Re-learn basic yoga class: 1 step back to 3 steps forward

Repetition is the foundation of yoga. Even though you have been practicing yoga for a while and soon went through basic yoga classes, there will come a time when you need to return to this class to discover more of your potential.

You have been practicing yoga for a while and are currently taking an advanced yoga class. You think you will continue to go to more difficult classes but never thought that you will repeat the basic yoga classes?

Should I take a basic yoga class again?

“Once you’ve learned the basic yoga poses, you don’t need to learn them again.” This is a very common thought, among both beginners and those who have practiced for a long time. However, yoga is not what you think, there will be times when you find that you need to “step back” in the basic classes to create motivation and foundation to be able to go further in this discipline.

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery. In yoga there is no win, no loss, no fast or slow. However, not everyone understands this.

In the process of training, most of us think about how to move forward, conquering difficult movements. This inadvertently makes you forget that you should prepare your body thoroughly by performing basic yoga movements and fine-tuning the poses.

The benefits of learning basic yoga again

Back to basic yoga class? This idea sounds crazy, but it’s actually more necessary than you think. Even more, this has more benefits than simply moving forward to perform advanced poses.

Practicing basic yoga moves can help refine the poses you already know

At the beginning of yoga, everyone wants to fine-tune their posture so that the movements they perform become the most perfect. However, even if you want to, not everyone can do it because at this point you are just practicing, the strength and flexibility of the body is still not enough. You have not even caught up with yoga exercises yet.

For example, when you’re just starting out, you don’t even know how to stretch your body in downward facing dog or how to balance in tree pose. This leads to very wobbly and unsightly poses.

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If you want these poses to be done perfectly by yourself, go back to a basic yoga class to hone and refine every detail.

tree pose

Rehearsing basic yoga moves can help refine the poses you already know

When you go back to basic yoga, you don’t have to be so focused on doing all the poses. Instead, you can try all the yoga poses that enhance variations of a particular pose. Practitioners can also adjust basic postures by themselves with the help of training equipment. This will help you better understand the meaning of the pose and how to do it perfectly.

Discover something new from old poses

There are many ways to approach a certain pose in yoga. When you do basic yoga for the first time, your teacher will show you the easiest way to do it. However, as an experienced yoga practitioner, you will find yourself able to do that pose in a different and exciting way.

Going back to the mindset of a beginner can help you discover a lot of new things from seemingly old and simple movements. It can be said that the journey to conquer yoga is never a stop, you will have to study for a lifetime. No matter how far your yoga level goes, when you go back to basic yoga classes, you will definitely learn new things.

Self-assess the change of yourself after the training process

In yoga, there’s a lot to learn, but it’s important to know what you’ve learned and how much you’ve learned. On the first day of yoga class, you will probably tremble when doing the downward facing dog pose. Now, after a while going back to the basic class, you have the confidence to do the pose with ease.

cobra pose 5

Self-assess your change after practice when practicing basic yoga movements

Yoga will help you improve many abilities of the body from breathing technique, endurance, flexibility, endurance… However, the effect of yoga cannot be seen immediately. When you return to the basic movements, you will be surprised by the changes of your body.

The poses that you had to ignore, failed to do in the past, they are now much more accessible. In addition, returning to a basic yoga class is also a way to challenge your mind and body. This will help the practitioner prove to himself that he/she CAN DO anything you set your mind to.

In addition to the 3 reasons above, there are thousands of other reasons and benefits when practicing basic yoga class after a period of yoga practice. If you feel bored, tired of practicing difficult movements, give your body time to calm down and relax by practicing basic movements.

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Remember that no matter what level of yoga you are at, relearning the basics of yoga can still provide valuable lessons, some of which may even surprise you.

Through the above sharing, you must have understood why you should practice basic yoga movements again, right? If you don’t have time to attend basic yoga classes, then try connecting with’s private yoga teacher so we can provide you with a perfect training route.

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3 Reasons You Should Go Back To The Yoga Basics Accessed date: 5/15/2020

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