Possible risks when practicing yoga on your own

If you are new to yoga, do not have much practice experience or do not have an instructor, you will be at risk when practicing yoga.

Although all yoga poses from basic to advanced can be found on YouTube, practicing at home or without the guidance of a trainer will lead to a lot of unpredictable consequences, especially for those who are exposed to yoga for the first time.

Risks of practicing yoga without a coach

Injury: For those who only read and watch yoga moves, when trying to imitate what they see, the risk of injury is very high. A yoga instructor will help you control your breathing, perform the movements properly, and give you instructions if you do it wrong. Injuries in yoga can range from pain in the wrist, shoulder, back to dislocation, cracking, and fracture, and are especially serious with banana poses due to the direct impact on the head and neck area.

Poor posture also makes the inherent problems of the body worse: For example, the cobra pose, if your wrists and hands are not in the correct position, you risk wrist and shoulder pain. Improper flexion and extension will hurt the elbow. Improper shoulder posture will cause a series of big and small problems for the body.

If you have a trainer watching you, they’ll make sure you’re getting the technique right. Not to mention a coach will know which posture best suits your needs and level, thereby offering a reasonable exercise program.

Workout with a trainer

Correct posture is one of the most important things about yoga

Reduce exercise efficiency: Imagine if you had lower back pain and your doctor suggested yoga therapy. In the midst of a forest of movements involving the lower back such as cobra, sphinx, raised dog or em, which pose will you choose or do all of them? And do you know how to arrange, distribute the order, and make the duration of the episode reasonable?

When you practice instinctively or with an online course, you won’t know if they are right for you or how effective they will be. However, that won’t happen if you have a yoga instructor with you.

Incomplete training session: If you practice alone, you will not be able to understand the importance of savasana (relaxation posture) and will often skip this move. If you have a yoga instructor, they will tell you about the importance of this move in helping the body recover from the session. If you skip savasana, you’ve missed the whole session. With that in mind, the trainers will prepare and guide you in every detail so that you can master and make good use of this pose.

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Lack of energy and motivation to exercise: When you practice alone, you will not feel the positive energy and spirit of the yoga instructor and there will be no one to encourage you when you are discouraged. Nothing motivates you better than seeing “real people, real things” practice yoga movements right in front of your eyes.

Train with a coach, you will improve quickly and effectively

Train with a coach, you will improve quickly and effectively

With 12 years of teaching and management experience, Yoga Master Assim Maan, Team Leader of Yoga Instructors at easyhealthylive.com, shares: “Without a coach, the biggest risk is that you don’t know you’re doing it. misbehavior and sometimes this can lead to serious injury. When you just watch videos or look at pictures and practice, you will most likely injure yourself immediately or get hurt later.”

So what does a yoga instructor do for you?


Whether you go to a yoga class or invite a personal trainer, the first question they ask you will always be: “Have you ever practiced yoga?”. This is important information because they will rely on your experience with yoga to design a program and give you a certain amount of attention to ensure safety (if you practice in a class with many students). .

Yoga Master Assim added: “If you have a coach to accompany you when doing yoga, they will choose the exercises, arrange the poses depending on the student’s own body and needs so that you can achieve your goals. I set out to come to this subject quickly and safely.”

Practice yoga with a coach to avoid risks when practicing yoga

Practice yoga with a coach to ensure safety

Flexibility in exercises

You should actively discuss with your coach about your health problems or limitations, if any. They will find the right teaching solution so as not to adversely affect your body. There are many specific yoga movements that require precise technique, so if the practitioner is not equipped with enough background knowledge, it is easy to take risks when practicing yoga without a tutor. Not to mention there are movements that require individual adjustment to minimize injury. And those are the things that you can’t get by practicing alone.

Fully equipped with knowledge for you

With well-trained instructors in both theory and practice, they will tell you more about the meaning, use and philosophy of yoga. If you are a curious person, eager to learn, then this will be the biggest motivation for you to continue pursuing yoga.

Accompany the coach to avoid risks when practicing yoga

Accompanying the coach, you will practice the right technique and master the knowledge

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