Laughter Yoga: A Miracle Medicine for Health

Although just appearing, laughter yoga has been receiving a lot of attention from yoga lovers in particular and the community in general. This type of yoga not only has great healing effects, but it also gives the practitioner a refreshing spirit.

Modern life is busy, stressful, and relationships sometimes make you feel tired and not “sad” to smile. If you are in this situation, laughter yoga is a modern form of yoga, the perfect solution for you.

This is a magical method to let go of sorrows, difficulties, and anxious thoughts so that the soul can be at peace.

Laughter Yoga – Happiness is not only from the name

Laughter yoga is a type of yoga originating from India by Mr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor in Mumbai, India, founded in 1995. Currently, there are more than 8000 laughter yoga clubs present in over 70 countries including India, USA, Korea, Japan…

In Vietnam, this type of yoga, although only introduced around 2007, has quickly become a “hot trend” in the community of yoga lovers.

Laughter yoga brings mental and physical connection. However, if traditional yogas emphasize the use of body language, laughter yoga focuses on stress relief.

Laughter yoga is not a strenuous exercise, these are just exercises that simulate a smile combined with rhythmic breathing techniques so that the body can laugh comfortably without having to rely on jokes or jokes. fairy tale.

Laughter Yoga and its amazing benefits

Our forefathers used to say that “one smile is equal to ten tonic ladders”, therefore, practicing laughter yoga regularly is considered a miracle drug to repel diseases:

1. Health benefits

Laughter yoga not only benefits healthy people, but it also helps people who are sick to recover quickly. Experts have confirmed that practicing laughter yoga regularly, you will have a healthy life. Because this type of yoga has the effect of strengthening the immune system and preventing all diseases.

Not only that, this type of yoga is also an exercise that can control heart rate, support blood circulation and relax muscles. In particular, this is also a miracle remedy to detoxify the body, regulate blood pressure and treat diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis and cancer.

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Stress is considered the number one “silent killer” with more than 70-80% of people suffering from stress as a root cause. Laughter yoga is the only exercise that can help reduce physical and mental stress, and at the same time bring emotional balance.

2. Benefits for personal life

Mood determines quality of life. Laughter yoga has the ability to change your mood in just a few minutes because this type of yoga will help the brain release endorphins – the hormone of happiness.

If you are in a good mood, you will feel relaxed and happy throughout the day. In particular, laughter yoga also helps develop a sense of humor, every day you will laugh more and always have a positive, optimistic outlook on life.

Laughter Yoga has the power to change your mood within minutes

Laughter Yoga has the power to change your mood within minutes

3. Benefits for work

Laughter yoga is the most suitable type of exercise for office workers. Because this yoga exercise for office workers is both time- and money-saving and helps reduce stress effectively in the office. It has been scientifically proven that the brain needs 25% more oxygen than other organs to function optimally.

Laughter yoga will help increase the amount of oxygen to the brain so that you always feel full of energy, so you can work more without feeling tired.

For marketing and sales professionals, laughter yoga also boosts confidence and communication skills. In addition, practicing laughter yoga regularly also helps you be more creative in your business.

4. Benefits for social life

Quality and life satisfaction does not depend on money, power, status and success, it depends on friends and relationships with people around. Laughter is a powerful tool to connect people easily.

Taking laughter yoga classes will give you a rich network of people who truly care about each other. This gives a sense of emotional security and combats stress and depression.

5. Help you face challenges

In difficult times, it is not easy to stay calm. If you “instill” laughter yoga and its characteristics, you can learn to handle any situation effectively without losing your temper, stopping negative thinking very effectively.

Not only that, it also helps you to always have a positive attitude to be able to deal with negative situations.

Instructions on how to practice laughter yoga

A laughter yoga practice usually has 4 steps: warm-up, qi exercise, laughter and meditation and usually begins with a hand-clapping movement, because the hands have many acupuncture points, when touching each other, blood will circulate, When the spirit is relaxed, people will be more open and smiling.

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In addition, when laughing, it must be combined with breathing (breathing is the root of life, laughter is mental comfort). Take a long breath, then pause for a moment, then laugh for a long time, bend down slightly, then back up again to flush out all the harmful excess air in your body.


  • Clap your hands to the beat of 1-2, 1-2-3, clapping while singing ho-ho, ha-ha-ha.
  • Raise your hand, look up at the sky, head slightly back, smile as if laughter comes from your heart.
  • Open your mouth wide, smile silently, look someone in the eye or look in the mirror with funny or grimaces.
  • Stick out your tongue to the maximum and say “aaaa…”, eyes wide, fingers spread like claws and belly laugh.
  • Laughing while holding a cell phone, showing gestures like talking.
  • Start with a smile and gradually laugh, increasing the intensity of the laughter.

Laughter yoga can bring a lot of benefits to health and life. Although this type of yoga may seem simple at first glance, if you want to get the most benefits, you also need to practice it properly.

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