Practicing yoga during menstruation: Is it safe for women?

Women can still practice yoga while menstruating. In particular, practicing yoga during this “sensitive” time also works to help the body sweat, release the hormone endorphin (happy hormone), thereby helping to reduce menstrual pain effectively.

Practicing yoga every day is a method of exercise for health and spirit that is loved by many women. Yoga is a discipline that can bring a lot of great benefits to the body.

This type of exercise is also a remedy to regulate menstruation and increase sexual ability. However, should women practice yoga during menstruation? Immediately follow the sharing below of to get the answer to this question.

Should I practice yoga during my period?

Whether women should practice yoga on “red light” days is an issue that is receiving many contrary opinions. Many say “should”, while others say “no”.

Many people even say that inversions should not be practiced, while others say that these poses are very helpful. So what is the correct answer to this question?

Each woman will have different physical characteristics. Therefore, the problems that each person encounters in the “red light day” will also be different.

Some women will experience no symptoms related to menstruation while others will experience fatigue, lack of energy, abdominal pain, discomfort, etc. make them not want to do anything. Therefore, there is no exact answer to the question “Should women practice yoga during menstruation?”.

It is still important that you listen to your body and do what it wants. The menstrual cycle is something very “special”. If you’re feeling stressed or your diet has changed, your cycle may also change.

People who experience irregular periods will also have different menstrual symptoms than normal people. The state of your menstrual cycle is a reflection of your own physical and mental health.


If you feel tired, you can rest and stop practicing yoga on red light day

During the “strawberry fall” period, you can choose to practice or not practice yoga, depending on your body. If you feel tired and uncomfortable because of your menstrual symptoms, you can choose to rest because reluctance to exercise will lead to negative emotions.

If you’re feeling well or things aren’t too bad these days, you can continue to practice yoga. Practicing yoga during menstruation can be very helpful.

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Yoga exercises can help ease aches and pains, balance emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and gently expand the pelvic area. During this time, you can practice yoga nidra and gentle exercises such as bhramari (bee breathing), anulom vilom (alternating breathing), ujjayi (victory breathing) and deep breathing.

Yoga poses that should be avoided during “red light” days

Yoga is a discipline with many postures. However, there are some postures that are not suitable for women to practice during menstruation. At the top of this list are inversions.

The reason you should avoid it is that these positions can interfere with your menstrual cycle and cause future fertility problems. In addition, inverted positions also cause the ligaments to be overstretched, affecting the artery’s blood pumping.

This can lead to blockage of blood vessels and cause more blood to flow during “red light” days.

Second, you should avoid deep bends, twists, positions that put stress on the abdomen and pelvis. Because these positions will make your pain worse.

Plus, these poses also require a lot of strength making it hard for you to respond during this time. Besides, women should also avoid doing power yoga and vinyasa yoga.

You can practice the yoga salutation at a slow pace. However, if you have abdominal pain or bleeding a lot, you should limit it.


Women should avoid practicing inversions during “red light” days.

Yoga poses you can try in the “red light” days

Most importantly, you must listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, you do not need to practice the movements. Instead, women can do breathing exercises or meditation. You can also practice gentle poses and hold the pose a little longer.

  • You can practice sun salutation yoga at a slow pace. Otherwise, you can choose the moon salutation yoga series with gentle, harmonious exercises to bring comfort to the body.
  • You can also do gentle bending exercises to massage the abdomen and pelvis, which helps relieve congestion, abdominal pain, avoid excessive bleeding and bring peace of mind.
  • Gentle bending exercises also work to reduce back pain and pelvic discomfort.
  • The foot-up-the-wall yoga pose is also very helpful in helping to remove stagnant blood and widen the pelvic area.
  • Alternatively, you can also try poses like cat pose, tiger pose – two poses that help relieve back pain and pelvic tension; butterfly pose – strengthens the pelvis; Simple breathing pose – relieve back pain…


You should practice gentle yoga poses during menstruation

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Women who practice breathing exercises during “red light” days will be very helpful because these exercises will help balance emotions, calm the mind and reduce pain.

However, you should avoid breathing too fast as this can cause heavy bleeding and put pressure on the abdomen. Besides breathing exercises, meditation is also one of the useful yoga exercises these days.

Should you go to a yoga class during the “red light” days?

Many experts believe that if you practice yoga during your period, you should practice it at home instead of going to class. The reason is that in yoga class, you may have to follow the teacher’s curriculum. This can make the body uncomfortable.

You can share with the teacher you are in a physiological period at the beginning of the practice session so that the teacher considers suitable positions. However, if you feel shy about sharing this, it is best to practice at home with gentle poses. Or else, you might consider inviting a private yoga teacher through

When practicing yoga with a private tutor, you can easily share your body state before each session and the teacher will adjust the poses to best suit.

If you feel uncomfortable, do not want to interact with others these days, teachers can guide you to practice at home through online applications.

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