Psychological and personality traits of introverts

Introversion and extroversion are personality psychology terms popularized by psychologist Carl Jung. If extroverts have a lively, active and comfortable personality, expressed through their actions and words, the personality of introverts is somewhat different and opposite.

introvert personality

Introverts are people who prioritize and focus a lot on inner values

What is introversion?

Introversion is a term commonly used to refer to a person’s tendency to live. People with this personality will tend to hide all their thoughts and behaviors inside. Therefore, for the people around them will be somewhat lonely. However, introverts are not necessarily lonely, but they are still satisfied with not having too many friends.

Introverts often will not pay attention or prioritize social activities. However, this does not mean that they are shy or nervous or afraid when communicating, but simply because they do not like to participate and participate too much in group activities and crowds. According to statistics, about 50% of the world’s population and about 40% of great leaders are introverts.

To put it more simply, introspection is the direction of inner values, that is, things about the soul, the core values ​​of a person, not too much about the outer forms. People with introverted personality will care more about themselves, they rarely pay attention to things going on around them and almost outside activities have no impact on them.

Personality traits of introverts

Introversion is a personality type characterized by interest and focus on inner feelings rather than external factors and activities. Although the number of introverts is quite large, almost half of the population worldwide, many people are still confused and do not know well about their psychological and personality characteristics.

Today, there are many misconceptions about introverts and create some stereotypes that they are shy and lonely people. To reduce the stigma associated with this personality trait, you need to better understand the personality traits and psychology of introverts. As follows:

1. Likes solitude

In the results of a scientific study, it was found that extroverts will be easily stimulated by vivid things and phenomena happening around. In contrast, people with introverted personality pay attention and care more about inanimate images and objects.

Participants in the study were instructed to view several pictures of flowers and faces. During this time, scientists will conduct a record of each person’s brain activity. The results showed that extroverts responded better to photos of faces, but extroverts responded better to photos of flowers.

introvert personality
The most prominent and common trait of introverts is that they like to be alone

This may demonstrate why introverts prefer single, solitary activities such as reading, journaling, meditation or individual sports that will help them feel comfortable and relaxed. More fun. In general, people with this personality type will tend to prefer to be alone. However, it’s not that they don’t like to interact with people or don’t like others, but because they don’t put a lot of emphasis on communication, building relationships and it doesn’t affect their lives.

2. Get in the habit of observing everything first

Unlike extroverts, introverts will prefer to observe events and situations before they get involved or make necessary decisions. A prominent and common feature of introverts is the habit of watching a task, the task is done over and over again until the learner feels comfortable and appropriate to reflect on it.

Introverts don’t like to follow the trends and pace of others, they take their time and do it their own way, especially as they develop and absorb new skills and information. At the same time, they will also like to practice everything in a private, unobtrusive way, not showing it to many people to avoid pressure and stress.

3. Likes freelance and independent work

As shared above, people with an introverted personality tend to do things in an inner direction. Therefore, jobs that involve independence and not having to participate much in other people’s activities will make them more interested and attracted. For example, jobs such as computer programming, writing, accounting, graphic design, etc. will be loved by them because it is quite free and ensures certain privacy.

However, this does not mean that they are not good at jobs that require communication and social interaction. According to experts, introverts are people who know how to observe and listen to people around them, they are very skillful and meticulous in solving problems that occur around life.

introvert personality
Freelance and independent work always attracts introverts

Therefore, you will easily see that nearly 40% of leaders are introverts and they are loved by many employees because they know how to listen and understand. However, most introverts prefer and are most comfortable with tasks that require self-centeredness, on specific details without being distracted by external factors. This is also the reason why they are able to create so many of the most creative workers today.

4. For introverts – quality is more important than quantity

You will often find people with an introverted personality will not have too many friends, they do not like having a group of friends that are too crowded. It is not because they are not able to communicate and make friends, but they care more about the quality of the friendship and the quantity. They will prefer to have a few closer friends and a large group of friends, but only at the level of socializing.

They are always careful about making friends and those allowed into their social circle must be really trustworthy and make them feel comfortable. Introverts will prefer one-on-one interaction rather than chatting in a large group of people. They find it easier and more open to have meaningful, deep conversations with someone.

This is also a prominent psychological and personality trait of introverts. They always have strong, long-lasting friendships with a small number of friends instead of hanging around with unfamiliar relationships and talking about small things.

5. Enjoy spending time with yourself

For introverts, time alone and enjoying the things they love is incredibly important for mental and physical health. They can read books, listen to music, sew, write, watch movies, play games, cook, exercise or do anything as long as they can be alone and do what they like.

introvert personality
Introverts always know how to enjoy free time alone

However, not everyone who is an introvert “runs away” from crowded games. They know when they need to recharge themselves. They even have the same ability to enjoy fun as extroverts. However, they don’t like this at all and need to recharge at the end of the day.

6. Introverts prefer writing to speaking

When any thought or idea arises, introverts will be more inclined to want to write than say it, especially when they are still not prepared and thoughtful. In particular, people with this personality will always be attentive and attentive to others, so they tend to be careful about questions and words when communicating with people around.

If they have to make any decisions or choices during the conversation, they will need some time to think and consider. Also because they need to be really confident and sure of what they choose. As a result, you will find introverts to be thoughtful, careful, and thorough.

7. Tendency to indulge in private thoughts

Instead of speaking out and sharing their thoughts and feelings with those around them, introverts will tend to enjoy and see it as a precious gift to immerse themselves in it. They are also constantly thinking about everything going on around them, from the little things to the big, important issues in life.

introvert personality
Introverts love to indulge in their own thoughts

That’s why they will constantly have mixed thoughts and feelings in their heads and it seems that they have never had time to relax, have not had the opportunity or intention to get out of the thoughts in their mind. mind. Sometimes even these thoughts make them gradually forget everything happening around. At this time, they no longer bother and pay attention to the existence of the outside and only focus on the thoughts that are appearing in their heads.

8. Sacrifice Trait

The most common and powerful psychological and personality trait of introverts is the virtue of self-sacrifice. They will easily give up benefits or anything to make the people around them happy. They always want to create the most comfortable and happy feeling for those around them.

However, due to these desires and thoughts, they put a lot of pressure on them. Therefore, introverts will easily feel tired and depressed, but after performing actions and behaviors to make others happy, they will feel more comfortable and happy.

The information in the article above has helped readers know more about the personality and psychological characteristics of introverts. Introverts are very reliable and they also hope that those around them can understand and sympathize with their unique personalities.

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