Regular yoga practice anti-aging

Many studies have proven yoga to be very effective against aging. Practicing yoga regularly, you will no longer need the “genuine” tonics and still be able to keep the youthfulness of your body.

Aging is one of the eternal worries of most women. It is this worry that has made many people choose to practice yoga to improve their health, maintain shape, reduce stress and maintain a youthful and active appearance.

Are you intending to practice yoga to reverse aging but still do not believe in this method? How does yoga have anti-aging effects? Let’s see the following sharing with to find the answer.

Yoga helps the body produce more anti-aging hormones

Yoga comes in many different forms and poses, but the best anti-aging yoga pose is meditation. A recent study by the American Academy of Anti-Aging revealed that meditation greatly influences the production of three important hormones that are associated with longevity, health, and stress: cortisol, DHEA, and DHEA. melatonin.

DHEA is an anti-aging hormone. Over time, the production of this hormone will decline. However, if you practice yoga and meditation regularly, the body will release more of this hormone, and the hormone cortisol, which causes stress, will be reduced.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps improve sleep quality. When the body produces more melatonin, the body is healthier during the day and sleeps better at night!

Yoga helps the body become softer and more flexible

One of the most obvious benefits that you can notice when practicing yoga is that the body becomes more flexible and supple. Over time, increasing age, the body also begins to stiffen, which easily leads to pain, injury, fatigue.

According to research, half of the pain in the muscles, bones, joints in the elderly is due to sedentary. If you practice yoga regularly, all of these can be avoided because yoga poses will help the body move, stretch the spine, thereby, the muscles and joints will become more flexible and supple.

anti-aging yoga

Yoga fights aging by making the body softer and more flexible

Yoga fights aging by maintaining muscle health

Through the aging process, muscles will gradually degrade and become less toned naturally. But if you regularly practice yoga with the right postures, you will be able to resist the process. Practicing yoga has been shown to stop muscle deterioration and bring back youthfulness to the body.

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A study called NAMASTE conducted with two groups of people: the first group exercised regularly for a year and the other group meditated at least twice a week for more than a year, found that those who meditated lower protein breakdown rate, resulting in better muscle health.

Yoga fights aging by keeping the mind in a relaxed state

Stress and pressure are inevitable in life. Without knowing how to release or cope, these stressors will lead to physical problems such as headaches, upset stomach, increased blood pressure, chest pain and trouble sleeping.

If left untreated, this condition can lead to serious health problems and even death. Practicing yoga will help you learn how to relax your body when faced with many pressures and challenges, thereby, your mind will become lighter and freer.

Yoga fights aging by getting ready to face the past

One of the most iconic benefits of yoga is that it prepares you to face and let go of the past. In life, there will be many times when past problems interfere with the present life and rob future opportunities.

When you put your mind to the practice of yoga, you will not be distracted with the problems that have happened but can completely focus on the present life. Once you are no longer worrying or worrying about the past, you will find your soul becomes more relaxed and relaxed.

Regulate sebum, limit acne

For women with oily skin, acne will become worse in the summer. Practicing yoga to treat acne by cooling with breath control techniques – Cooling Pranayamas – is the right choice.

Two other popular techniques are Sheetali and Sheetkari. It is effective in cooling the body as well as keeping the pores and skin bright. Similarly, practice and practice the Jalneti ritual every day. This is an ancient yoga technique that promotes the purification of the body and emotions.

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Above are some of the miraculous powers of yoga in anti-aging. If you are interested in this benefit of yoga and want to try it, don’t hesitate to invite a private yoga teacher to guide you properly.

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