Reveal the benefits and how to do the half moon pose

If you wish to have strong legs, then don’t hesitate to add the yoga movement with a wonderful name – the half-moon pose – to your daily routine.

Half Moon or Ardha Chandrasana is a standing yoga pose that is very helpful in training the body’s ability to keep balance. This pose is classified as medium difficulty, so make sure you understand some yoga fundamentals before doing it. Most of the time, this pose will be done in a series of movements from triangle pose, half moon pose, and downward facing dog.

Unexpected benefits of Ardha Chandrasana

The half moon pose strengthens the ankles and thighs, and helps stretch the hamstrings. In addition, this pose also improves balance and strengthens the core area of ​​the body. For runners, the half-moon pose is extremely helpful for dealing with hamstring problems. Not only that, this posture also brings a lot of benefits to life and activities, especially when you are older.

  • Strengthen the lower body: Strengthens legs, glutes, hamstrings and increases muscle mobility.
  • Sciatica pain relief: The half moon pose helps soothe irritation and reduce inflammation in the sciatic nerve. This is considered a very useful supportive treatment method.
  • Improve your balancelimiting the risk of falling, helping the spirit to be agile and easily harmonize with the surrounding environment.
  • Relaxing brain: Practicing the half-moon pose regularly will help the mind to stay relaxed, peaceful, optimistic and full of inspiration in any difficult situation.
  • Reduce menstrual problemsrelieve menstrual pain
  • Good for digestionimprove the function of the body’s vital organs.

How to do the half moon pose

Half moon poseHalf moon pose is a yoga move of medium difficulty

Because the half-moon movement possesses a certain difficulty, it is best to practice only under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher:

  • Start in Trikonasana (trikonasana) with right leg forward about 30cm. Bend right knee slightly and place left hand on left hip.
  • Bring your right hand to the floor in front of your right toe so that your right hand is in line with your shoulder. To place your hands in the correct position, place your hand forward and 12-15cm away from your right foot. Place your hands so that only your fingertips touch the floor.
  • Straighten your right leg, and at the same time lift your left leg off the floor. Keep your left leg as straight as possible and parallel to the floor.
  • Rotate the left foot so that the toes point to the left
  • Once you feel balanced on your right leg, reach your left arm toward the ceiling, open your chest and form a line with your right arm and perpendicular to the floor.
  • Turn your head so that your gaze is directed towards the tip of your left finger that is raised
  • Balance for about five breaths before dropping your left foot to the floor and switching sides.
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Some common mistakes

Half moon poseUse supportive yoga bricks to make the half-moon movement more effective.

Avoid letting your chest rotate toward the floor. The most common cause of this condition is trying to touch the floor with your hands. Placing a yoga block under your right hand can provide support to make this pose more effective.

Some variations of the half moon pose

If you find it difficult to balance on one leg, take the pose near the wall and let your left foot touch the wall as you raise your left leg. This is also a way to train your left leg to be parallel to the floor.

You can lower the height of the yoga block slowly until the tip of your middle finger touches the floor. You can also bring your right hand a few inches off the floor.

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How to Do Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) in Yoga Accessed: 11/17/2020

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