Learn about rage yoga – A new type of yoga

The technique of practicing raging yoga is completely different from traditional yoga. Instead of calming your mind, you’ll get everything out of your mind by shouting and screaming.

Do you want to practice yoga but are hesitating because most yoga classes are too quiet? If so, rage yoga or rage yoga is the choice you are looking for. Let’s see the sharing below with easyhealthylive.com to learn more about this unique type of yoga.

What is Rage Yoga?

Rage yoga is a type of yoga founded by Ms. Lindsay Istace and was first introduced in Canada, then quickly spread to the United States. A few years ago, Lindsay went through a number of crises in her life that triggered bursts of anger in her mind. To relieve herself, Lindsay began looking for a solution and yoga was the choice she aimed for.

However, traditional types of yoga are too quiet and slow, so Lindsay Istace has sought to change by performing poses while shouting and sipping alcohol. And her new way of practicing yoga quickly became a new trend, a new revolution in the yoga world and was named raging yoga.

Rage yoga is not the same as traditional yoga. If traditional yoga seeks to calm the mind, raging yoga helps you get everything out by screaming and screaming to achieve a relaxed, comfortable state of mind.

What is Rage Yoga?

If traditional yoga seeks to calm the mind, rage yoga helps you get everything out

Not only screaming and shouting, rage yoga also includes performing emotional actions with hand and face gestures. Although raging yoga incorporates some of the more traditional yoga poses, this form of yoga differs greatly from the cultural and spiritual origins of yoga. Besides, in some cultures, swearing, drinking, and shouting may not be a good thing. As a result, some of the world’s yoga masters and experts do not consider raging yoga to be an authentic school.

However, even so, if you want to practice this type, you also need to seek the guidance of a professional yoga teacher. To be able to become a raging yoga teacher, you will need to complete a 200 hour yoga training course.

What are the health benefits of rage yoga?

Although facing many objections, no one denies the benefits that this type of yoga brings:

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Increase body strength

Yoga has long been known as a discipline that strengthens the body through the performance of movements. With raging yoga, shouting combined with movements has been proven by many studies to increase strength and energy efficiency many times more than doing the movements alone. The reason given is that shouting will trigger the body’s fight-and-flight response, thereby increasing the hormone endorphin (a hormone that gives a feeling of happiness) and increasing blood circulation.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Yoga is well-known as a discipline that is very effective in managing stress and anxiety. Not only that, when combined with shouting, it will have a mental stimulation effect, reducing stress by creating conditions for you to “vent” emotions.

Pain relief

Many people practice yoga to relieve chronic pain. Yelling while exercising will also aid in this process because shouting increases the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are hormones that act on opioid receptors in the brain, helping to reduce pain and increase pleasure.

Pain relief

Practicing rage yoga can increase body strength

Sleep better

Rage yoga is a very effective stress reliever and this will help you sleep better. Because stress and anxiety are the main “culprits” that disrupt sleep and contribute to insomnia.

Yoga has also been shown to increase the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and alertness. Because raging yoga makes the heart work harder than traditional yoga, you need to avoid doing it before bed so you don’t feel too tired.

Reduce aggression, anger

Physical activity is a great way to get out of frustration. While doing furious yoga, you will scream with delight and of course the pent-up emotions will also be pushed out. After the practice is over, you will feel calm and the aggression and anger will also disappear.

Risks of practicing rage yoga

Aside from the risk of muscle tension when doing poses that are too difficult or overusing alcohol while practicing, in fact, raging yoga does not bring any risks. In addition, drinking, shouting are not “friendly” things for young children, so if you have young children, you need to consider when practicing.

Currently, raging yoga is mainly developed in the United States and Canada, in Vietnam there does not seem to be any center or club that develops this type of yoga. However, this type of yoga is a very unique idea and worth exploring, right?

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