Psychotherapy is the best way to fight Depression today

The current popular method is using medication, but psychotherapy is the best solution to combat depression today. Why? This article will help you better understand this.

Why is psychotherapy the best method to combat Depression today?

Depression has a complex process, causes and manifestations are quite diverse because depression belongs to the group of mental diseases (or mental diseases, mental illnesses), not physical diseases. The course of depression depends on many factors: major or repeated life experiences (events), living circumstances, living environment, beliefs, personal thoughts about experienced, the strength of each person’s spirit, the admission of depression…

Besides, depression can also come from a number of medical causes, especially people who are taking multiple medications every day, which can lead to unwanted drug interactions.

In a HelpGuide article on depression treatments, it says: “If there is no underlying medical cause for your depressive symptoms, psychotherapy can be a great help. Extremely effective treatment. What you learn from this therapy will give you the skills and insight to feel better and help prevent depression from coming back.”

HelpGuide is a small independent nonprofit that runs one of the world’s top 10 mental health websites that provide trusted mental health information to improve mental health and make changes. healthy exchange for more than 50 million people from all over the world to use. 100% of the content on HelpGuide’s website is ad-free.

Or in a recent article (September 13, 2021) on Depression by the World Health Organization, WHO introduced psychotherapy as an effective solution to depression. WHO also notes about the possible side effects of antidepressant use and that the drug is not an appropriate solution for children and adolescents.

In the article on “Can antidepressants cure depression?” on the prestigious mental health website Verywell Mind wrote: “If you’re wondering if antidepressants cure illness in the same way that antibiotics treat infections, the answer is no; They do not eliminate the underlying causes of depression.”

There are many studies that show that medications can reduce symptoms of the disease but do not eliminate the cause of depression due to the way antidepressants work. Antidepressants target one or more neurotransmitters that are thought to be involved in mood regulation and responsible for symptoms in people with depression. Use antidepressants to offset the amount of this neurotransmitter in the brain. However, this effect is only temporary. When an antidepressant is stopped, the brain chemistry will also return to its original state if nothing changes in the depressed person’s lifestyle.

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Meanwhile, psychotherapy methods not only solve the limitations of drugs but also bring many benefits to people with depression. With techniques, procedures, questioning questions, psychotherapists, therapists will talk to uncover the problem of the depressed person, dig deep and find the root cause of depression. in them.

Based on the cause of depression and the current condition, psychotherapists will choose methods, build a roadmap to reverse depression from the root cause, help depressed people understand why. they have such thoughts, feelings, actions, what is their depression triggers, how to maintain mental health. In the process, people with depression learn skills to cope with life’s challenges, difficulties, emotional trauma, manage relationships in a healthy way, and minimize the impact of stress. stress in life. That is, psychotherapy gives them the skills to prevent depression from coming back.

How is psychotherapy being applied around the world?

Currently, psychotherapy methods are being used in many countries around the world such as the US, UK, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand… Especially, in the US psychotherapy is a popular solution. with depression, anxiety disorders, emotional disorders, etc. are chosen by many people.

In addition, psychotherapy is also a solution to help people regain life balance, harmonize relationships, find happiness and success in life. This is also a solution that many entrepreneurs choose to relieve stress and pressure in business and come up with ideas and wise choices in business.

Psychotherapy is a common service in American life.

Psychotherapy is a common service in American life.

Psychotherapy has many different approaches. Depending on the individual’s problem and the therapist’s expertise, specialists will use a specific therapy or combine multiple therapies to create a personalized therapy that works for each person. sick. According to some studies, most psychotherapy is effective.

In addition, many organizations, therapists, and psychotherapists combine the use of psychotherapy in combination with drugs to speed up the treatment process. However, the use of drugs needs careful consideration between effectiveness and side effects, especially those who are sensitive to the drug such as children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly, the elderly. are being treated for a chronic illness.

NHC successfully applied psychotherapy to depressed people without using drugs

Although psychotherapy is still very new in Vietnam, psychologist, Master Coach Bui Thi Hai Yen and colleagues at NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center have been studying, researching and working to bring new, effective and safe therapeutic methods to Vietnam and implement methodically, scientifically and professionally on a large scale.

Nature Heath Care – Take care of your health naturally

As the brand name means, NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center is currently applying the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, intensive mind therapy methods, psychology and natural laws of nature. universe to improve the health of customers in the most natural and holistic way by finding the root cause and changing from those root values ​​and beliefs, helping customers change from the inside out , from mind to body for peace of mind to live healthy every day.

The exclusive psychotherapeutic solution of NHC Vietnam Center has helped thousands of customers heal their mental illness and regain the joy of life. The method is implemented by a team of psychologists, the top Master Coach of the American NLP Commission dedicated and professional, always putting the health and happiness of customers as the top criteria.

Currently, NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center is applying psychotherapy to thoroughly solve psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, emotional disorders, insomnia, fear of communication syndrome. social, lack of confidence, life imbalance, discord, relationship conflict without the use of any medication.

In particular, there are many customers with long-term depression who have used drugs for a long time, often have suicidal thoughts (or have done it but failed) and have regained their health, happiness and meaning in life. for myself after a single treatment at NHC Vietnam.

NHC’s Depression Therapy

– With the effectiveness achieved in the treatment of depression without drugs, the depression treatment method of NHC Vietnam was introduced at the program For Vietnamese health – VTV2 in the topic of Depression.

NHC Vietnam’s depression treatment process usually includes 4 stages: Therapy, intensive therapy, coaching and companionship. After each stage, customers will achieve certain goals as well as see a marked change in health.

  • Therapeutic phase: Find out the root cause, identify your problems, understand yourself, know how to love and cherish yourself.
  • Intensive therapy phase: Heal trauma, regain peace, and learn emotional balance.
  • Training phase: Overturning beliefs, negative thinking, installing beliefs, positive and reciprocal thinking, knowing how to love and love others properly.
  • Accompanying stage: Awaken your goals, dreams, desires and have positive energy to fulfill your dreams.

Based on the above 4 stages of depression therapy, the accompanying specialist will design a treatment course with techniques and treatment processes suitable for each client’s problem.

Besides, NHC Vietnam Center also combines exercises, sports, meditation methods, group therapy programs to improve the health of customers in the most comprehensive way in terms of physical health. physical health, mental health and social health (relationship harmony with oneself and others) according to the WHO definition of health.

During the treatment process, clients are also guided and practiced appropriate skills to cope with difficulties and challenges in life, balance emotions, identify problems and handle them quickly, learn to manage healthy relationship management, knowing how to build and develop important relationships in a sustainable way, self-healing new wounds, skills to set goals and achieve goals….

After the treatment process, the client will clearly feel the change in health, feel peace, happiness, confidence, self-control and find meaning in life, see their own value, especially especially connecting, more in harmony with the people around.

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