dandasana

Sitting Yoga Exercises: Staff Pose - Dandasana

Staff pose is a seated yoga pose that is similar to mountain pose. While mountain pose is the foundation for many standing poses, staff pose is the starting point for many sitting postures.

Paschimottanasana – Sitting Forward Bend Pose

Sitting Yoga Exercises: Sitting Forward Bend Pose - Paschimottanasana

There are many ways to do this pose. However, either way, try to keep your back straight as you bend forward.

Compass pose

Sitting yoga exercises: Compass pose

When doing compass pose, you don’t need to create a super wide angle with your feet. In addition, when exercising, you may also feel tension in the thighs.

Baddha Konasana – Fixed Angle Pose

Sitting yoga exercises: Fixed angle pose - Baddha Konasana

You can do the fixed angle forward bend if your groin is flexible enough.

Ardha Matsyendrasana – Twisted Variation

Sitting Yoga Exercises: Twisted Variation - Ardha Matsyendrasana

The twisting variation is a twisting of the spine in a sitting position. When performing, it is important that you keep your front leg and sitting bones grounded with the floor for support.

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Cow Face Pose – Gomukhasana

Gomukhasana - Cow Face Pose

The cow face pose is very beneficial for the shoulders and arms, which we rarely use. Don’t be surprised to find out that it’s easier to do this pose with the left hand than with the right or vice versa. This is a very common situation as most of us are one-sided.

Ardha Padmasana – Semi-Lotus Pose

Ardha Padmasana - Semi-Lotus Pose

The semi-lotus pose is a great preparation for the full lotus pose. Because the full lotus position can cause discomfort in the knees, most yogis prefer to choose this position for practice and meditation.

Hero Pose – Virasana

Hero Pose - Virasana

Hero pose is also a good meditation pose. Some people share that it is much easier to keep the spine straight for a long time in this position than in cross-legged sitting positions. If you find it difficult to do, you can sit on a yoga block or a folded blanket. This is also considered a very useful move to stretch the quadriceps.

Boat Pose – Navasana

Boat Pose - Navasana

If you find it difficult to keep your body in a V shape with your legs straight in boat pose, bend your knees and keep your shins parallel to the floor. This will help you keep your spine straight and lift your thighs.

Janu Sirsasana – Janu Sirsasana

Janu Sirsasana - Janu Sirsasana

As you bend forward in a knee-to-knee position, try to adjust your torso to rest on the extended leg instead of the space between the legs.

Head and knee stretch

Head and knee stretch pose

Most yoga practitioners try to grab the big toe in a head-and-knee stretch. However, if this causes your chest to point downward, bend your elbows and hold the back of your head.

Pigeon – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Dove - Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

If your butt is off the floor, place a folded blanket under your hips to lift your body before bending forward. People with scoliosis and shoulder curvature can also practice this pose.

Log of wood – Agnistambhasana

Log of wood - Agnistambhasana

This is a simple cross-legged pose with the legs stacked on top of each other. Practicing this pose every day will reduce stress, triggering the rest response to keep the mind and body in top shape.

Heron Pose – Krounchasana

Heron - Krounchasana

Heron pose stretches the hamstrings and stimulates the heart and internal organs. In this position, you will bend your left knee and place your foot near your left hip, while your right leg will be raised straight up toward the ceiling or at an angle with the mat.

Marichi pose – Marichyasna I

Marichi - Marichyasna I

Marichi Pose 1 can help stretch the muscles of the arms, legs, hips to have a supple and firm body. In this position, if your hands can’t grasp each other when bending forward, then stay upright.

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Lotus Pose – Padmasana

Lotus - Padmasana

The lotus is often considered the quintessential yoga pose, but for beginners, this is a difficult pose and needs to be slowly getting used to. If you like, you can do semi-lotus pose instead.

Compass pose – Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

Compass - Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

If you are someone who can put your feet behind your head easily, then the compass pose will suit you very well. If not, there are plenty of other hamstring stretches you can try.

Split Legs – Hanumanasana

If you don’t have great hamstrings, do a split with two or three yoga blocks for support. Place one block under each hand and perhaps slide one under the front thigh for support. Take the pose slowly to avoid stressing the body.

Above are some popular sitting yoga poses that you can try depending on your body condition and preferences. If you cannot choose the right posture, you can consult your yoga teacher for the most specific instructions.

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