Nutritious frog porridge – natural height increasing medicine for children

Frog meat contains a lot of nutrients, very good for malnourished children, rickets. In frog meat…

Children not only develop their brains but also physically and mentally. The frog porridge below is like a useful height increase remedy, which will help children grow up with an ideal height.

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How does frog porridge help children grow taller?

Frog meat is a good source of nutrients for bones, especially grow in height. In folk medicine and modern medicine, frog meat has been proven to have high nutritional content and is delicious, so frog porridge is an easy dish that mothers can supplement for their children.
This folk medicine to increase height is processed as follows:

Materials needed:

– 500g frog meat (take the thigh meat)
– 50g of glutinous rice
– 100g of plain rice
– 1 can of water
– A few slices of ginger
– A little red onion and minced garlic
– Spices: scallions, white wine, oyster sauce, chili sauce, shrimp satay
Finally, season with fish sauce and spices to taste.


Glutinous rice and glutinous rice are mixed in the ratio of 2 glutinous rice to 1 sticky rice. Wash the rice and then put it in, add enough water and then put it on the stove to cook. When the porridge is boiling, use a spoon to stir it once to avoid burning at the bottom of the pot. Simmer the porridge to soften, add a little minced ginger and a little salt to the pot, turn down the heat.

Preliminarily processed frogs cut into bite-sized pieces. Put the pan on the stove, add some cooking oil, then sauté the onions, then add the frog meat and stir-fry. Season the frog meat to taste.

Tear off the cooked frog meat, put it in the porridge pot, stir well, scoop the porridge into the bowl, add chopped green onions and let the children enjoy.

This is the main dish height increase pills from folklore to help strengthen bones, increase length, and improve height optimally.


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