Poor absorption by anorexic children: Causes and solutions to overcome

Poor absorption of anorexic children make parents feel extremely worried. Because at this time, the baby does not receive the nutrients needed to develop the body. If the poor absorption of food is prolonged, the child will be at risk of malnutrition, reduced resistance and stunting. So what is the cause of children anorexia and poor absorption and what is the solution for this situation? Let’s find out right away with the article below of Easyhealthylive Please!

1. Signs that children are anorexic with poor absorption

Parents can recognize anorexia malabsorption in children based on the following signs:

Young children have loose stools that have a very fishy smell. For older children, you should observe in the toilet to see if there is scum floating on the surface of the water because fat is not absorbed.

– Children are sick, pale, stunted in height or malnourished.

Children often have abdominal distension, abdominal pain or bloating.

Children are tired, lose weight, less flexible.

Loss of appetite, decreased appetite or no appetite.

Children with symptoms of muscle pain, iron deficiency anemia, calcium deficiency cramps, muscle pain due to vitamin B1 deficiency.

– Children with anorexia malabsorption for a long time may have swelling of the hands and feet.

2. What is the cause of poor absorption in children with anorexia?

The diet is not suitable, especially when parents introduce solid foods before 6 months of age. At this stage, the baby’s digestive system is not yet fully developed and cannot absorb many foods. Egg whites should not be given to babies when they are under 6 months old because egg whites contain a lot of protein. Therefore, it will easily cause allergies leading to urticaria, eczema and other diseases.

Unbalanced diet: Parents feed their children with a lot of energy-producing substances such as protein, carbohydrates, and fat, but low in vitamins and minerals, leading to imbalance, as well as malabsorption disorders in children. .

Digestive disorders: When eating foods that are not safe for food hygiene, babies can have digestive disorders leading to malabsorption disorders, anorexia.

– Abuse of antibiotics: Many fathers and mothers have the habit of taking antibiotics arbitrarily without a doctor’s prescription. This phenomenon disturbs the colonization of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, leading to children’s susceptibility to intestinal diseases and malabsorption disorders in children.

Enzyme deficiency: Enzymes secreted by the salivary glands and hepatopancreas help the digestive system absorb food better. In addition, children with diseases of these organs also lead to this condition.

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Lactose deficiency can cause digestive disorders and lactose intolerance in children.

Having some diseases that damage the intestinal lining is the cause of malabsorption syndrome in children.

– Intestinal surgery affects the absorption status of children.

3. Effective solutions for children with poor absorption of anorexia

It is important to take care of children with anorexia and poor absorption to apply scientific and healthy methods. Besides a balanced diet with nutrients, improving digestive function is a very important factor.

Parents can help children absorb nutrients well by offering age-appropriate diets. The baby’s nutritional menu needs to ensure the right amount of nutrients between groups of nutrients, not too much fat and protein. Besides, you should give your child a lot of vegetables to easily digest and increase absorption.

– Encourage children to be active: Take your baby out to play, sunbathe and exercise every day to promote health. At the same time, this is also very beneficial for the functioning of the digestive system.

When preparing food for children, parents need to ensure hygiene and not lose quality. Moreover, you should not overcook or cook the same dish over and over again. In addition, people should not combine meats or seafood together because it is easy to produce indigestible substances.

For children over 1 year old, parents can give their children fresh milk to help them digest better and absorb more nutrients. However, there are some children with malabsorption due to intolerance to some components in milk. Therefore, you should rule out this cause before giving your baby a lot of milk.

– Do not force children to eat when they are poorly absorbing nutrients. Instead, parents should create a comfortable atmosphere when feeding their baby and should adjust the diet to suit their child. Moreover, you should also supplement the right nutrients that children are lacking.

– Do not give children snacks and eat junk food because it will make the poor absorption of anorexia worse. In addition, parents should also change the nutritional menu regularly so that children do not feel bored. Moreover, you should also decorate the food beautifully to stimulate your child’s appetite. Some dishes help enhance absorption for children such as potato cheese soup, quail porridge, sweet potato fish porridge, carrot crab porridge, etc.

In addition to feeding children with adequate nutrients, parents also need:

– Create for children good habits of body hygiene and clean personal hygiene: Children need to be hygienic and wash their hands and feet clean before eating, after going to the toilet. In addition, parents should create a habit for children to clean their bodies and brush their teeth every day. With breastfed babies, mothers need to clean their breasts and hands and feet before breastfeeding. In addition, you must also keep the baby’s living environment clean and cool.

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– Supplement digestive enzymes and improve intestinal microflora.

– Increase movement for children to increase intestinal contractions, this is very helpful in increasing the digestive ability in babies.

Periodic deworming for children over 24 months old.

– Adding Kinder Optima to help children eat more deliciously and support to enhance nutrient absorption for their comprehensive development.

Anorexia malabsorption in children is not a dangerous disease. However, parents need to be treated promptly and properly to avoid affecting the baby’s development. In case your child shows signs of anorexia, poor nutritional absorption, you should take the child to a reputable medical facility for a specialist to examine, assess the situation and provide an effective and appropriate treatment plan. physical.

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