Psychology of heartbreak: Is the suffering of men different from women?

The psychology of men and women when they are heartbroken has many similarities. Both will experience a lot of different emotions, from pain and disappointment to disappointment and regret. However, the sadness will also pass quickly, everything gradually sinks into the past, everyone has to be strong to continue on their own path.

psychology of failure
The psychology of heartbreak often goes through many stages with different levels of emotions

The psychology of falling in love with many different emotional stages

Heartbreak is understood in the simplest terms as the state of breaking up or being rejected by the person you love. Even if you’re the first to say goodbye, sometimes it doesn’t feel good at all.

In a tense relationship with an uncertain future ahead, it’s hard for you to do anything but say goodbye to your partner. At this point you will be struggling with feelings of hurt, pain, and depression. Negative emotions will be more evident when the person saying goodbye is the other person, not you, because at this moment, you are the passive person in love.

The psychology of each person when they are heartbroken will go through many stages with different emotional levels. Consists of:

1. Don’t believe in the truth

Not daring to believe and not wanting to believe the truth is the first reaction of each person when having to hear or say goodbye. Many people have found ways to prove that love still exists. However, the result they received was only regret and the harsh truth that everything was over.

2. Wrath and suffering

In many cases, you will fall into a state of heartbreak due to the betrayal of the other party. Feeling betrayed always makes people’s minds become chaotic, crazy. Your emotions will go from not believing and not wanting to accept the truth to anger, rekindling the fire of hatred in your heart.

psychology after being lost
After being heartbroken, many people do not dare to believe in the truth, suffering and somewhat indignant

The psychology of heartbreak at this time not only stops at resentment but also very painful because my feelings for the other side are not appreciated. At this time, emotions will often be repressed in the heart, making the mind always in a state of tension and discomfort.

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3. Find a way to save the relationship

People who love each other more deeply and for a long time are not easy to give up. Psychologically when a heart is broken after experiencing feelings of anger and anger, what remains in the heart will be sadness. At this point, when the anger has gradually subsided, it is often difficult for you to accept letting the love end.

Many people, after breaking up, also tend to give up their self-esteem to save the old relationship. They find all sorts of ways to hold on, but if the other party actively wants to leave, all your efforts will only result in more suffering.

4. Enter the game of love

After falling in love, people often fall into a state of losing faith in love. Many people, both men and women, tend to look for “substitute”, they plunge into the love game like moths with the desire to soon forget the image of the old person.

Many people have the mentality that after a heartbreak, they want to quickly enter a new love to prove to the other person that they have come out of the hurt. However, if you simply want to fill the void in your heart or even take revenge on the old person and love a new person, you will accidentally hurt the person who comes later.

psychology of failure
Many people rush to follow a new love to soon forget the image of the old one

5. Calmly see everything in the past with an open eye

Every hurt will have an end, no one hurts forever a shadow and no one is forever immersed in old memories no matter how beautiful it is. Life always has so many good things waiting for us ahead. No matter how much anger, how much pain, all negative emotions will have to pass at some point.

There will come a time when you will regain your composure, see all the joys and sorrows that have passed with a clear eye and a relaxed mind. Falling in love is just a bad moment in life, when it’s over, everything is as light as a cloud. Each past love still leaves you with lessons so that on the road ahead you don’t repeat it again.

Then one day not far, your heart can beat again before a new figure, then faith in love will rise again. As long as you have faith, true love and happiness will soon smile at the threshold of your heart.

The difference between men’s and women’s psychology when falling in love

In fact, the psychology of heartbreak of both men and women has a lot in common. Even in the active or passive mood, both sexes will have more or less negative emotions. Especially couples who have been together long enough, the bond will be stronger, when they have to leave the other side, they often take longer to balance their emotions.

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However, compared to men, women will often suffer and suffer more, the feeling of fear of loneliness and emptiness seems to be always present. Women often choose to confide in their best friends, go shopping or do things they like to forget about the other person’s shadow.

On the men’s side, God gave birth to them with a strong nature, so they will more or less hurt and suffer than women. However, men do not easily confide their feelings, so negative emotions can be more repressed. Many boys have turned to alcohol and cigarettes to forget their ex-lovers and ex-lovers. Meanwhile, these are unhealthy things that affect both mental and physical health.

broken man
When they are heartbroken, men often turn to alcohol and cigarettes to calm their negative emotions

How to help you balance psychologically and emotionally when you are in love

When going through an unhappy relationship, most people experience negative emotions, this seems inevitable. What’s more important, however, is what you need to do afterwards to get your mind and emotions back to normal soon.

Do not let negative emotions last too long, because they can make both your mind and body experience many bad effects. If you are struggling to know what to do after falling into a broken state, then immediately refer to the following tips:

1. Learn to accept the truth

If you can’t accept the fact that love is over, you’ll be stuck in it forever. This will prevent you from being able to move on, but only forever stuck in an old silhouette.

If you and your partner have reached an irreparable stage, then strongly accept reality and be ready to turn to another path, a new direction. Life can not always revolve around only two words “love”. There are still many things waiting for you ahead, don’t let the broken state become a hindrance to your steps.

2. Cut off all communication

Many people after breaking up still put their self-esteem down and constantly text and call their ex in the hope of repairing the relationship. This seems to be the psychology after heartbreak of the majority of people in a passive position.

Right now you are not being generous with yourself, try to calm yourself down by cutting off all contact with your ex. Instead of contacting and waiting for the other person to respond in vain, you should focus on loving yourself more.

3. Focus on work

This is the way many men choose to balance their psychology when they are in love. Because no matter what era, for men, work and career are still especially important things. Love for men is actually just a spice in life.

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When you achieve great goals at work, your self-worth will also be multiplied. And whether men or women, a stable career is also an important factor to help themselves have more confidence and bravery. When you have money and position in your hand, there is no fear that love will not knock on the door again.

How to balance emotions when in love
Instead of forever drowning in chaos, focus on work and career

4. Share feelings with loved ones

Negative emotions always need to be shared to release otherwise they will be pent-up in the heart for a long time, crushing both mentally and physically. Choose a trusted close friend so you can discuss everything without worrying about being judged.

As long as someone listens to you, all the negativity will follow and disappear. They may not give you advice but are always there, lifting your spirits and pulling you into a positive space instead of wallowing in the mess that heartbreak causes.

5. Love yourself more

Remember one thing, in this life you are unique. Your partner may or may not appreciate you, but you should never neglect yourself. Even if your loved one is no longer with you, you still have to love and take care of yourself.

Don’t lock yourself in your room or wallow in old memories. Go out instead, be it coffee with friends, shopping or whatever you want. Exercise, take care of your sleep and build a healthy diet is what you should do to keep your body and mind healthy.

The psychology of men or women when they are heartbroken will go through many stages with many different emotions. It is important to know how to balance to get rid of negative emotions early. In this life, each person comes together or leaves each other in the end because of the word “destiny”. “Destiny comes, welcomes, grace goes away”, you still have a beautiful future waiting for you, take a strong step forward instead of drowning in an old love.

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