Practicing yoga with a dog: I thought it was not fun, but I thought it was fun

Do yoga with dogs? The story seems to be a joke but in fact, doga – a type of yoga with dogs is becoming an extremely hot trend in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Have you ever thought about doing yoga with your beloved dog? This seemingly unrealistic idea has now become a reality with the birth of Doga – a type of yoga for those who are both interested in yoga and love animals, especially dogs. What do you think this combination will bring and what are the benefits?

The following shares of will help you understand more about this unique type of yoga and see if your thoughts are correct.

Doga – Practicing yoga with… dog?

The health benefits of yoga are indisputable. There have been numerous studies demonstrating the benefits of yoga through poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. Not only that, this subject is also a remedy to help treat many diseases such as depression, diabetes, heart disease, body aches, etc.

You can practice yoga alone or practice yoga with family and friends. In particular, recently, in the mass media, there is information about a new type of yoga that is “storming” in the yoga-loving community, which is doga – practicing yoga with dogs.


Doga is the name that represents the combination of yoga and dog.

Doga is the name that represents the combination of yoga and dog. This is a new form of exercise for people who want to experience doing yoga with their dog. The purpose of this subject is to help the owner and the dog become closer to each other.

Suzi Teitelman, a yoga teacher in Jacksonville, is the one who came up with the concept of this type of yoga. The type of doga will include variations from hatha yoga, tailored to suit both humans and dogs. Exercises for dogs will focus on stretching, meditation and massage.

Doga requires the owner and the dog to reach unity and balance. The trainer will help the dog practice the movements and sometimes the pet becomes a yoga tool. However, it should be noted that doga training is not a dog that is forced to practice.

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Instead, the owner must pay attention and try to listen to the dog’s body language. If your dog doesn’t seem interested, or is trying to “run away,” it’s best to stop and start another day.

4 great benefits of doga that surprise many people

Although the benefits of doga have not been proven, health experts say that if you practice doga regularly, you and your dog will receive a lot of interesting things:

1. Strengthen the bond between you and the dog

Doga is a great way to bond with your dog, especially when performing poses that require cooperation between the two of you. Through doing the poses, the dog will learn to trust you, so you will be able to improve your dog’s control.

2. Improve your dog’s health

Although the health benefits of doga have not been scientifically proven, it is still a form of exercise for both you and your pet.

If your dog is overweight or obese, doga will help your dog build muscle and lose fat with regular exercise. Like other physical activities, doga also helps support better blood circulation for the dog.

In particular, doga is also a method to help dogs improve flexibility and range of motion through a series of natural instinctive movements or stretching movements of dogs.

Not only that, doga exercises also help dogs prevent arthritis and common injuries as they get older. Doga is especially beneficial for dogs with hip dysplasia or aging problems.

do yoga with dogs

Doga is a great way to bond between you and your dog

Injured dogs doing doga are also very good. Doga movements will help significantly reduce pain through gentle stretching, reducing muscle tension. At the same time, these exercises also help the dog gain more strength and recover faster.

3. Comfort for both you and your dog

The foundation of doga is relaxation and breathing exercises. Therefore, when practiced, these movements will burn some of the dog’s energy, making them calmer.

For you, the biggest benefit of doga is to help you dispel stress and anxiety. During the practice, your body and mind are also relaxed and relaxed, thereby helping to reduce stress and improve mental health.

yoga with dog

The benefit of doga is to help the practitioner dispel stress and anxiety

In fact, doga is also a very useful exercise for dogs with behavior problems. However, you should not expect to see immediate results because everything takes time. Be patient and try to make Doga a part of your and your dog’s schedule.

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4. Practicing doga opens up opportunities to socialize and make friends with dog lovers

Practicing doga will give you the opportunity to meet and socialize with new friends who share the same passion for dogs. With dogs, when they meet other dogs, they will gradually get acquainted with strangers and learn to adapt to new environments.

This is especially helpful with shy dogs. It can be said that regular doga training will be a gentle way to train your dog to easily take your dog for a walk anywhere.

Although doga offers many benefits, four-legged friends are often unpredictable and annoying in class. The barking, the running around is inevitable. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to concentrate when experiencing yoga with your pet.

Also, doga classes often don’t have too many exercises to choose from, which for some people quickly gets bored, this is something they don’t like. Finally, not all dogs are suitable for doga, some dogs are too young and untrained to go to the training class.

In Vietnam, despite being mentioned a lot, doga classes are still not really popular. Before this subject really spreads in Vietnam, you can still invite a private yoga teacher through to teach basic movements and “practice” doga at home with your four-year-old friend. his feet.

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