Nutrition advice: what is good food for hemorrhoids?

Currently, doctors at MEDLATEC receive a lot of questions from patients with hemorrhoids such as: “What is good food for hemorrhoids?”, “What should I eat with internal hemorrhoids?”, “What should hemorrhoids with hemorrhoids?” what to eat quickly?”,… To answer the questions of patients and readers, the following article we will mention which food will be good for people with hemorrhoids.

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1. Why do hemorrhoids form?

Before finding out what is good food for hemorrhoids, let’s see what factors lead to this unpleasant disease.

Currently, despite the development of science and technology, experts have not yet found the main cause of the disease. Here are some possible risk factors for hemorrhoids:

  • Weakness of the support organization in the elderly.

  • Gastrointestinal circulation disorders: frequent constipation or diarrhea.

  • Hormonal factor.

  • Family factors, having a history of hemorrhoids or other gastrointestinal diseases.

  • The diet, nutritional composition in the meal is not balanced as well as the nature of work.

What to eat with hemorrhoids is concerned by many people in this situation

What to eat with hemorrhoids is concerned by many people in this situation

2. What foods are good for hemorrhoids?

Through the above information, it can be seen that an unscientific diet is a contributing factor to the formation of the disease. Specifically, not eating enough nutrients or nutritional imbalance leads to constipation. This is one of the risk factors for hemorrhoids, and makes the condition worse when not corrected in time. Therefore, to prevent constipation, you should regularly add the following laxative foods and start answering the question of what to eat for hemorrhoids:

Drink enough water every day

This is a factor that is encouraged by experts and an average adult can drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day, to serve the metabolism of substances as well as to eliminate toxins. In addition, drinking enough water also helps to soften stools so that the patient can pass stool easily and reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids that cause pain.

If you want to provide enough water a day for your body, but only through drinking filtered water, it is very difficult, because the amount of water is too large, so there will be many different ways to replenish water such as: drinking broth during meals. eat, fruit juice, eat succulent fruits, etc. In the morning, when you wake up, you can add from 250ml to 500ml of water to make the process of defecation easier.

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Foods rich in fiber

When it comes to foods that are good for people with hemorrhoids, it is impossible not to mention fiber-rich foods because they have the ability to store large amounts of water inside to help eliminate toxins and soften stools. In addition to those effects, these foods also provide essential vitamins and minerals for the body and must include some foods such as:

  • Broccoli (broccoli): Broccoli is a perfect choice for patients because they are not only rich in fiber, but also contain 2g protein, 288mg K, 43mg Ca. Not only that, but broccoli also helps fight and reduce risk factors for cancer, especially breast and cervical cancer in women.

Good food for hemorrhoids

Broccoli is the perfect choice for sick people

  • Avocados: In one avocado can contain up to 17g of fiber, in addition they also have a substance called oleic acid or easier to understand, a good fat. They also have the ability to prevent cancer like broccoli, but more specifically, in 100g of avocado, they have up to 26% Vitamin K to help prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Apples: According to research by experts, apples and its peel contain many times higher fiber content than grapefruit, grapes or peaches. Because apples have a lot of soluble fiber, they easily regulate cholesterol in the body, so they are very good for people with high cholesterol levels. The inside of an apple is small, but the nutrients are extremely large, they have up to 3.5g of fiber and if the skin is removed, it is only 1.7g. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose to buy apples of clear origin, qualified to be able to eat apples with the skin and absorb the maximum amount of fiber in them.

  • Barley: Unlike other common grains that only have fiber in the outer bran layer, barley contains fiber on the inside of the grain. One cup of processed barley has 8 grams of fiber and only 190 calories. In particular, normal rice contains only 3.4g of fiber, which must be said to be more than half that of barley. The fiber in barley is soluble fiber, which helps dissolve bad fats, regulate cholesterol levels and help keep blood glucose at a stable level.

  • Banana: This food contains an extremely high amount of fiber and antioxidants, in one banana contains 3.1g of fiber. Because it is a good food for people with hemorrhoids as well as people with weight loss needs, bananas are not a strange food in Vietnamese meals.

  • Orange: Nutritionists confirm that the amount of fiber in oranges is higher than that of bananas, in addition, it has a lot of vitamin C that has the ability to stabilize blood vessel walls, limiting factors that cause recurrence of hemorrhoids.

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Iron rich foods

Iron-rich foods bring many unexpected benefits

Iron-rich foods bring many unexpected benefits

People with hemorrhoids often have a higher risk of anemia than the general population. Therefore, to support or minimize this condition for patients, the addition of iron-rich foods can include some of the following:

  • Beef: This type of meat is nothing new to everyone. Outer meat has a high protein content, every 100g contains up to 5mg of iron. In addition to beef, dark red meats also contain an equivalent amount of iron.

  • Shrimp, crab, fish, seafood: Seafood contains high amounts of iron and minerals beneficial to the digestive system.

  • Dark chocolate: Again a food that is easy to find and also brings a sense of taste to the user, but few people know that inside chocolate contains a treasure trove of substances beneficial to health. According to research, in 28g of dark chocolate, they contain about 3.4mg of iron and antioxidants, which help reduce blood cholesterol. It is good, but this type of food when used by hemorrhoid patients must be noted and not used too much will cause irritation and inflammation.

  • Nuts (almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, …): They contain high levels of iron, and have additional minerals beneficial to the body. Therefore, it is recommended that you use these nuts in your meals to provide more nutrients for the body.

MEDLATEC General Hospital believes in every family

MEDLATEC General Hospital believes in every family

Through the information that the doctors at MEDLATEC have shared, it is possible to answer some of the questions of patients as well as readers about good foods for hemorrhoids. In case readers want to find out more information related to this situation, they can contact the switchboard number 1900 56 56 56 to schedule a consultation and answer all questions 24/7.

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