Overcome seasonal depression with exercise every day

Are you often tired and depressed at a certain time of the year? It could be a sign of seasonal depression, a disease that, if it persists and gets worse, can have unpredictable consequences. Join easyhealthylive.com to find out why and how exercise can help with the treatment of this disease.

Seasonal depression is when you feel tired and drained at certain times of the year. This phenomenon causes your activity, exercise, and work performance to decrease depending on the severity of the disease. The consequences of feeling sluggish all the time are that you’ll sleep more and eat more than usual. Of course, eating a lot and sleeping a lot is not a bad thing, but to the extent that it affects your daily life and causes uncontrolled weight gain, it is a negative health problem.

Signs of seasonal depression can include changes in sleeping and eating habits, loss of motivation, negative thinking, difficulty concentrating, and lethargy. Seasonal depression often occurs at times when it gets darker, gets less sunlight, and gets colder. Towards the end of the year, these symptoms become more pronounced.

seasonal depressive symptoms

Seasonal depression gets worse in the last months of the year

If seasonal depression persists for many years in a row and is increasing in duration, it’s time to seek medical attention for prompt support and treatment. Medical measures can relieve the symptoms of this disease. However, you can actively improve your mental health with light therapy, which means you need to prolong your exposure to the sun more, especially in the early morning.

To do this, you can choose window-facing spaces to work in the morning or remove your coat and gloves during outdoor travel. Lighting fixtures that simulate the sun should also be used in your workspace to ensure your performance.

Can regular exercise help with seasonal depression?

In general, outdoor exercise brings positive changes in health, and is also one of the ways to improve mental health with high efficiency. The reason is because during exercise, the body will release hormones that help you feel good, such as serotonin and endorphins. The great thing is that these hormones have the same effect as mild depression drugs and with all natural sources, you will reduce the amount of chemicals in your body.

Science has proven that regular exercise helps a lot in the treatment of depression in general and seasonal depression in particular. Pursuing a regular, regular exercise regimen can increase the quality of your sleep. People with seasonal depression often do not sleep deeply. Therefore, exercise to help you sleep better is a good thing to do.

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Exercise improves sleep and reverses seasonal depression

You should remember, there is no evidence that yoga, bodybuilding or any other discipline is more effective than the rest, the most important thing is that you keep the habit of practicing every day for as long as possible. long. Plus, you can incorporate meditation to balance your breathing and prolong your relaxation time.

How important is nutrition in combating seasonal depression?

Exercise in terms of muscles, nerves, bones, if not combined with nutrition, will not bring much effect. Therefore, it can be said that eating is an integral part of the treatment of seasonal depression.

The fresh food is what you need to be more mentally stable. In particular, when you are being treated for seasonal depression in particular or for mental illnesses in general, you should not use canned and ready-to-eat foods due to ingredients containing a lot of sugar and fat, which are known to be mood swings.

Canned food

You should not eat a lot of canned foods when treating seasonal depression

The peak of seasonal depression is negative thinking and uncontrolled behavior. So putting your body on a workout routine can limit those empty times in the day, as well as add a sense of body and a greater appreciation for life. And yet, new relationships built through practice will make you more committed to pursuing a subject of your choice.

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