Or thinking about death: Warning of dangerous pathology

Or thinking about death is not a common psychology but only appears at a time of mental instability. This condition is a warning sign of many serious psychological and mental problems, so it should be detected and treated early to avoid unfortunate situations.

thinking about death

Or thinking about death is a sign of mental instability and depression

Or thinking about death warns of what disease?

Death is a scary thing and in the opinion of Asians this is a taboo issue that should not be mentioned. Knowing that we are all born and will die, but few spend a lot of time thinking about death.

However, many people are obsessed and constantly think about death. Death means the end of a person’s life. People only look to death when they are really needy and desperate. Thinking about death is a common psychology in people with severe psychological trauma – especially when falling into debt, having a terminal illness, losing many loved ones at the same time, etc.

Thinking about death in the above cases will be gradually put aside after mental stabilization. However, there are still cases of persistent thoughts of death and there is no way to stop this negative thought flow.

thinking about death

Constant thinking about death is a common sign in patients with depression

According to psychologists, this is a manifestation of many psychological and mental problems such as:

  • Depression: Depression is the most common cause of suicidal behavior. Low emotions caused by this disease make the sufferer sad, miserable, pessimistic and lose interest in life. Extreme despair will cause the patient to think a lot about death. Depression accompanied by delusions of self-incrimination will prompt suicidal behavior and suicide attempts.
  • Bipolar disorder: Or thinking about death can also be a sign of bipolar disorder. This disorder is characterized by alternating periods of mania and depression. In particular, suicidal thoughts will often appear during depressive episodes (especially those with psychosis).
  • Psychotic: Delusions are false beliefs, thoughts, and opinions that are irrationally and without foundation. According to experts, thoughts of death are common in patients with delusions of jealousy and delusions of being harmed. People with this disorder often kill their partner or the person they believe is intending to assassinate themselves and then commit suicide.
  • Other mental disorders: Or thinking about death can be seen in patients with alcohol psychosis, substance abuse psychosis, schizophrenia, misperception disorder, etc.

In general, psychological and psychiatric disorders can cause patients to think about death and commit suicide. Of these, the most common is depression. At first, this disease only makes the patient become melancholy, miserable, depressed and lose interest in everything. However, if untreated, the patient will think a lot about death, completely lose positive emotions and want to find death to free themselves.

How to stop thinking about death

When you’re so desperate and heartbroken, it’s hard not to think about death. Death seems to be a release for oneself in a situation of poverty and suffering. This thought will grow over time until you are ready to commit suicide.

Life always contains many beautiful things and hopes waiting for you to discover. So, be strong to overcome psychological problems to look forward to a better life in the future. It is not easy to stop thinking about death, especially when you are in a difficult situation and endure suffering and torment for a long time.

The following helpful tips will help you get back on your feet and learn how to stop thinking about death:

1. See a psychologist

Constant thoughts of death are indicative of the severity of psychological and psychiatric problems. Therefore, you should immediately go to the hospital for psychological support. Or you can also call the suicide prevention hotline 800 273 8255.

Timely support from a psychologist will help you regulate your emotions and prevent suicidal behavior. In fact, not only you but also many people face psychological and mental problems. Therefore, you should not be too worried and scared after the diagnosis.

thinking about death

Take the initiative to see a doctor if you often think about death and have suicidal thoughts

With the development of medicine, psychological and psychiatric problems can be completely controlled by using drugs and psychotherapy. In addition, supportive measures also help a lot in balancing emotions and overcoming psychological difficulties.

With active treatment, you can overcome psychological and mental disorders. From there, stop thinking about death, and at the same time keep the spirit of optimism and hope. In addition, the people around should also take care of those who are mentally unstable so that the patient can receive timely health care.

2. Learn to share

When thinking about death, you should share it with friends or loved ones instead of keeping it to yourself. Holding negative thoughts makes you feel heavy, tired, and depressed. This makes you think more about death and promotes suicidal behavior. In fact, most people who commit suicide hide their feelings and are not in the habit of sharing them with others.

Sharing will help you release negative emotions, receive sympathy and caring actions from friends and relatives. Sincere love from those around you is the motivation for you to have faith and hope in life and overcome the thought of death.

thinking about death

Learning how to share will help you release emotions and overcome negative thoughts

Learning how to share with others is the “key” to help you overcome psychological difficulties and quickly stabilize your spirit. This is also the reason why experts always encourage the family to accompany the patient throughout the treatment process. Sharing and love from people around is a source of positive energy that helps to soothe negative emotions and thoughts.

If you don’t feel well, you can ask a relative or friend to come stay with you for a while. Instead of fighting illness alone, share this with those around you and let everyone have the opportunity to help you in the darkest time of your life.

3. Build a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy body both physically and mentally. When suffering and despairing, it is difficult to maintain a balanced lifestyle. However, indulging in alcohol, drugs and tobacco will make the condition worse. Therefore, efforts should be made to build a healthy lifestyle to take care of mental health and contribute to overcoming psychological and mental disorders.

A healthy lifestyle starts with a scientific diet, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and staying away from alcohol and stimulants. In addition, you can apply for a leave to have time to rest and stabilize your mind.

4. Find joy in life

Thinking about death often occurs at a time of loss of hope, poverty, and extreme suffering. To stop negative thinking and prevent suicidal behavior, you should rebalance by finding joy in life.

Life is not only stressful, but also contains many kind and good things. Joy is present everywhere, so you don’t have to look for positive emotions in faraway places. Instead of melancholy and locking yourself in your room, try walking in the park, participating in sports, learning to draw, taking piano lessons, participating in volunteer activities, etc.

thinking about death

Finding joy in volunteering will help you stop thinking about death

These simple actions will help you find positivity and joy after dark days. Joy will grow to help soothe negative emotions and bring you abundant energy.

According to psychologists, you should keep an optimistic spirit to feel the joy in life in the most authentic and complete way. This is the secret to help you overcome psychological problems and be stronger when facing difficulties and challenges.

5. Learn how to release emotions

In fact, thinking about death is the result of negative emotions that accumulate day by day. So, to stop thinking about death, you need to learn how to release emotions.

If you’re facing a flood of negative emotions and are constantly thinking about death, here are some ways you can try to relieve yourself:

  • First, you need to accept yourself in a bad state. Pretending to be perfectly fine isn’t really a good solution in this case.
  • Give yourself some quiet space to think about the events that happened. You can choose to keep a journal or share it with your friends to relieve your mood.
  • After that, you can release emotions with some solutions such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, using herbal teas, massage, aromatherapy, etc. These measures help reduce negative emotions by by increasing the hormones endorphin and serotonin, while reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) levels.

Or thinking about death is a sign of many psychological and mental problems. When faced with this situation, do not hesitate to seek help to get through the dark period of your life. In addition to medical methods, you should consult useful tips to support the treatment process and improve mental health in a comprehensive way.

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