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Music is an effective way to control breathing and focus. When yoga music is played, it is also the time when the body falls into the most comfortable state, mixing with regular breathing to create a wonderful feeling of relaxation with yoga poses.

With an age of up to 5000 years, yoga and the philosophies of mind and body training remain valid to this day. To promote the effectiveness of yoga practice, music is an indispensable catalyst.

Music has a calming effect, purifies the body, enhances concentration, helps you not feel tired and relaxes with the breath. Do you have a favorite yoga playlist? If you are still wondering about this, check out some of the tips below of easyhealthylive.com.

Music is an important part of human life. No matter where you come from, music plays an integral role in events like weddings, funerals and parties.

Music can bring about many emotions, from positive to negative. The main function of music is to bring people together.

Therefore, today, it seems that music is becoming an integral part of yoga classes. However, how to choose yoga music? Do not think this is a simple thing because sometimes, you will feel extremely confused.

Should music be played while doing yoga?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. Many people feel uncomfortable doing yoga with music because the music distracts their attention. While others feel that music and yoga are a great blend.

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Turning on music while practicing depends on personal preference and type of yoga

Music helps control breathing, improves concentration, and enhances efficiency when performing poses. In addition, it also helps you not to feel tired when practicing the exercises but relax with your breath.

What factors to consider when choosing yoga music?

Music can be used as a background for many activities such as driving, cooking, etc. With these activities, you can choose whatever music you like. However, with yoga, to choose a suitable playlist, you will need to consider a lot of factors:

  • Time to practice yoga of the day: yoga music at 8am will be different from yoga music at 8pm.
  • Music style: Choosing the right music will give you inspiration and energy to perform the moves.
  • Training time: If each of your sessions is under 60 minutes, you’ll have to be more selective.
  • Mood: You can choose yoga music according to your current mood.
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If you do exercises of the yin yoga type, you can choose longer songs because the poses need to be held longer.

Should you choose yoga music with or without lyrics?

Words are a beautiful thing and it has the power to make the ugliest things beautiful. However, sometimes the lyrics in songs can distract you. Therefore, when choosing yoga music, if you choose songs with lyrics, you should be careful.

In terms of length, you should choose lessons that are less than 6 minutes long. If you practice yin yoga poses, you can choose longer songs because the poses need to be held longer.

The secret to creating the best yoga playlist

Here are 4 simple steps to help you immediately have the best yoga music playlist:

1. Consider the yoga poses you will practice

What poses will your yoga session include? How long will the transitions last? You should record the movements that you will practice in a notebook in order, no harm: warm-up pose, sun salutation pose A, sun salutation B pose, corpse pose….

2. Choose music that matches the movements

Find songs that have a melody that matches the rhythm of the movements. For example, slow movements should choose songs with slow tempo, fast movements should choose songs with fast tempo. As such, music will be able to support the body.

For example, if the exercises are about 10 minutes long, you would combine the songs so that the total length is about 10 minutes. With warm-up exercises before yoga, you can choose songs that are a bit slower tempo.

3. Select a music player

You can choose to play music from your phone with smart apps. Besides, you can also go online, download your favorite songs to your computer, save to a folder and play while doing yoga.

Whether using it by phone or computer, you should still download music to your device so that it can be used even without wifi. If you use music streaming apps like Spotify, Zing MP3 or Soundcloud, you should also go to your personal library and create a playlist of your own.

4. Try doing moves with your chosen playlist

You should try doing yoga exercises on the background of the songs you have chosen. This will help you determine which songs are appropriate and which are not to adjust. In addition, in mental relaxation yoga movements, you should also adjust so that the playing melodies are gentle and slow.

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Here are some tips for creating the best yoga playlist. If you don’t like doing yoga with music, you can immediately forget about this idea.

If you don’t have time or don’t know how to choose yoga music accordingly, download easyhealthylive.com to your device and connect with a private yoga teacher for detailed instructions.

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