Read the psychology of men breaking up while still in love

The mentality of a man who breaks up while still in love will be completely different from that of a man who is not in love. They tend to torment themselves, always looking for opportunities to hold on to their ex. However, when things do not go as expected, men are still more decisive in giving up than women.

Men's psychology breaks up while still in love

The psychology of men breaking up when they are still in love is often complicated

Signs that a man has broken up but is still in love

Breakup is two words that signal the end of a romantic relationship. Facing a breakup, both men and women will have to go through certain psychological effects.

There are many reasons why two people who once loved each other cannot continue to be together. For some people, breaking up doesn’t mean stopping loving, just as failure is just a delay that makes success late.

Many people believe that men when faced with a breakup are often strong and decisive because their nature is like that. However, this is not true for all. In fact, there are many guys who, despite breaking up, still have too much love for their ex.

Here are some signs to help you identify a man who has broken up but is still in love:

1. Find enough reasons to meet your ex-girlfriend

A man who breaks up while still in love will always feel nostalgic for his ex-girlfriend. This is why they want to find ways to see their ex, even if it’s only for a few short minutes.

He may use an excuse to return things to forget about his ex or simply find a way to meet up just to say sorry. The feeling of nostalgia will prompt him to make excuses to see his ex-girlfriend for a moment.

2. Actively communicate with the ex

When a man breaks up because he doesn’t love him, he will be decisive enough to leave and never actively contact his ex. They even deleted all contact and avoided meeting because they thought the two were no longer related to each other.

However, with a man who broke up while still in love, it was a different story. He will often actively try to get in touch with her again. Love and nostalgia urge him to put aside his pride to contact his ex, regardless of whether she reciprocates or not.

Signs that a man broke up is still in love
Men who break up and still love them often ignore their self-esteem to actively contact their ex

3. Being in places where ex-girlfriends often go

A guy who loves deeply will always care about the person he loves. They always know where their girl likes to go and what she likes to do. After breaking up, if he still loves him, he often goes to places that his ex often visits. The ultimate goal is still just wanting to meet or simply see her.

4. Smile and make intimate gestures

If he has the opportunity to meet up with his ex or get the green light to get back, he can often smile and make intimate gestures even though the two of you have broken up. Sometimes he can even hold her hand or hug her due to his pent-up emotions. Just meeting her would make that feeling rise again and could no longer be hidden.

5. Always bring up stories from the past

Whenever meeting or texting, the man who broke up if he is still in love will always recall the past stories when the two were still in love. He always tries to recall the happiest moments that the two of them have experienced together.

This shows that he is always wanting to correct the mistakes of the past to restore the old love. Men when deeply in love often have a strong desire to heal even though both have said goodbye.

6. Follow your ex-girlfriend on social networking sites

Men who broke up while still in love often still follow their ex-girlfriends on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, etc. They often show their interest by liking photos, commenting on photos and comments. the old person’s personal page. These actions just want to get her attention and know how her life is going.

Signs that a man broke up is still in love
If they are still in love, men after breaking up still follow their ex-girlfriends on social networking sites

7. Texting, calling ex when drunk

After breaking up, men often “borrow alcohol to relieve sorrow”. And every time the drunkenness comes, the guys immediately remember the girl they love. The feeling of nostalgia in drunkenness makes him unable to control his emotions. This leads to the unconscious act of texting or calling ex-girlfriends.

When intoxicated, men can freely say things that they would not normally dare to say when sober. After all, it’s just borrowing wine to express your heart and desire to get back with your loved one.

8. Still buy gifts for old people during the holidays

It is easy to spot a man who broke up but is still in love through his habit of buying gifts for his ex-girlfriend during the holidays. This is both a habit when they are still in love and a desire to atone for their sins and resume their old love.

Understand the psychological process of men breaking up while still in love

Don’t think that it’s only women who suffer when a relationship comes to an end. Because in fact, men themselves also have to face certain psychological effects. They also have feelings, also know sadness, pain and disappointment.

Men’s psychology after a breakup will depend on many different factors. This includes his personality, the depth of the relationship, and the affection he has for the other person.

The psychology of men breaking up when they are still in love is often very complicated. It’s a mess that revolves around feelings of sadness, regret, and despair mixed with a desire to mend and get back with an ex-girlfriend.

Especially if the breakup comes from his own mistakes, the man will always feel guilty and tormented. The psychology of men breaking up when they are still in love will often develop in the following order:

1. Sadness, despair and pain

In case men still love their ex but still have to break up for any reason, men cannot avoid feelings of pain, sadness and despair. Even many guys often think about the past and sometimes cry alone.

However, unlike women, men often do not express their true feelings outwardly. They still try to pretend to be okay, focusing on work or favorite activities to cover up the hurt inside.

When alone, feelings of sadness, depression, heartache, and loss will arise and show clearly on the face. The deeper the feelings for an ex-girlfriend, the worse the man’s feelings will be. And prolonged suffering is the inevitable psychology of men breaking up while still in love.

Men's psychology breaks up while still in love
Sadness, depression, despair is the common mentality of men who break up while still in love

2. Men who break up when still in love often blame themselves

Torment and self-blame is a common mentality of men who break up while still in love. Because they always think that breaking up is the result of mistakes they have made, they are not good enough, don’t care enough and take care of their girlfriend, making her feelings fade.

Torment is an emotion that is never pleasant for anyone. It makes the mind always in a state of suffocation until it is difficult to breathe. This not only affects mental health but also makes men’s lives encounter many obstacles.

3. Hold on and hope

Men’s psychology after breaking up when still in love often ask themselves the question “why can’t love come together?”. The constant affection and nostalgia has prompted them to find all sorts of ways to hold on and heal with their ex.

When men love intensely, they often think, when they pour their hearts out, the woman will be resentful. They always hope that the old girl will give the green light on the healing and resumption of the old love.

After a period of suffering and torment, a man will actively hold on to the relationship to be able to make up for the person he loves. This can partly ease the torment of the mistakes you have made that have caused you both to leave.

Men's psychology breaks up while still in love

The mentality of men who break up when they are still in love often find ways to mend their old love

4. The feeling of disappointment overwhelms the mind

Romance is not always what we want it to be. Men who break up and are still in love tend to find ways to hold on to their ex in the hope of healing. However, this does not always give “sweet fruit”.

In case the ex does not give them a chance to heal, the man will have to face the feeling of disappointment, even disappointment that overwhelms his mind. If they keep falling in love and can’t get out, sometimes some guys even have a mental breakdown.

However, in fact, after a period of separation, the man’s psyche has gradually stabilized. An ex’s rejection of healing can cause temporary feelings of loss, but guys can still control their emotions.

5. Learn to let go of an old relationship

After going through all kinds of emotions and trying to find all ways to hold on with the desire to heal but failed, a man will learn to let go of the relationship that is really in the past.

For men, their human nature is still very decisive, strong and rational. No matter how much they love their ex, they will still try to revive their spirit, put everything aside and focus on their career and future.

When he accepts and learns to give up, the man’s mentality after a breakup will become lighter even though he still loves his ex a lot. Feelings of sadness, negativity, despair, and depression will gradually fade into oblivion. They will soon be optimistic, happy again and stabilize their spirit, work and life.

The psychology of men breaking up while still in love is often very confusing. They experience many different emotions from sadness, pain, self-pity to despair, but in the end, they are still strong and decisive when their desire to heal fails.

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