Plow King Pose – Challenging Inversion Yoga Pose

The Plow King Pose is an advanced inversion yoga pose that can provide the body with numerous health benefits, especially the ability to improve flexibility and flexibility.

The Plow King Pose, also known as the Knee-to-Ear Pose, is known in Sanskrit as Karnapidasana. This is a gentle uplifting yoga pose that can help incorporate the philosophies of yoga into practice. You can do a combination of the king plow and the plow, both of which are often included in a series of advanced hip openers or a series of exercises that focus on the hamstrings.

Benefits of Plow King Pose

The Plow King Pose stretches the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, and hamstrings. Not only that, this is also a very beneficial position mentally because you will use your knee to press your ear, so you can prevent yourself from being exposed to the surrounding sounds:

  • Improve spinal mobility, stretch back, strengthen muscles and relieve pain
  • Putting pressure on the thyroid gland, stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete thyroxine – a hormone that helps regulate the body’s metabolic activities and plays an important role in growth and development.
  • Increases blood circulation to the brain, helps blood receive more oxygen, reduces stress, improves alertness, and at the same time, brings relaxation to the body and mind.

Plow king poseThe plow king movement helps to burn excess fat in the abdomen area

  • Improve breathing capacity. According to research, the practice of Karnapidasana in combination with other yoga movements also helps to increase the tolerance of the respiratory muscles.
  • Massages the digestive organs, stimulates the digestive process, increases appetite, and at the same time overcomes constipation and stomach problems.
  • Burn fat in the belly area. According to research, practicing this pose along with other yoga movements will help reduce body weight, skin fold thickness, fat percentage …
  • Firms inner thighs, improves pelvic flexibility and relieves lower back pain.

How to perform the plow king pose?

Plow poseStart with the plow position to enter the plow king pose

  • To get into this pose, start in Plow Pose (Halasana) with your hands on the mat
  • Exhale, bend your knees slightly
  • Then, taking a deep breath, press your palms to the floor and slowly bring your knees closer to your ears
  • Breathe deeply while practicing
  • Hold the pose for 7-8 breaths and slowly return to the starting position
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Some common mistakes

In this pose, the neck can bear the weight, so don’t move your head while doing it. You can move your shoulders if you feel a lot of pressure in your neck, or you can also place a blanket under your shoulders for support. Also, as you do it, imagine lifting your chest toward the sky instead of sinking into the ground.

If your knees don’t touch the floor, don’t worry, you can keep your knees raised until you can touch the floor naturally. You can also practice forward bend or downward facing dog to make it easier to get into this pose. If you feel pressure on your head, you can use a folded towel or yoga block under your head.

Notes when doing

Because this is an inversion yoga move, you should avoid doing it if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or a neck injury. You should also not do it if you are pregnant because it will put pressure on the stomach. If you feel pain while performing, exit the position slowly.

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