Learn how to cure autism by diagnosis

Autism is a developmental disorder that usually appears in children and lasts for the rest of life. Currently, there are also many supportive methods to improve the functions that children have disabilities, in which treating autism by diagnosis is also a widely applied method and brings many positive effects. pole.

cure autism by diagnosis

Diagnosis is a commonly used non-drug treatment method for children with autism

Learn about autism

Autism is a disorder characterized by defects in language development, behavior, communication skills, social interaction, limited interests, frequent repetitive actions. again many times. Autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder, often has early onset in children, especially those between 18 and 36 months of age.

The early manifestations of autistic children are often confused with language delays. If not detected and intervened in time, it is likely to cause children to lose language and communication abilities at any time. According to statistics and research, autism often has a higher rate in boys, about 1 in 4 boys has about 1 girl has this developmental disorder.

Until now, the cause of autism has not been clearly identified. According to the results of many studies, this disease may stem from damage to the brain, partly related to the ability to process emotions and develop language in humans.

Some signs to identify a child with autism include:

  • Children lack the ability to interact socially, less talk, make eye contact, do not react or turn their head when someone calls their name.
  • Does not know how to point to objects, does not nod, shakes his head when talking.
  • Children are slow to speak, rarely speak, pronounce meaningless words.
  • Or imitate what others have just said.
  • Unusual voice, lack of expression, rapid speech, high voice.
  • Children do not know how to play pretend
  • Usually walking on tiptoes, spinning, swaying, looking short.
  • Paying attention to small details, having a preference for one or a few games.
  • There are signs of hyperactivity, excessive anxiety.
  • Children have emotional disorders, poor memory, loss of concentration.

If parents realize and suspect that their child has autism, parents should also take the child to a reputable hospital and specialized facility for an accurate diagnosis. After knowing the health status of the child, the specialist doctor will consider giving a treatment plan with the most appropriate improvement methods.

Treating autism with diagnostics is effective?

1. What is a diagnostic area?

The diagnostic method, also known with its full name, is the method of diagnosis and control therapy. This is a method of diagnosis and treatment through the surface of the skin on areas of the face and body. The specialist will act on the sensitive points called the Vital Points and the areas corresponding to the organs and parts of the body that are damaged throughout the body, also known as the Mirror Map.

This method has been born since 1980 and was created by the national medicine researcher, Prof. Dr. Bui Quoc Chau. Derived from the experiences from the folk along with the oral culture of our country, through the research and discovery of the quintessence of folk medicine, traditional medicine and even modern medicine, the professor has Discover the acupuncture points on the face with great healing effects.

In many studies, it has been found that the face is the main point of information and control of all the organs operating in the human body. Based on the mirror and congruent vision of the periphery and internal organs of the body, each point on the face will reflect a corresponding organ. Therefore, we can completely affect the acupuncture points of the face to change the internal organs.

Through years of research and application, the diagnostic area is no longer limited to the face, but has been expanded to full-body therapy, especially in the hands, arms, and feet. This is considered as one of the non-drug methods to ensure safety for health and needs to be developed more widely.

2. Autism diagnosis and treatment protocol

2.1 Cures hyperactivity

Method 1: Impact on positions 34, 8, 26, 106, 300, 124, 127, 61, 0

cure autism by diagnosis

Method 2: Impact on positions 34, 60, 61, 26, 100, 103, 106, 124, 127

cure autism by diagnosis

2.2 Cure children who can talk

Anti-clogging: 14, 275. 61, 19

cure autism by diagnosis

Anti-mute: 103, 106, 8, 20, 12, 14, 275, 19, 61, 204

cure autism by diagnosis

Use an eraser to knock the quadrilateral: 14, 275, 276, 277.

cure autism by diagnosis

Treatment of autism by diagnosis is a safe method, without the intervention of drugs. However, the patient needs to conduct an accurate examination and diagnosis to be able to conduct effective treatment. Hopefully, through the information of this article, readers will better understand this improvement method and have appropriate treatment for children.

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