Revealing 3 “secrets” of Vishnu sleeping position (Anantasana) in yoga

Although the name may sound strange, if you have ever looked at the image of the Vishnu sleeping position, you will find this move very familiar in many series of hip opening exercises.

Vishnu sleeping position has the Sanskrit name Anantasana which means “no end” or “the infinite one”. Ananta is the name of the thousand-headed snake on which the god Vishnu rested. According to many documents, this pose was discovered in the temple of Trivandrum in South India.

Overall, the Vishnu sleeping position is an enhanced balance pose that can bring a lot of benefits to the body. This exercise is also an indispensable “piece” for many yoga sequences because it will force you to keep the stability of the body and mind in a tilted position. In addition, it will also help you stretch your hamstrings and inner thighs. In the early sessions, you can use a yoga rope to support the practice.

Benefits of Vishnu . sleeping position

One of the biggest benefits of the Vishnu sleeping position in yoga is that it improves balance and helps stretch the hamstrings, inner thighs, and calves. These are all important factors to help you easily conquer difficult yoga poses.

Besides, in yoga, if foot and hand balance movements are quite popular, keeping the balance position when the body is lying on one side in the Vishnu sleeping position will give you a completely different experience. distinctive.

In particular, these benefits are not only limited to yoga but also in daily activities. Specifically, when the body’s ability to keep balance improves, you will avoid falls, cramps, and tight calves – a common condition for runners.

Instructions for performing Vishnu sleeping movements in yoga

Vishnu sleeping position

The benefits of Vishnu sleeping movements are not limited to yoga but also in daily activities

To do this pose, do:

  • Lie on your back on the mat. Exhale and turn to the left
  • Lift your head, stretch your left hand behind your head. Bend left elbow, raise left forearm, use left hand to support head. Hold the pose for a few seconds with deep breathing.
  • Try to keep your body straight from elbow to heel. Don’t tiptoe forward or backward.
  • Bend right knee, grab right toe with thumb, index finger and middle finger
  • Straighten your right leg and right arm toward the ceiling, perpendicular to the floor
  • Balance your body in a lying position for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Switch to the right, then relax your body.
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Variations of Vishnu . Sleep Movement

Vishnu sleeping position

Variations of Vishnu . sleeping position

This is an intermediate yoga pose, so don’t be too surprised because it looks easy but when done is far from what you think. If you are new to yoga, you can try some simpler variations until your body is ready to conquer this pose:

  • To make it easier to do, with hands supporting your head, you can straighten your arms on the mat, then press your cheek to your arm.
  • If it’s hard to straighten your right leg, you can keep it bent. Or a simpler way to keep balance is to use a yoga rope. You can loop the rope over your right foot, hold the rope with your right hand, and straighten your leg.
  • In addition, you can also prop your feet against the wall to make it easier to balance when performing.
  • If you have mastered the Vishnu sleeping position, you can increase the difficulty of the movement by instead of straightening your legs up to the ceiling, you can bring your knees towards your ears while maintaining balance in the lying position. lean.

As mentioned above, the Vishnu sleeping pose is a difficult yoga pose. If you have pain in your neck, shoulders or back, avoid doing it and consult your doctor. During the exercise, if you feel pain, you should also stop the exercise. Ideally, you should practice with a professional yoga teacher for guidance on correct practice techniques to avoid injury.

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